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any adults 30s and older who have had no vaccinations at all?

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hi, just wanting to hear from people who are in their 30s or older who have never been vaccinated. have you ever been sick with say, meningitus or measles or polio, anything that kids get vacccinated against? i have not vaccinated my son at all but would like to hear from adults. i hear from parents who were vaccinated who are choosing to not vaccinate their children - people like me - but have yet to hear from adults who have never been immunized. i know you must be out there, just wanted to hear your story. thanks

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Hi:  I'm not someone who had no immunizations....my parents were a little TOO trigger happy with vaccines (I'm over 40).  But my neighbor's brother-in-law, who is 25, has never had vaccines.  The family is also vegetarians, and they're very healthy (and very fertile, with 7 kids in the family!). 


Also, not that you are going to meet them hanging around, but the Amish do not vaccinate, and I had not heard that they were dying in droves from communicable diseases.

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My husband, age 48, is partially vaccinated.  My husband got measles as a child and mumps at age 40.  We've both had chicken pox - there was no vax when we were young and everyone usually got chicken pox.




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I'm, uh, older, and I only received a handful of vaxes because no more were available. I got all the childhood diseases children are vaxxed for now.  I never knew anyone who had a bad reaction (or DIED!) from any of the common childhood diseases that are now referred to as "DEADLY". Ha. I've been pretty healthy my entire life, knock on my head. My parents were vax-wary, and delayed all vaxes except polio until I was a teenager, that I know, because I remember those shots.

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Also, not that you are going to meet them hanging around, but the Amish do not vaccinate, and I had not heard that they were dying in droves from communicable diseases.

Yes, they do vaccinate.




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I am also getting on in years and was brought up in the UK, I did have a few vaxs, polio, DPT, but no measles and mumps or chicken pox vaxes for me (had a rubella vax as a teen which was pointless). As a child, I had measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) and a sub-clinical case of chicken pox no complications whatsoever with any of the diseases, I was under the weather for a week or so. I do not know of any person that I grew up with having any serious complications from these childhood diseases, let alone died from them. The only issue I remember was my cousin had a bad case of mumps as a toddler. I would say I am very healthy, I have no chronic illnesses and take no medications.

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Well, my father wasn't vaccinated until he was drafted by the Army; he was 83 when he died--what ever he may have caught never made it into one of his numerous stories. My mother is a bit younger (late 70s), she and/or her brother had the typical childhood illnesses of their time (measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox)--mom said that she didn't know anyone that had complications or died from those. She did have paralytic polio as a child (she recovered and was a competitive roller skater as a teen), about 10 years prior to the vaccine (no iron lung, though she knew people who had been in them) and has been dealing with post-polio syndrome since her mid-sixties.

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I had all the vaccinations available to me from when I was born and growing up. This meant 1 dtp after I was a year old and a polio shot and then tetanus boosters through the years. I had the measles, as in, the illness. I also had the chicken pox. I might have had whooping cough along the way too...as in, the illness. I was around with H1N1 was around the first time so I was already immune there too. When my children got H1N1, I never got it.


So, that is it. I have not had any of the other shots that are around today.


I want to make sure I express that the measles and such were no big deal. I am glad I had the diseases rather than the shots.

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Sorry, I'm not vaccine-free, but I only received a handful of vaccines. I've had Polio, MMR, and DTP. I think that's it. I may have been sick with some of the VAD that are available today, but maybe not. I'm guessing I had Hib, I know I had chicken pox, maybe the flu, not sure about the rest.


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I'm older and have only had a few vaccines. Polio and smallpox I think. I had measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox as a child, as did all my friends and family. They were just normal childhood illnesses then, as opposed to horrible deadly diseases now :) 

Most adults over 40 are not vaccinated against most of the things kids are vaxed against today. That's large percentage of the population. It's amazing that we're still alive, isn't it??? 

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I am replying because while I was vaccinated, most people do not realize that most vaccinations given to children were not even around years ago. When I was born, the MMR was not around and I did have those diseases and they were no big deal. They were normal, expected, childhood illnesses. Marketing divisions for the pharmaceuticals are the ones that convince us that those illnesses are all suddenly so deadly.

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Opps...I posted twice.


But I want to add, the only time in the last 20 yrs that I have had the flu or any of my children did were the years we did the flu shot, which is 2 yrs worth.

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thanks, ladies, for your stories. i guess i have been feeling very alone in my decision to not vaccinate, and this made me feel better about my son's future health. Polio really scares me and the polio vaccine, along with DTaP and Hib were the only three i had even considered to begin with. i agree - who needs a measles or chicken pox vaccine?? i had chicken pox and "enjoyed" it because i got to stay home and my mom let me eat ice cream- ah the simple pleasures of a six-yr old! Emmeline II - hope i got your name right - that is really great that your mom recovered from polio. wow.

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My gramma had polio as a child she was partially paralyzed at the time but got past it (many stories where told to me about how her father took her to the hot springs to soak) and went on to have 11 children and a long happy life. Only in her later years did she start to have issues with walking again.

I just wanted to add that story here smile.gif I dont know any one IRL who has never had at least a few vax.

I had mumps at 10months old with no complications and my brother had measles when he was around 3 with no complications other than mom says his skin was sensitive and he was 100% covered. We both still ended up getting the MMR vax even though odds are extremely high that I was exposed to the measles when he had them.
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I am in my mid-fifties and I have never had any vaccines at all.


Yes - I have had several of the childhood illnesses - chickenpox, measles, rubella etc.  But all were mild.


My son has never had any vaccines either and he is a healthy 16 year old who has had chickenpox, whooping cough, glandular fever but has not yet encountered measles, mumps or rubella.


Hope this helps!

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My daughter is 21 and unvaxed she hasn't had anything other than a normal cold.

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I just had a thought. Since vaccination is fairly new (past hundred years or so roughly, except for smallpox which goes back farther) if you asked people this same question in the past, ALL our ancestors would have answered YES to it. I mean, vaccination didn't exist back then so nobody was vaccinated, including the 30s and older group of course. I'm not sure what my point is (or how to word it lol) but just saying that historically as human beings, we have had much more history WITHOUT being vaccinated than with. I mean, do we really know what we are doing here and how it will affect the body in years to come and future generations?  

Just a thought. (those short term studies really bother me. I wish they would do at least one long term study on a vaccine, and/or the whole CDC schedule, which as I understand it is 100+ vaccines over a lifetime?!)

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I am completely unvaccinated.  Mum just "didn't bother" in her words.  I have never caught any of the diseases although that wasn't from lack of trying.  I have been exposed to measles, chicken pox, mumps and a couple of others many times but never got so much as a spot.  I am immune to chicken pox and rubella apparently as I was tested during pregnancy.  Many people like myself get immunity without getting the illness.  In a well functioning body, that is the ideal situation.  Vitamin A and C are important, for example.  I have always eaten very well though, so my health status was high as a child.  Mum tells me I had a headache once, but she can't remember another time in my life that I was sick.  Colds skip past me (although that isn't a VPD of course), and I'm always the last one standing during the flu, too, which I've never gotten.  

All my illnesses have been self inflicted.  lol.gif  I'm no stranger to a hangover.





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I see you are concerned about the polio vax.  It is important to know that the only people who have contracted polio in 30 or 40 years at least have actually caught it from the vaccine.  ALL polio cases in our society are via vaccines.  What they call "wild" polio has been eradicated from our society.  Even then, it is so rare to get polio from a vaccine that some years no one contracts it.  Therefore, vaxing against polio actually creates a risk of catching it.

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Just to claify that the risk of catching Polio from the vaccine ( as I understand it) is that it is only from the live vaccine drops (ie the OPV and not the IPV) and the risk is to third party contacts like mothers and grandparents when they change nappies as the live virus is excreted from the body of the infant for about 30 days.  So you must always take extra care and wash hands well when changing the nappies of a baby recently vaccinated with the OPV vaccine.


And yes, as I understand it you are right that most cases of polio in the last 30 years or so have been tramsmitted through this route.


Also to note that most cases of polio are no worse than a bad cold and do not lead to paralysis in any way.


They also changed the deffinition of polio when they brought in the vaccine.


BEFORE the vaccine polio was diagnosed as having some form of paralysis in two examinations at least 24 hours apart.

AFTER the vaccine was introduced in 1955 the diagnosis of polio required some form of continuing paralysis 50 - 70 DAYS after the onset.

No wonder the number of cases of polio dropped. 


Nowadays people who would previously have been diagnosed with polio are now diagnosed with Viral or aseptic meningitis, Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS), Myalgic Encephalitis (ME) or a host of similar afflictions.

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