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Hooray Amy Lynn! I'm so excited/nervous for our first appointment in just over a week....
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First appointment done today!!! 8 w4 days, saw the babys heartbeat, little paddles, a head and body. Sigh of relief! Declined the PAP until postpartum. Everyone at the office was excited for me, because this was a suprise after going through 10 months of infertility with my DS2!


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I have my first appt. scheduled for Tuesday March 29th. Trying to relax and pray everything is OK. I've been having a lot of cramping, which may or may not be normal. No bleeding though. Please think good thoughts for me!
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Good luck, Jenny!

Congrats, by-the-lake!

And for Mollie some goodvibes.gif
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I had my first appt today, at 10.5 weeks.  I didn't get to hear the heartbeat.  They warned me we might not be able to hear it today, d/t my "inverted uterus".   My uterus leans toward the back, and that makes it harder to hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks. The same thing happened with my last pregnancy.  I have another appt in 2 weeks to try again.


I was disappointed to learn that the practice I go to, which had 5 midwives during my last pregnacy, now only has 3.  So every fourth day, one of the OBs is on call for deliveries :(  It makes me a little nervous to think that there's a 1 in 4 chance of having an OB at my delivery.  But I did see one of them today (I had to see an OB first for insurance reasons), and I asked him if they lean towards the natural side when they are called for a midwife patient, and he said that they do.  He said they like to see moms not have an epidural, and that they don't do many episiotomies or use forcepts or "any of that".  Also, he asked me if I breastfed my first child and when I told him I nursed for 22 months, he was really enthusiastic. 


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Mollie -Thinking of your twins sqwiggling around growing so fast that it is making you uncomfortable;)


Amanda-sounds like a nice OB

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Well, 1st official appointment down and we are all systems go!


All blood work came back fantastic (my iron is trough the roof - a major win for this vegan gal who is ALWAYS defending her iron/protein intake, I have a nice, low blood pressure, no STDs - though I could have told them that - ha!). Lots of medical history questions and all that jazz as well. 


Had a long overdue PAP and was told my cervix looked great and was nice and high. It was a first for me in that I have never before had a PAP in the presence of my partner before. It was a bit odd a first but hey, its not like he's never been "downtown" and is gonna be looking at all sorts of stuff down there in the come October :) And how much did I love not having to be in stirrups and just casual on a couch in the office. I LOVE my midwives so much already!!! 


No heartbeat or U/S yet, as we are not having a dating U/s and at our next appointment I will be almost 14 weeks and then we will get to hear the LO in there. Ultrasound is scheduled for May 18th @ 18 weeks because we are not wanting to find out the gender so we can get in a bit earlier for the anatomy scan (gender is more easily read after 20 weeks my midwife advised).


Just 2 more weeks till the very eager Grandparents to be can start telling the world - I know they are DYING to share the news and its killing them to have to wait. 12 weeks, guys, 12 weeks and you can go bonkers. 

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I had my first (actual) appt. last Wednesday (8.5 weeks). Pelvic exam, bloodwork....nothing exciting. I did find out that my OB's office is going to rotating call for deliveries, so I'll be finding a new provider - possibly a CNM in the same office. We saw a hb on u/s at 7 weeks, and I'll be going back in next week (10.5 weeks) to try to hear it with a doppler. I have a 4th u/s(NT scan) at 12.5 weeks.
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I had my first appointment on Friday at 8w5d. I heard the heartbeat! The vaginal exam and/or the pap smear caused a little bleeding.

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Yay for the great appointments ladies!!! energy.gif

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Our first appointment was a follow-up appointment to my ER visit. All that consisted of was a very brief history and discussion of my high risk pregnancies, an ultrasound, pap, medication, and a referral to a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist.


Our first real prenatal appointment consisted of a more thorough history and discussion of my high risks, and another ultrasound. 

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I had a prenatal appointment today! My first official one, at 13w3d. Still no healthcare, but an amazing doctor around here has taken me on as a charity case, and one of his interns (it's one of those teaching facility practices) has been assigned to my free prenatal care. So sweet. Funny thing is, the intern is actually pregnant too, due one day after me! What are the odds of that happening?
Anyway, the appointment went great. No protein or glucose in urine, blood pressure 110 over 75, no weight gain as of yet, and best of all: a strong, regular heartbeat at 152 beats per minute! I am sooo relieved. That sound is the most beautiful thing in the world, right up until the point where you hear their first cry after they are born. orngbiggrin.gif

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Iris, yay joy.gif!!!! Glad it went well!!

I had my 1st appt. today at 10 weeks 2 days. It went very well, we heard two nice, strong heartbeats joy.gifjoy.gif!! Everything checked out fine! I was hoping for an U/S, but I saw a PA, and she can't do U/S's. I'm hoping at the next appt. I'll be able to see them again! I am so relieved, as this was the time I had my M/C last year. I'm so glad I'm past that point now.
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What a great appointment! Congrats!

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Mollie, I'm so happy you're past your milestone now! You've been on my mind, I know how nervous you were for this appointment. Yay for both of us! hug.gif

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Originally Posted by capretta View Post

Good luck, Jenny!

Congrats, by-the-lake!

And for Mollie some goodvibes.gif

Friday was a really special day!
We had our first midwife appointment. We were exactly 12 weeks (hello second trimester) we got to hear a lovely heartbeat. My uterus is a good size. We discussed all kinds of stuff. She doesn't weigh me...I love that! Hooray!

Then we went to a local retreat center for a retreat. We got there early and went for a walk..sat on log and.....he proposed! Yay! I'm getting married this august.
It'll be casual...but now I gotta figure out a giant white sundress, lol.
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