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Anyone use a k'tan?

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My DS never liked to ride in a stroller and loved to be carried and worn. We started with some ring slings that we were given. They were ok and easy to nurse in but not very comfy. I made a moby when DS was about 18months and used it for awhile. It was very comfy for both of us for long periods of time. Great for cold weather but not for hot weather. I am sure we could still use the moby. DS has been walking for awhile now and prefers to walk most of the time. The moby just takes too long to put on and get ready and is too bulky to wear until he want to be worn. I am thinking that a k'tan would be faster and easier to deal with. I would love to still wear him. He weighs just over 23lbs at 26months. I thought maybe the k'tan would give us the opportunity more.


My questions are: 

Do you enjoy wearing your toddler in a k'tan? I plan to make one. I found this

http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1055795/baby-k-tan-pattern . One thing I need help with on the pattern is the smaller connecting loop in the back.  If anyone knows the size I would need to make this, please let me know. Do you agree with this OP and think that it would be better without the small connecting loop?


Can anyone tell me the length of the sash that comes with a ktan?

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I don't know if a K'tan would work too well for him because you can only use it in the front.  If he isn't really interested in being worn too often, a back carry might be a great choice, especially a high back carry.

If you don't have a woven wrap to do a back carry, you can still do a high back carry with a mei tai by tying the waist strap above your chest and bring the shoulder straps around like a ruck and tying at your waist.  It's super fast to get DD in and out of and she loves seeing over my shoulder.

You can make a mei tai pretty easily, I think although I am no good at DIY and have one that I bought.

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I just made a baby ktan style today. DS loved it when we tried it on. I think it will be great for us using the front carry or hip carry. Next on my agenda is a woven wrap and/or a mei tai. The mei tai pattern seems a little hard to me. I am really not that experienced with sewing crafts. I do small projects for myself and that is about it. I am very excited to wear DS more again. We have never done a back carry but would like to have that option.

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