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My turn at last!

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My baby was born today at 950am.  A little boy, which surprised us all.  My labor started at 8, and by 830 I was calling the midwife to start over.  She was just leaving another birth and was almost 2 hours away.  She arrived at my house at 940 and my son was born at 950.  Holy fast and furious!  It was super intense, and I luckily survived without any tearing.  He did bruise on his forehead from such a quick descent, but he is beautiful in spite of it!!!  We can't decide on a name, but I'll include it with a detailed birth story later.  January babies are quick, I guess!!! 

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congrats, mama!!  our babies were born an hour apart!!

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Wow that is fast and no tearing! You are a rock star. Congratulations!

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