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I had a busy day today. I know it's Sunday, but DH had to work and I felt productive, so here goes:


Woke up at 8, made breakfast for myself, dd, and ds.

Got myself and dd dressed, went to the coffee shop for coffee and croissants. Ds got a vanilla cream soda.

Went to a party supply store for a festive tablecloth.

Went to the grocery.

Went to my mom's house to visit for awhile.

Went back to the grocery to get the bread that wasn't ready the 1st time I went.

Came home, fed dd and put her down for a nap.

Ate a lite snack.

Played online for about 15 min.

Unloaded/loaded the dishwasher.

Did a load of laundry.

Cleaned the kitchen.


Swept the main living area floor.

Fed dd lunch.

Cleaned the guest bathroom.

Swept and mopped kitchen and bathroom floors.

Cleaned the glass surfaces in living room.

Tidy outside entrace area.

Got re-dressed for the day, put makeup on.

Made food for guests coming over.

Make some fresh fruit daquiris for guests.

Guests arrived, visited, ate, drank daquiris while the kids played.

DH came home.

Went to parade, had fun with friends and kids.

Came home from parade, cleaned up kitchen, visited some more while eating again.

Ran dishwasher.

Went to in-laws to eat dinner.

Came home, fed dd (she was too busy to eat at in-laws).

DH put dd to bed.

Changed clothes and now I'm sitting down to play online some more while watching the Grammys.







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This morning we got up and went to church.

Then came  home with our 2 houseguests who are with us for a week.

Then 2 more friends showed up with their 2 kids, unnanounced. Our houseguests had invited them and forgot to tell us!!! Lol! Luckily I was making a huge pot of soup anyways so they stayed.

Then DS went for a nap and the surprise visiters went home, the rest went to church again. I stayed home and watched the DVD for my new cricut expression! Then tinkered with the machine. We had some dinner and just now I finished making some cookies.

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Nola - what a busy day, whoa! And productive too! 


Our day was lazy for the most part..

Woke up and made DD and I breakfast 

Fed DS while sipping coffee (he enjoyed some butternut squash for breakfast)

Put DS in his sling and cleaned kitchen/put movie on for DD

Watched movie with DD while DS played on rug :/ 

Nap time for DS 

Made pear maple tarts with DD, and prepared our seed paper Valentines for tomorrow

Read some of my book 

Cleaned up parts of the kitchen while feeding DS, playing with him, playing with DD

Took a nice long hot shower 

Freaked out 100x because DH and I were going on a date and I didn't have anything to wear that wasn't yoga pants

Drove to my mommas to drop kids off

Ate a TON of french food and had a few laughs with DH

Got some chocolates from my mom for V-day, yum! 

Drove home, put kids to bed late. 

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Yesterday was a fun .Valenetine's Day. I got up early and had some nice time to myself, writing and then poking around MDC. 

At 7 the kids got up and discovered their valentine's. I had left a trail of hershey kisses leading to them. DD got earrings and a shirt, and ds got a shirt and a watch. I gave my sweet hubby his valentine, which was a card and a ceramic cup.(We're big coffee drinkers.)


I worked out while dh got the kids their breakfast. When I cam out they had signed me valentine cards! I left to take ds to school, came home, brought dd to preschool. Came home again and did some lesson planning(I teach two music classes a week), laundry, and put together a dinner in the crockpot. Then I left to go volunteer at my son't school.


At 11:30 I picked up my dd from preschool, we came home, ate lunch, and looked at the valentine's that she got at preschool. Then I took her to a playdate, where I enjoyed the company of the mom but spent the next two hours having an allergic reaction to their dog.


Ds came home from school, and we all went for haircuts and new shoes. I hate shoe shopping with a passion when I have both kids with me, but ds's toes were literally about to come out of his shoes, and dd needed new ballet shoes for tommorow. Then, home for dinner.


After dinner we had choclate dipped strawberries that my dh got me for my valentine. Then I played the piano while he got the kids ready for bed. Kids to bed, and then dh and watched the Godfather while drinking wine.


Yesterday was a great day.

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That sounds nice, Natalie! My mom used to play the piano when we were going to sleep and I loved it!
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Today we had a nice day

Woke up and made breakfast for DD and I

Had story time

Showered quickly and put DS down for his morning nap

Got ready for our first parent/child Waldorf class!! 

Had a lovely afternoon meeting new parents and watching DD play while DS hung out and chewed on some wooden toys ; ) 

Came home and did some cleaning while DD played/DS sat on the floor and watched me 

Put DS down for a LATTTEEE nap :/ 

Made breakfast for dinner

Did a belly cast for a client

Now we are in bed! 

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Mommariffic, I love having breakfast for dinner.


Today was a good day. Woke up late, which is not neccessarily a bad thing, lol. Got everybody dressed and stopped at a bagel shop for breakfast.

Went to see my brother before he left to go back to Washington state, where he is stationed.

Drove ds to school.

Came home, changed into my gym clothes and straightened up a little.

Went to gym, came home.

Dd fell asleep in the car, so transferred her to her crib.

Changed into my bathing suit and went outside and laid out!!! (beautiful sunny warm day)

Read magazines and talked on the phone while laying out.

Dd woke up, so came inside, got her up and changed.

Made lunch.

Dh came home from work, so we all went back outside to enjoy the nice day.

Came inside, took a shower, and watched a movie.

Ds home from school.

Dd took 2nd nap, so I played online for awhile, then laid down for a little while.

Made dinner, got dd up, and fed everybody.

Bathtime for kids.

Played connect4 with ds when he got out of the bath.

Cleaned kitchen, swept floors, did load of laundry, lit candles.

Relaxed for rest of night.

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yesterday,  we went on a field trip to the post office!  got to follow a piece of mail through the system.  kids loved it.

then lunch out (kids were shocked)

then afternoon at the children's museum (nice surprise they didn't know they were getting)

then home to make brocoli soup from scratch - new recipe - great!


books in bed

lights out

coughed incessantly (remnants of a cold)

nursed baby girl

watched Teen Mom with dh (we're addicted)

conked out

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Yesterday I took DD for a walk in the jogging stroller after DS went to school. Then we came home and made lemonade, her new favorite activity. She let me get a little work done after lunch, then we picked up DS from school and the kids rode bikes outside with the neighbor kids for a couple hours. We desperately need to go shopping, so we had mac and cheese for dinner and I worked more while DH did homework, baths, and bed for the kids. 

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Originally Posted by jackson'smama View Post

yesterday,  we went on a field trip to the post office!  got to follow a piece of mail through the system.  kids loved it.

then lunch out (kids were shocked)

then afternoon at the children's museum (nice surprise they didn't know they were getting)

then home to make brocoli soup from scratch - new recipe - great!


books in bed

lights out

coughed incessantly (remnants of a cold)

nursed baby girl

watched Teen Mom with dh (we're addicted)

conked out

 We are also addicted to Teen Mom! Have you checked out the Teen Mom thread in the television forum here?

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i guess i'll join in!


we got up around 8

DD1 (5 years old ) & DD2 (2 years old) watched Curious George on PBS while i showered and dressed

made 2 breakfasts (apple pancakes for dd2 and eggs w/tortillas for dd1 - i am indulgent this way! dd2 gets whatever food she wants as long as she eats!)

helped dd1 clean her room

made a pot of beans for burritos tomorrow night's dinner

did a load of laundry

read 1/2 of "a light in the attic" to dd1 and dd2

knit for 30 minutes listening to the news while dds played in dd1's room

got dd2 dressed 2x

made lunch (sausages and pears for them, refried beans and cheese for me!)

collected our library books

went to the library for storytime

spent about an hour at library after story time collecting new books

went to grocery store for mixed greens, oregano, dh's hot sauce

came home

made dinner for tonight (peruvian chicken stew) while the girls played with air dry clay

dh came home (cheers all around)

cleared off the table while dh played with the girls

ate dinner together

gave dds a bath

put dd2 to sleep while dh read books to dd1

tucked dd1 into bed


yep. that's about it!

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Woke up after a night of tossing and turning with DS :/ 

Made quick oatmeal breakfast and slugged down some coffee

Cleaning people showed up 

Took kids upstairs to read and get dressed for the day

Went to meet friend for breakfast and more coffee (much, much more) 

Target run! 

Went back to friends house and let girls play

Came home and went for walk (pet neighborhood cats and dogs) 

Made dinner

DS in bed already and so am I (with a tea, uhg) 

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I got off to a slow start this morning. We slept in. 


We woke up, had cereal for breakfast/lunch, then hopped in the tub. Got dressed, and saw I had a text from one of my neighbors (M) asking if I was interested in his wife's boots. I don't wear that size, but I know another neighbor (L) who would be interested in them (knee high leather boots w/ a treaded heel & buckles). I threw a load in the wash, I headed outside and ran into that neighbor out on his porch. Ended up hanging out on the porch with him while our daughters played together outside. He took me inside to see his artwork (AMAZING pieces, btw). He gave me the boots to give to my friend. 


I dropped the boots off at my place & DD and I headed over to the clubhouse so I could have some coffee and DD could watch cartoons. I texted my friend L asking if she was interested in the boots. She came right down to meet my daughter and I. We headed back to my place and happened to run into the neighbors (M & his wife) who gave me the boots in the first place. It was the first time my friends met. We made plans to hang out in the near future. See, L and I are planning an art show/sale in a couple months and we're interested in having M sell his work there. 


L and I sat on my front stoop while the kids played outside and ate popcicles. Some guys are in the neighborhood trying to sell their cable/internet service, so we let them do their sales pitch to us, and just chit chatted for a bit.


After awhile, 4 y/o DD and I headed upstairs, while 10 y/o went and played with her friend in the woods by the lake. I changed the laundry over, blasted a classic rock station on the radio, burned some incense, and cleaned the house. I made dinner, and the cable/internet guys stopped by again to see if my husband was home (he's not). They took off. I loaded up the dishwasher, and they're still washing right now.


Texted with M to make plans to hang out later tonight after the kids go to bed. DH's still not home. JUST got a message from DH right now that he just finished with an emergency at work and he's leaving the office right now. 10 y/o DD is working on her homework while 4 y/o DD is playing quietly in her room. I'm just sitting on the couch, feet up on the ottoman, incense burning, sliding door open, laptop on my lap, listening to the radio. "BUT I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR...."

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I didn't do much today, but here goes.


Woke up late, DH took ds to school. (he was off today)

Made and ate breakfast.

Got dd dressed and the 3 of us went to get ds some new shoes.

Came home, changed into gym clothes.

Went to gym.

Came home, showered, made lunch.

Put dd down for a nap.

Sat here online and watched tv with DH for a little while.

Went outside to try and lay out, but it was overcast. Did it anyway.

Dd up from nap, fed her.

Watched movie.

Ds home from school, didn't like the shoes. (I should have known)

Hung out with dd while DH and ds practiced baseball outside.

Made and ate dinner.

Took ds back to store to exchange the shoes for ones he likes.

Came home, ds had bath.

Put both kids to bed, laid with ds.

Now I'm online, and I still have to clean the kitchen, sweep, and tidy up.

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Got up, fed DD breakfast.

DD & I went to the clubhouse and made myself an iced coffee.

Met up with my friend and went over plans for the art/craft sale/show/share

Gathered wood with my DD & friend

Helped friend prepare the wood at her place (cut it, dried it out, brushed it off, waxed it, etc)

Dropped off some of the prepared wood at the clubhouse

Took DD home for bathroom break, clothing change

Made lunch (blueberry wheat pancakes & turkey bacon)

Took DD to the playground. My friend joined us at the playground and had his wife bring their kids over when they got back from an appointment.

Older DD got out of school and she saw us at the playground, joining us with her friend. 

I just came inside. 

Sitting with my feet up, laptop on my lap, while 4 y/o DD takes a nap in the other room & 10 y/o is playing with her friend down by the woods/lake. I'm blasting some music ("Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise Crazy!")


Tonight the girls and I will meet up with my friend and their girls. 

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Woke up with a stuffy nose, and a miserable babe :( 

Drank a bunch of tea, and took Vitamin C to try to curb anything worse

Opened ALL windows 

Laid on the couch and streamed nature stuff on Netflix while I tended to miserable babe

Went out on deck and put DS on blanket while I read the latest Hobby Farm Home

Laid on couch again...


I pretty much repeated the laying on couch/sitting on deck until bed time, and I went down at 7 with DS

Darn allergies/freak warm weather 

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