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Ok, I don't know what the deal is...I was a weird person who for most of my pregnancy had great skin. Then the first few months were fine, but the last 2, maybe 3 months I have had pimple after pimple after pimple! I haven't really changed my skincare routine...I did switch cleansers for a little while, but am now using the same thing I used to use, only now it seems to be getting worse? Oh, and in addition to the pimples, my skin is rough and peely in places. That could just be the cold dry air, though...not sure. Anyone else experience this? Is it hormones? I exclusively BF for 6 months, and have slowly been introducing solids since then. But she still BF all the time, and at least once a night(sometimes 2 or 3 times a night). Help!  shrug.gif