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tired, expecting my fourth, homeachooling, and losing my grip

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I guess that says it all. Any advice?

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Is there any way you can snag some help from friends or family in the area? 


What about hiring a mothers helper for awhile and trying to work it into the budget?


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Sorry It has taken so long to get back to writing...goes with my situation I guess.    Thanks for not judging me for complaining.  That is exactly why I cant get help from those around me.  I dont ask because they have made it clear (even though I try to give no outward sign that anything is wrong) that when I burn out on my "ideals" (homeschooling, bedsharing, gentle parenting, cloth diapering) they will  be there to laugh at me.  These are the people I have to turn to.  The loving and same-minded friends that I do have live far away, but they tell me they support me and that helps.

Its a good idea to get a mothers helper.  Trying to fit it into our tight budget will take nothing short of magic...but I;m willing to work on it!

Thanks for the words of support.

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A "postpartum doula" sounds GREAT!!!  I have to have c-section's (I no longer have the choice after 2 scary vbac attempts my husband has begged me not to try again)  My last recovery was a horrid.  Why I thought after my first 2 that It would be 'old hat' is beyond me, it was the hardest yet.  So I'm going in prepared this time, or at least trying to.

How does one find these postpartum saviors?

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look in the tribes for a tribe in your geographic area and post- that might lead you to someone. 

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I would never judge! I loose my mind with 2 kids so I can't imagine 3 with one on the way...


Try to google search for a midwife or post partum doula in your area (where are you from?) The reason I say search for a midwife too is because they may have someone in mind! 


I have a mothers helper and it's a godsend, really. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm able to work things out and hire her, but most of the time I'm so grateful for the extra hands so I can spend quality time with my DD, clean up, or have some time for myself. It's like having a sister-wife that I pay : ) and we've grown really close. So if you CAN find the right fit and work it in, I say do it. 


Motherhood is so overwhelming (again props to you for doing it with 3 kids while PREGNANT!) and we aren't supposed to be doing it alone. If you ever need a support person to email, I'd love to : ) 

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We live in PA but get this (now you will really think I'm nuts) we are moving in a couple of months for my husbands schooling.  So add moving to the list of stress.


I'm going to be fine, I just need to take things a step at a time and get some help.  I keep reminding myself that it gets better.  I'm just waiting for my light at the end of the tunnel...and maybe Merry Maids :)

My word how does that Dugger woman do it with 119, ooops  I mean 19!

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