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Here's another fun conversation between dh and myself. For background- I have been extremely emotional lately. DH is kinda in limbo land where he has no idea what to do or say.


I woke up first this morning and got a shower, got dressed up and was putting on make-up (I haven't gotten dressed up or put on makeup in WEEKS).


DH- Wow, you look pretty this morning!

Me- Thanks.

DH- Does this mean you won't be so moody today?

Me- Nah, it just means I'll be a pretty moody wife.

DH- (after thinking about the proper response that wouldn't elicit tears from me) I'll take it!


lol.gif I don't know why that struck me as so funny, but it did. I'm weird. LOL!

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Anyone else finding themselves spending way to much time online since they got the BFP? I am checking this forum constantly and obsessed with reading birth stories since I have no clue how I am going to handle that or prenatal care yet.


YES, I read every single new post on this forum, and when there's not new posts here I go read other DDCs, and I watch videos of birth on Youtube and I look at baby shoes and baby clothes and cosleepers and maternity clothes and baby names and birth stories and read about nutrition and supplements and things I should avoid and then when I do get off the computer I read one of the several pregnancy/birth books I got.  I really need to work on being a little more active, but there's always something new online to read. 

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Hello everyone! Looks like I will be joining you ladies. I just found out I preggers with my third. I'm hoping for a home waterbirth, I've had 2 homebirths before. I'm still kind of stunned. I will go and check out as much of your thread as I can. I am a full time college student so I dont have much time for chatting, but I do like to procrastinate on my homework and who can't chat about being pregnant?!

Looking forward to getting to know y'all. Oh, my name is Saamy.

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