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Baby movement poll

Poll Results: How many weeks were you when you felt the baby move for the first time?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 5% (4)
    10 or before
  • 2% (2)
  • 8% (6)
  • 14% (10)
  • 5% (4)
  • 14% (10)
  • 8% (6)
  • 5% (4)
  • 13% (9)
  • 4% (3)
  • 5% (4)
  • 5% (4)
  • 4% (3)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
    24 or after
69 Total Votes  
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I'm curious.  When did you first feel the baby move?  (I think I felt my first movement today!).  I made it to where you can enter multiple answers if you've had multiple children. 


I'm only 15 weeks and it just seems early for my first baby!

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I said 13 weeks but it's somewhere in-between 12-13 weeks. I definitely felt my first fluttery type movements with DS around 12 weeks and around 13 weeks with DD. I've only felt thumps with this baby and not so much of the fluttery sensations but those started around 12-13 weeks as well. I'm nearly 18 weeks now and feel kicks daily. 

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I'm pregnant with my first so I'm not sure what I'm feeling.  I've most certainly felt a thump or two in my uterine region between 12 & 13 weeks but not so sure about the fluttery sensation everyone talks about.


Somethings going on down there just not so sure what it is.

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This is my third but I usually start feeling bumps/swishes around this time. Today I noticed it more consistently though. lol.gif

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Im 13 weeks and haven't felt anything yet with this one but I remember thinking I was feeling it around 16 weeks with DS and for sure at 18 weeks.

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I can't vote.  I'm 15w pregnant and I still haven't felt anything that I am sure is the baby.  I've usually felt something by now so this is kind of worrisome.  I know that it will happen soon though.

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This is so different from my first pregnancy. With DS (first baby plus anterior placenta) I thought I might have felt something around 19 weeks but not for sure until 21 weeks.

With this one I started feeling something around 11 weeks and was sure of it by 12 weeks, super-sure by the time I hit 13.
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This is my 3rd and I'm 16.3 weeks. I feel little movements here and there but nothing to speak of. With my second I didnt feel movement till 20 weeks.
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This is my 4th baby and I'd say 13 weeks is when I really felt some good thumps. I'm 16w2d now and I rarely feel anything. Sometimes a thump or a wiggle when I am sitting up or leaning over. I think I may have felt more frequent movements earlier with my other pregnancies but I think my hands are a little more full this time, chasing my other children around all day. I hardly have time to sit down and notice those little thumps and swishes. Even though I have never had a M/C, I have a doppler at home, because I am a total nutcase before I get to the point where I feel the baby move every day. I don't think I start feeling the baby move off and on all day every day till after 20 weeks.

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I'm nearly 15 weeks and I've been feeling a little something here and there since about 12 weeks but it's not often - and not as often as i'd like. This is my fourth. I can't quite remember when I felt the others but I *think* it was around 16 weeks, 14 weeks and 11 weeks....

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I didn't feel my 1st until 23 weeks, my second at 19 weeks. I am 16w3d today and still haven't felt anything. Sometimes when I am going to sleep I feel a little SOMETHING that possibly COULD be the baby, but certainly not anything definite, even with this being my 3rd. I was just whining about this at my midwife appt yesterday, LOL. and she was reassuring me that it didn't mean anything (which I knew, but still wanted to whine) But the HB is nice & strong, and we even heard a good kick-I just can't feel it, LOL

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I was 20 weeks with my first. I think I felt him sooner but I didn't know what it was supposed to feel like until my midwife told me. With my second it was 12 weeks (no one believed I felt her so early). With this one 15 weeks. 

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It's reassuring to know that many of you in your 2nd, 3rd, etc. pregnancies haven't felt movement until much later.  I'm at 15 week now (5th pregnancy) and haven't felt movement, even though we've seen baby flip around during the ultrasound.   I'm hopeful it will be soon though, as right now I feel some disconnect with this baby - like it's not completely real yet.  Weird.

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matyja- I feel the same way.  Disconnected was a perfect way to put it.

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Originally Posted by SuburbanHippie View Post

matyja- I feel the same way.  Disconnected was a perfect way to put it.

 Yes, I agree as well....17 weeks now with #3 and STILL nothing. I've been having ahard time getting excited about this pregnancy and I know that when I can feel baby it will help at least some, so I am anxious to start feeling things.

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That's another common feeling I seem to read a lot about - that mamas who have had several pregnancies don't seem to be as excited through the process as with first pregnancies.  Is it because we are immune to it - other than the obvious nausea, or because we are too busy chasing the current kidlets around?  Even though with all my heart I wanted this baby, there is some...sad feeling... maybe because we haven't felt able to tell "everyone" about it yet (we're waiting until after the amnio results later this month), or maybe because I wish I could just skip the whole gestational period and jump to the part where I have baby in my arms.  I dunno. 


Maybe once there is sure signs of movement I will feel better about all of it...    shrug.gif




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With my first, I absolutely felt him at 13w and a few days - no doubt about it.  With this one I've felt "things" since 10w, but until the past week, I've not felt much that I'm positive is the baby.  Finally, now at 16w I'm starting to feel the baby intermittently throughout the day, but before 15w it was kind of a toss up between baby or gas.  

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This is my 3rd. I felt all of mine around the 13 week mark. My MIL made fun of me with my first, saying there was no way I could feel it... but, when my Dr got out the doppler and I'd feel swishing and HEAR it, and the Dr told me that was my baby, I felt vindicated. joy.gif


I'm 19 weeks along tomorrow, and hubby can totally feel Baby kicking on the outside. It's so cool! He was saying, "Hellooooo, Babyyyy, it's your daddyyyyyy." While resting his head on my belly, and the baby kicked him repeatedly in the cheek! lol.gif The look on his face was priceless when he said, "It kicked me! Right here.... this is where it kicked from." Yup, I know, it's in my body, haha.

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Originally Posted by SuburbanHippie View Post

I can't vote.  I'm 15w pregnant and I still haven't felt anything that I am sure is the baby.  I've usually felt something by now so this is kind of worrisome.  I know that it will happen soon though.

Just as a bit of reassurance, I felt my 4th baby later than any of the others and it's only because he's got the most laid back personality in the world.  Here's my stats:


1st: 17 weeks

2nd: 14-15 weeks

3rd: 11 weeks (she's a spit-fire too!)

4th: 18 weeks

5th: 12 weeks once or twice, but 14.5 weeks consistently.


I don't doubt one bit that you're feeling your baby.  People who are in tune with their bodies feel their babies earlier than those who are not in tune with their bodies.

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So I started to feel movement at 9wks 6days and then felt it like once a week (the typical flutter), but as of 14 wks baby flips around.  No more flutters at all but flat out moving around in the evening and at work b/c I was holding in my stomach (I have stopped doing that b/c baby obviously didn't like it!). 

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