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I'm almost done with the quilt! It took me a half hour just now to pin the front, back and batting together and I'm going to sew it up in a bit here! The finishing touch will be topstitching, which I hope to complete today as well, barring any disasters. Still on today's agenda - cut felt for the baby booties and fabric pieces for the embroidered name plaque. My original crafting plan is just out the window... I've got to get everything done by Sunday now (more or less) so I'm just trying to slam things in. After the two things today, I've got to work on my nieces gifts... but those should hopefully be quick. Hopefully. 

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This sweater is kicking my butt! Its not even that hard to do its just I have some sort of mental block about it (I get like this with projects when I have other projects Id rather be doing but I know I have to get the one I don't really want to work on done first).. The person Im test knitting it for is great but she really needs photos of the finish project by Monday so Id like to get it done by Friday to give me a chance to get my child to actually put it on so I can take a picture (easier said than done with my child). Im going to just do the fronts and backs of the quillows when I quilt them. Im using a solid piece of fabric with a boarder so its not like I have to cut 100 squares or any craziness like that..


So tonight I am finishing that sweater front then sewing it to the back.. Tomorrow Im (hopefully) going to be working on:


Quilting 1 Quillow (included in this is finishing the fronts and backs I have sitting in pieces around the kitchen)

make 1 pocket and attach to quillow

cut out another quillow top

cut out another quillow bottom

sew quillow top

sew quillow bottom

Finish 1 sweater sleeve

cut out crayon rolls.


If I have time I need to run to the store and get some cars so I can measure for the car pockets for the car mat.. Umm, can I use car one more time in that sentence.. whistling.gif

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Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie View Post

Just a baby. love.gif



That's way better than anything I'm working on!!


Yay for progress Ladies!


I finished painting  a frame for the photo collage and got it all matted and put together,finished up another t-shirt for my husband and decided what to make my sweet gal(she really wants one of those owl pillows that are all over the place)!Hopefully I can get that done Sunday while she is with my mom.


Also my daughter finally got busy!She just made a bunch of little notebooks for some aunties and cousins and she's working on her 3rd potholder.



Any ideas for something to put under the tree in the doll house?I guess I'll just have a look around the craft store.I really need to get over there by myself.


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Got one of the quillows done and then tried to do the nativity puppets and remebered why I haven't done them. Instead Im going to go work on the carmat when the baby is done nursing

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I feel like I've made some good progress. I cut the pattern pieces and fabric for the baby booties, and read through the instructions - I've never made footwear or anything that requires weird folds and turns, so this will be a new experience for me. I think I understand the directions well enough though, so hopefully I can pull them off. I'm going to do them half machine stitched and half hand sewn, depending upon the part of the bootie. 


I also cut the pieces for the name plaque, and have three of the letters of my son's name embroidered. I also dug out a dark wood picture frame that I'm repurposing for it. The one that inspired me to do it in the first place uses an embroidery hoop as the frame, which is cute, but I like the more finished look of the frame in this case. 


As for the quilt, it's basically done! I was having a hard time deciding whether to do decorative topstitching or just tacks on it, so I decided to sleep on the decision last night. I've decided to put in the extra effort and do the topstitching, so I really get the look I'm going for. It's his first quilt, so I just want it to be super special. So today I'll do up the topstitching. 


I anticipate finishing the booties, the plaque and the quilt today. And I may even cut the fabric pieces for my niece's apron, her matching doll apron, and for my other niece, the towel tote bag and washcloth puppet. I plan to sew those tomorrow. 


And then I've got to mix up some bathtub paint (for the towel bag/puppet gift), do six mason jar soy candles, a couple of handprint ornaments with my son, order some photos online (need to get to that today actually, so they get here on time), and for my husband - glass etch a couple of glasses with a Viking helmet, after I freehand draw it as a masking tape stencil (for a gift with his favorite whiskey). 


God I hope that's everything... keep going everyone! We're so close! 

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Kitchen- booties aren't as hard as they seem! I was rather intimidated by them at first but they turned out to be SOOO easy and so darn cute they are worth the effort!


I just finished painting peg dolls for the girls doll houses. I started on the car mat and then realized that I don't have green, brown or dark blue felt (I need it for the houses/lake/trees) so it has to hibernate until tomorrow when I can make it to the craft store (or Walmart). I don't have the felt to do the finger puppets either, I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered the felt I did but none of it is in the right colors. Or it could be they sent me the wrong felt, I can't find the receipt to check it and its not such a big thing. I always have a need for felt. I found some fabric squares I had planned on using for the peg dolls but they didn't work so I pieced them together and I'm making mug rugs for the children. I sewed the tops and cut out the bottoms already so now all I have to do is cut batting, sew/turn/topstitch, quilt and add on the place for the cup to sit. I have another quillow cut out, I'm going to hopefully get it pieced together today so I can sew/topstitch/quilit it tomorrow. I need to cut out the pocket for it and sew that as well. I also did 6 rows on the sweater.



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Just finished quilting 3 mug rugs.. Also learned a valuable lesson, when ironing be careful where your fingers are because brushing the iron on your finger HURTS.. Ouch, my poor pinky finger.


Off to work more on the sweater.


Edited to add a list of things to try to get done (if the baby will coorperate.)


Finish quillow number 2

cut out 3rd quillow's top and sew up

cut out 3rd quillows bottom and sew

sew a sock monkey

sew antlers and shirt for monkey and attach

finish front of sweater

sew sweater together

cast on and work on 1 sweater arm

pull out the pillowcase Ive been neglecting and try to find the thread for it


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Well here's where I'm at:


Teacup Candles: still looking for more nice+cheap teacups and saucers. I have almost enough to get by but am not happy with most of the teacups, they're just little glass things with no saucers. I have the soy wax, wicks, color, and eo chai blend. I guess I can make what I have already and save some scent and color for any more. I have enough extra wax for other things, maybe jar candles.


Sweaters: DH's done though one yarn join needs a touch up, weave in messed up in washing. DS2's hoodie is done, DS1's cardigan needs sleeves and a yoke still.

Hats: Have the yarn and patterns now for balaclava's for my boys.

Misc knitting: wanted my make mom a shrug but never got to the store across town with the bamboo-silk yarn I wanted, it might still happen last minute. I want to make legwarmers for my friend, she wants soft acrylic, which I have.


Sewing: Jeweled satin crowns almost done for my boys, nice fabric pouch for my MIL about done, hooded cloak for DS1 fabric is ready. I'm about to make up a few wrapping bags later today, couldn't resist some Christmas fabric I saw.


Baking and Candies: For DH's work I want to make an assortment of cookies, 4-6 dozen I guess... I think oatmeal cranberry, gingerbread men, and pecan sandies. Also making peppermint bark and 3 kinds of chocolate truffles for us and extended family (orange, hazelnut, plain). DS1 wants us to make candy cane shaped soft pretzels, we'll try that at home this week then bring a big batch to church for the party on the 23rd with some good mustard.

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The baby booties and the embroidered name plaque are all done. I also have the pieces for both aprons cut out and ready to go. I still need to topstitch the quilt - we overslept a bit today so I didn't have time to work on it this morning. By the time I got to a point where I could work on it, dusk was pretty much here so I missed have good daylight to sew by. I don't have a task light at my sewing desk, so it makes sewing in the evenings rough. Maybe I should've put a good task light on my own wishlist this year...

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I finished about half the sock monkey last night, its sitting here missing a face, ears and an arm.. poor little monkey. Just finished the last quillow. Now I have to go work on the sweater..


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YAY!So much is getting done!I would love to see all your projects.



I made my daughter's owl pillow yesterday!


I'm getting close!I need to:


make more t-shirts for my husband(plan to work on one of those before we head out to a birthday party today)


put a coat of finish on a wood box that I stained


I'm still hoping to find a globe and paint it(you never know,it could happen)


make glasses out of wine bottles(picking up the bottles tomorrow)





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I would like pictures as well. Doesn't seem like any of you really post pictures. C'mon i'm a visual person let me see your work!! thumb.gif

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I actually have pictures taken, I just have to upload them. My husband has been asking for pictures every day since I started making things in earnest so I need to get it done.


Today i haven't done anything. I went to a chocolate making class with my MIL then I ended up with a really severe migrane. My SIL brought me home and kept the children at their house so I can have a bit of quiet.. The migrane is almost done but my vision is so blury that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to do anything.. Im seriously having problems reading the words on the screen but Im expecting my munchkins back soon so I need to keep myself awake (hence the reason Im on the computer instead of sleeping!)..


Tomorrow is another day, hopefully I can get some stuff done then. Tomorrow Im hoping to:


Finish up the sweater front

sew front to back

finish the flowers on the pillowcase

finish the sock monkey

make 1 doll house

make 1 car mat

figure out fabric/pattern for girls dresses.

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I didn't do anything today either... sigh.

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I finished an updated list of things that I had down to get done.. Only things I NEED to get done is the most important stuff. The other stuff if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen (and it probably won't happen by the way, I rather have fun than work my rear off)


Most Important
Bus Sweater
Eeyore Pillowcase
10 gnomes
Fold up dollhouse
fold up doll house
sock monkey
car mat
car mat
hair ties
10 mug cozys
something for Aunt in Law (not sure what, maybe Ill do a hot cocoa basket like Im doing for others.. If I have time I might do a apron and brownie mix like I did with my MIL)
something for Cousin (again, not sure what)

Somewhat Important
Beanie (to match sweater)
booties (to match sweater)
needle roll
2 crayon rolls
outfit (1)
outfit (2)
Fingerless mitts
2 Jesus books

Not important but like to have done
Kitty Wash Cloth
Nativity puppets
Christmas puppets
Princess puppets
Princess puppets
Kitty wash cloth
giraffe wash cloth
monkey wash cloth
2 baby outfits
dino booties

Id like to get everything in the first two lists done. I have most of the items in the first list started and some of the items in the second list started. I just have to finish. Finishing is the hard part whistling.gif


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Okimom, that is a HUGE list!!! 

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Made a t for my husband yesterday before heading to a birthday party that was an hour and a half away.


Today I'm going to try to take pics(I think there is suppose to be some sunshine in the Chicagoland today!)and start wrapping before I go to a board meeting.


Hmmmm?Maybe I should clean the house while I'm waiting for the sun.Hmmm?I'd rather go make something....

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Originally Posted by kitchensqueen View Post

Okimom, that is a HUGE list!!! 



Oki,please don't do too much especially if you're having migraines.You have to take care of yourself too!

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I added a few pics to my flickr.Off to try to take some more(and wash the cape that I spilled tea all over.Uhg.)and continue wrapping...

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Originally Posted by rere View Post

I added a few pics to my flickr.Off to try to take some more(and wash the cape that I spilled tea all over.Uhg.)and continue wrapping...

The stocking and the play food are awesome! And spilling tea is my WORST fear while sewing! I always have to have a cup of tea while working on my projects, but I'm using a vanity as a sewing table and it's tiny, so I always have The Fear that I'm going to elbow or something and send the mug flying all over my work... I'd better stop with the tea while I'm ahead I think. 


The only thing I've gotten done is messing up the tension on my machine! I put out a call for help post if anyone wants to take a look at the issue and help me troubleshoot. :-(


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