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I wound up buying quite a few gifts for extended family this year, for the first time ever.  I am pg, and I was too tired to craft at my regular level over the last couple of months.  But all the handmade gifts I am giving are finished and wrapped.  Except for my ds, we are making him a kitchen and I am sewing food. I have already done a "can" of green beans, carrots, a turkey with detachable drumsticks, and bread/ buns and fillings for burgers and sandwiches...I will keep sewing until tomorrow and make as much food as I can.  The kitchen itself....it has rained nonstop the last two days, so we haven't been able to prime and paint it yet, so we just skipped that for now and worked on assembly.  Here is a picture; of course we will have to remove the hardware and plexiglass to prime and paint it, and we still have to add the backsplash, shelf and hooks.  It is going to be black and "stainless."  Just this piece for now, but soon we will make another piece with sink and food storage.



It isn't as big as it looks in this picture; it's a bit bigger than half sized as compared to the real one.  DH measured ds and sawed off the original cabinet according to his height.  I am not nuts about the idea of real knobs!  We argued about that, but he is building it, and he thinks they are the best part!  NOW, if the sun will only shine long enough to get it primed and painted!

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I'm forgoing the doll sling.  Maybe I'll finish it and give it to him at epiphany.  It was really just a little something extra to go with his doll baby anyways.


Here's the barn my mom and I made.  We might have felt the need to play with it a bit as we were finishing it up...winky.gif





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I was a major lurker all year and it truly kept me motivated.  I made:


1. 7 pairs of hand knit socks.  1 pair each for my mom, sister, BIL, and 2 nieces, MIL (also got a knit cowel) and FIL

2. Goodie bags for my 8 employees - 2 hand knit wash cloths, a lotion bar (made by me) and peppermint bark (also hand made of course!) were in each.  If they had dogs, they also got homemade dog treats  I made the bags themselves out of T-shirts.  There is already a seam to run the string so they are really quick.

3. Each of 6 co-workers got local BBQ sauce with a hand knit dish cloth over the top

4. The young man who taught my son to roller blade when he was 5 (the young man was 15 and now my son is!) and also baby sat for us now has a family and is really struggling got a huge basket of log blocks (thank you winter storm) that my ds and I made, some soft blocks from a thrifted sweater I felted first, some felted balls, and a bear I made from a thrifted pair of wool pants that I felted first. Mom got a hat and dad a scarf

5. My ds2 is going to get 2 belts, one I made from webbing and a buckle and the other I knitted a strip of wool, felted it and I'm adding 2 d rings.  He will also get straps for his pant legs when he rides his bike to school and a case for his Kindle Fire that he is getting for the holidays (if I have time today - may be after Christmas)

6.  I am going to try and get some lounge pants done today for all three kids for them to open New Years Eve


I think that's it!


ETA - in the 2 days before the holiday, I got the lounge pants done as well as a case for my ds's Kindle Fire.  And I killed this thread ;-(

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Did we all make it!? 


The only thing I'm finishing up today are the fish bath plushies for my nieces, since we will be seeing them tomorrow. My husband and I spend Christmas day at home (this year with the baby!) so I put it off until today so I could actually enjoy sewing them up, instead of rushing through them last minute last week. I've got the second one cut out this morning and I plan to stitch and stuff it this afternoon while the baby takes one of his naps. I may get around to attempting to do do proper bath puppets to go in their baskets too, but we'll see - they each are getting a bath fish plushie, a bottle of bathtub soap paint and two cupcake shaped bath fizzies in them. Plus, I've got the Hello Kitty gifts for them as well. 


I did get to do my husband's etched glasses on Friday, and I am sad to report that they did not turn out perfectly. I etched Viking helmets into the side of clear glasses, and the edges did not turn out as crisply as I had hoped. That's an art form that I'm going to need to practice at a bit more. But he said he did like them anyway - I think the bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label they were packaged with did help to endear them to him. :-) 

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So I was so busy I kind of dropped off this thread, but I'm happy to report that I got most (but definitely not all) my homemade gifts completed (and I was only up til Midnight Dec 23 lol!) I'll try to get some pics to show off in the next day or two. :)

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Well, we got most of it done. We need to finish the dino toys for my nephew and plant some wheat grass in the terrariums for my nieces, but we won't be seeing them today. We had all kinds of truffle issues, but I have no clue why. One batch of ganache for the truffles came out gooey and slimy, so we had to dump it. The other batch was too soft to roll, so we just dipped those in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa. They seem to be a hit.

Btw - that wooden barn is super cute!
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