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new baby photos... mamas please share!!!

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okay, for some of us due at the end of the month...and probably everyone else too...we need some baby photos to inspire, cause big feelings of jealousy...and hopefully inspire our little ones to come out and show off too!!!


so, i know you're busy...but lets see some yummy new baby photos!!! please, please, please~~~



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Here's a link to pics we had taken http://click.preferred.targetportraits.com/?ju=fe30167975640174751674&ls=fe0212707260047d75167671&m=fef31778776c03&l=fe6215707463027f7312&s=fdf21574716c017875177973&jb=fef81770766d0c&t=


Snuggling after nursing


This morning


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Love it!! They are so precious!  I can't wait to be able to share pics of my own....

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wow! you've got your hands full! your photoshoot turned out amazing! the older boys seem so happy! and i loved the womb-mate photos! thanks for sharing! i'm oooowing and aaaahing...soooo sweet your little bundles.



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Great pics, they are so adorable and your family is gorgeous!  I bet your boys are great helpers.

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Elliott's about ten hours old here. love.gif

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He is so precious!!! 


And I love that sleep sack...beautiful!

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wow...keep these precious ones coming! so precious!

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Oh man these pictures are making my eyes well up with tears bawling.gif  Your babies are so sweet, I want to hug them and kiss them and stare at them for hours! lol.gif I'm super emotional today and I really want to see my little one...I'm so happy for you guys who are taking care of your adorable newborns hug2.gif  By the way, kitkat you have a very adorable family!

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Thanks :) I am just in love with my little guys. And the other 3 boys have been wonderful with them. This is seriously the happiest I've been in a long time (not that I'm usually unhappy lol), my family feels so perfect right now.


nosce- awwwww! What a sweetie. I love the knit sack too, adorable.

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Thanks. :) I have a friend who's an awesome knitter and she knows I have a thing for owls. She surprised me with that sack last week!

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Loving the pictures, please keep them coming love.gif

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Aubrey Rose birth photos 031.jpgAubrey Rose birth photos 018.jpg


This was taken at the hospital the following morning after her birth. maybe 12-14 hours old!


The picture on the left of the baby in yellow with the headphones is my seven yo DD. I see a strong resemblence in the bottom portion of their faces.

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Seriously in major baby envy. They are all SO cute!

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trekkingirl--i see the resemblance too, especially in the lower cheek/chin area! sooooo sweet!

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trekkingirl- i see it too!


i showed my girls these pictures the other day, and then yesterday, when i opened my laptop, they both came running over- "we want to see more baby pictures!"

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The babies are so cute!!


mcs- my girls are asking to see more baby pictures too. They are very impatient to have their brother here "Mommy, why do you get to have all the fun of cuddling Thomas??" lol.gif

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5 days old.



7 days old. (Already? Really? Where did this last week go?!)

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