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My kids have grown and moved away to college but we used these doctors for several years-




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Here is their web site-


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Hi LL13 -

we just got here last week ourselves, from Brooklyn (see above post on the thread for brief backstory).  I'm also seeking docs for the family. I'm going to look into the suggestions by Schlafmanko, and am going to be asking the few other parents I know out here.  I'm glad to pass along anything I find out.   We have lots of folks in Austin, through my singer/songwriter husband, lots of good people there.  We just moved into the Cottage Hospital area, and can walk to Oak Park, which is awesome.  Feel free to be in touch - we sure are escaping summer awfulness in our hometowns, aren't we? :)


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Does it have to be a doctor? We see a nurse practioner with her own practice- Su Wyatt, SattvaFamily Healthcare. I love her, and will see her for my next child as well...although she does not take insurance.
She truly is one of a kind...
Before her, we went to Roseman, who was nice but a typical 5minute ped visit. Castaneda has also been highly recommended.
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Also wanted to add that depending on how old your kiddies are, Mamatoto is the local mom group to join.
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thank you everyone for the doc recs. love.gifand no they don't have to be a doctor, i'm totally fine with a nurse or even a chiro. i'm going to look into su wyatt and sbcfnm.....and yes mamahatch we're so happy to be escaping the torturous heat. it was 103 our move weekend, pretty brutal! i did really love austin. brooklyn is equally awesome. i used to describe austin as a cross between old school venice, ca and brooklyn thumb.gif..............do you go to any parks around here or are you in any mommy groups?

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Sister cities unite! (bk, austin..)

Woot, as it were.

Yeah - we walk to Oak park almost every day, and have been really getting a kick out of going to different beaches most days, or just zipping down to one for an hour at the end of the day kind of thing. it's like being on vacation but all our stuff is here!

Anyhoo - yeah, let's get the kiddos together.  I've met a couple other families at the playgrounds, but are not involved in any groups really, although one person we met added us to a fb group. maybe we ARE in a group...

feel free contact me for any other info, or we can arrange a get together.   i suppose it'd be a blind playdate? ;) 

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Hello All,


My mother, Leigh Moross, was approached about being interviewed on the local news in Santa Barbara regarding vaccines choices in the area.  She feels that the perspective would be best served by a woman currently making such decisions.  I don't vax my kids, but I live in Ohio.  Would you or anyone you know be interested in being featured in such an interview?  If so, email me at alloway_dagata@yahoo.com.


Enjoy your day!


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Originally Posted by LionLady13 View Post

hi ladies! my husband, almost-three year old son and i have recently moved here from austin, tx and have been here close to three weeks now. we would love to meet other like-minded people. i am also looking for recommendations for midwives and non-vax pusher docs (preferably general practice)? thank u :)

hi! i am in ventura (about 30 min south of sb), but my midwife which i love love with all my heart is mary jackson and she serves sb/ojai/ventura areas...she is exclusively homebirth mw though.

I have also heard good things about Dr. Geeta maker-clark. I'm also interested in non-vax pushy docs as well, any other well regaurded docs known to you mama's? hope youre enjoying sb...hard not to!

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thank you! i've heard of mary and geeta; thank you! :)

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There is a La Leche League group in Santa Barbara that may help you find some likeminded moms:




There is a yahoo group for Santa Barbara AP, but frankly, it's dormant, if not extinct!


There is a very active AP group for Ventura County and beyond:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VenturaCountyAPMoms -- there are moms in the group in Carpinteria and probably a couple or so in Santa Barbara.


On the homeschooling front, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SBHN is a group where members post about SB-area opportunities, classes, resources, etc., for homeschoolers.


Hope something here is useful!

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