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A Bali Breeze color question

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Hi mamas,


I'm trying to decide between Iris and Alice.  In different pictures, the colors look very different.  For instance, Iris on peppermint.com is a very earthy and has almost a rust color as a base, but on other sites, it's rainbow.  I attached the pics below.  Anyone know which it really is?


On the Alice, some look lavender and others dark wine.  Any idea?  I'll attach pics below as well.


Iris the earthy



The rainbow

iris rainbow.jpeg





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Congrats on your Wrapsody!  They are so fabulous!  I've never seen Alice in person, but I do own Rowan.  Here is a link to a picture of Rowan on the left, Alice in the middle, and Aphrodite on the right.  Aphrodite is decidely purple and Rowan is a rich merlot burgundy.  I'd say Alice is somewhere between pink and purple closer to the pink side.  Here's a link to some more everyday pictures of Alice.  I'm not sure about Iris.  I shared your question with the Wrapsody FB page so hopefully someone will be able to offer more advice!

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I have an Iris. I'd say that most of it is more like the rainbow picture off the Wrapsody website. However, due to the nature of the batiking process by which these wraps are made there are a few sections that are more like the earthy picture. But, the majority is most like the rainbow picture.


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