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What do we do with this abandoned pit bull mix?

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Ugh.  DH's nephew dropped his dog off at 81-yo FIL's house, and then got himself thrown in jail.  FIL says it is a nice dog, but it is just too much for him.  The dog is strong, and nearly pulls Papa off the porch for walks.  The dog gets loose (off his tether) when tied up in the backyard.  Papa is just not capable of caring for this dog properly.


This morning, the dog nipped the mailman... whatever that means. (oh - and now the story is that it happened 2x before).  Once I showed up unaware of this dog, and the dog lunged at my yellow lab with a mean snarl.  But maybe that was normal dog possession of their territory.


My DH has called all of the local shelters.  They say the original owner has to call them.  Yeah right, the jail is really going to let Nephew make a call like that.  And he wouldn't anyway.  Drug abuse and enabling run rampant in this family, and Nephew thinks the world owes him.


Doesn't it seem like Papa is the the default owner?  What if Nephew was dead, would Papa be the implied owner?  Isn't possession 9/10 of the law???


I doubt Nephew has ever taken this dog to the vet (lack of funds)... so there is likely no paperwork anywhere.  However, this is an assumption.


None of the shelters will take him (full plus need "original owner").  One lady said euthanasia at the vet may be the only answer.  I would put her on craigslist, but would be worried about dog fighters (euthanasia is more humane than that!!).


Anyone in New England want a female pit bull mix? Today?

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From the sounds of it (no offense to your family) but it seems that your nephew is one of the worst kinds of owners to have a pit - the uneducated about pitties kind.  Pit bulls CAN be aggressive to other animals but the chance is less with proper socialization and a good owner.  For some owners, this doesn't matter because they are strong enough to control their dogs (mental strength here).  For instance, my pittie thinks all non canine critters are lunch but we can easily walk along the pond amongst the geese with no problem because he knows what is expected of him.  Even still, I wouldn't bring a cat or bunny into my home as another pet.  He LOVES all other dogs we've ever met.  As a pittie advocate, I want to say thank you for taking care of the situation and for being mindful of dogfighters.  Pitties are dogs bred to be with people - they ARE NOT outside dogs and get very frustrated and lonely when tied up.  This is probably what happened with the mailman and MAY be what happened with you and your dog.  In all honesty, if Papa were to call the shelter, they wouldn't know he wasn't the owner unless he told them otherwise.  I urge you to contact pittie rescues to see what they can do - I don't know what state your in so I can't direct you to specific resources.  If your area is high in dogfighters, euthanasia is a better option and honestly, what will probably happen to pitties in overfull shelters.  Perhaps list on Craigslist but state you are requesting a small rehoming fee (like $50) and vet references to try and keep her out of dogfighter's hands? 

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Thanks for the advice.  And I definitely don't take offense to your words!


You think fifty bucks would avoid the worst situation?  If so - I think I will go ahead and do that. 


I'm in MA ... and there doesn't seem to be a Pit Rescue here.

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Here's one I found but I don't know if they're accepting or not.  http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MA298.html


I'm glad you weren't offended - it was one of those statements that could be misconstrued on the electronic medium!  $50 I think will hopefully help avoid the worst and shouldn't deter those seriously looking.  Ask for vet references (basically just ask who their vet is and give them a call.  Then explain that you have an abandoned pittie you are trying to get into a good home and want to make sure this would be one.), ask how they plan on keeping the dog (the answer should NOT be tied up outside or left in a yard for any lengthy amount of time.), if they've ever had a pittie before, and if they understand that pitties require excercise.  Also, I would put a stipulation that at this point in time, you don't think it would be wise to place the pittie in a home with other pets unless it is with an experienced pit owner. The dog sounds like with a good owner and someone willing to work with it, that it would become a reputable pittie ambassador.  I hope you're able to found the pup a good home - a lot of the judgment will have to come from your take on them when you meet with them for the exchange.  Good luck!

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