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Great bellies!


cuddleluvinma- it took me a minute to figure out that you're upside down! LOL!

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Shoot! I can't erase the photo! I don't know why it's wrong side up. Oh well, I guess.

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I thought this might be fun to share- these are from my pregnancy with ds. Sorry for the picture quality (it's a picture of polaroids! LOL!). I think I have them in the right order.


16 weeks




18 weeks




20 weeks




24 weeks




27 weeks




31 weeks




33 weeks




36 weeks





37 weeks




And I went 2 more weeks before ds was born! I didn't take any more pictures though.... must have been too depressed at how big I was. LOL!


I can't believe I'm as big, if not bigger, now than I was at 16 weeks last time! Yikes!

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Big is Beautiful! That's all I have to say.

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So cool, Steph! I lurve me some belly pics.


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4weeks 3 days.jpg


4 weeks, 3 days


5w, 3d.jpg


5 weeks, 3 days


7 weeks


7 weeks. 


No sign of a belly yet but this is my second so I anticipate to start showing around 12 weeks this time around.  With my first it was 14 weeks.  I have a very short torso so I tend to show early. 


8 weeks .jpg


8 weeks.  Not sure if it is belly or gas.  :/


9 weeks.jpg


9 weeks 2 days


10 weeks.jpg


10 weeks


11 weeks 3.jpg


11 weeks


12 weeks .jpg


12 weeks

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Get that beautiful model body out of here!


hehe.. kidding, of course. You're beautiful!

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6 weeks.jpg


Here I am at 6 weeks today. I remember pulling out the waist of my "loose" jeans (you know, the ones I have to pull up every 30 minutes because they are sagging down) 2 weeks ago and thinking "I have plenty of room, these jeans will last a while!".  2 weeks later and there is no gap between my belly and the jeans. And I just now realized that I didn't have to pull those jeans up not once today bigeyes.gif

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Six weeks and two days here! I feel like I got a little bump TODAY. Went to my first OBGYN appointment. She said my uterus felt just right for 6 to 8 weeks.


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DH was making me crack up when he took the picture lol.gif I think some of my bloating might have gone down. Woo! Maybe it's just wishful thinking though, who knows.



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Here I am at 6 weeks 3 days...




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Oh how fun!!! All your bellies look so cute and amazing! Here's mine


7 Weeks


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Beautiful bellies!! Love seeing these pics orngbiggrin.gif

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8 weeks


8wk belly

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Amy Lynn,
You're looking preggers! Cuteness!
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6 week belly. I'll be doing the 7 week one tonight. :)


6 weeks

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Joining in. Here's me at 8 weeks. belly8wks.jpg

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7 weeks with baby #2.  Not much to see yet.7 weeks.jpg

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Picture 659.jpg

5 weeks with number 8, I have an abdominal separation, hence the bump.

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Wendybird, you need to pass us your secrets!  You must have some tricks with 7 (+1) kids!

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