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Adding another cat to the household....advice please

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At one time we had four cats and one Alaskan Malamute.  All have passed away except Beethoven, our 15 year old Siamese.  For years now I have been wanting to add another cat to our home, but hubby has nixed the idea.  Well now he is becoming more receiptive to the idea.


I called the Animal Protective Assoc to find out how much they charge  and what they suggest.  She says "Well I would suggest NOT getting another get with the other one being so old. A kitten will drive him nuts."  greensad.gif  Needless to say, not the answer I was wanting to hear.  


So, am I crazy?  Is this a bad idea to add another cat?  I was thinking a female kitten (since Beethoven is a fixed male).  

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I think it would really depend on your cat's personality, but in general older cats don't usually like to have younger ones running around. And if your cat is used to being the only pet at this point, he might not be too excited to share his space with another cat, much less a hyper kitten. However, if you really think it would be fine, I'd say go for it. Not all cats are the same and he might like having a companion again since you had so many animals before. I would just make sure you could take the kitten back or find her another home in case things don't work out well.

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Thank you!  That makes sense.


It is not like he is living a quiet life anyway.  With three kids (6,4 and 2) our house is quite loud.  LOL


I am going to run it by my Vet too.   My gut says Beethoven will be fine with a new kitten.  Especially since we had so many animals at one time.  It isn't like he has never had alot going on.  But he is older and sleeps/semi sleeps alot. 

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The key to introducing a new pet is making sure the original inhabitant still has a place of solitude.  When my now 15y/o persian was 10 we got a kitten (our 16y/o cat passed away).  There will always be a transition period when they have to get used to each other.  Have an additional litter box for the kitten and know it takes time.  My older girl didn't like the kitten much for a good month...then just dealt with it...she realised the kitten was going no where.

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Our oldest cat is 19yo. We got a 1yo when he was 17yo and a kitten when he was 18yo. He doesn't like them much but he tolerates them. He established his dominance early on and the other cats basically leave him alone. A growl and a hiss at a new kitten and the kitten will learn pretty quickly to leave your older one alone!

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I would suggest getting two new cats around the same age, if you can.  Siblings would be best since they already know each other and you don't have to go through two introductions at the same time.  This way, they have each other to play with rather than relying on the older cat to play when he may not feel up to it.  Then, your older cat will have the option of playing if he wants to, but it isn't required.  We had a 2.5 year old cat, and ended up adopting 3 young (7.5mon) sibling cats, and it worked out great.  Our house is very active now.  lol  Our original cat wasn't "old" but she's not into playing as much as the boys are.  She can just sit around and they can beat up on each other and she doesn't have to be involved.  I belong to a cat forum and this is what they usually suggest.  Good luck with whatever you decide!  :)

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We looked at a couple of kittens yesterday at Petsmart.    They are always having adoption events.  In fact they will be there today.  Hubby is working till noon but we plan on going to see what they have this afternoon.  I am so excited.  energy.gif


They had a one year old Maine Coon there yesterday (female).  She was beautiful but a little shy of us.  Then they had some kittens running around.  LOL

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