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Family Practitioner in Minneapolis

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We are looking for recommendations for a good family practitioner or pediatrition in south Minneapolis or close-by. We would like a doctor that is supportive of extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping & home birth. Thank you!

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Well, I don't have any personal recommendations - unless you want to drive to St. Cloud wink1.gif
However, since no one has responded yet, here are a few suggestions from other places.

These threads found previously on the forum have lists that could be good starting points. You could try PMing people who recommended specific doctors there to see if they can share more information since none of the requests was as encompassing as yours Some of them might be a good fit.

Also, a few suggestions from similar questions on local e-mail lists I am on. I don't know anything about them personally, but maybe someone else here does? Or they could be worth interviewing. The first two links may be for the same Dr.? And the first two recommendations may both be about the same person (that doctor)?
Dr Ida Rachel Rapaz is up in your direction. She homebirthed her two kids,extended BF and has her own chickens!!!
I am sorry I do not have her contact info at the moment.
In Brooklyn center is a awesome doctor named Rachel Ropaze.. she loves home birth. She is OK with what ever u choose with immunization. She is so wonderful. She part of the hcmc clinics the number is 6128738800
Brooklyn Center Clinic, a Hennepin County Medical Center Clinic 6601 Shingle Creek Pkwy # 400, Minneapolis, MN 55430-1787

And I think they accept all insurance.
Hope that helps!

I am sorry that you are having issues finding a pediatrician for your son. Gary Carlson is a general practioner as far as I know, who was trained in the trypical medical school, but has since gone back to school for holistic medicine. I looked him up on the internet, and he does practice at a clinic in Minneapolis, I think it was the Penny George Institute on Health and Healing. He also practices at the Allina clinic in Northfield. I would recommend taking a look at him.

"Several nurse practitioners and one wonderful MD... small practice, very supportive, will see the whole fam."

These are probably farther than you want to drive, but may be worth knowing about.
Dr. Danielle Perry and Dr. Jen Carpenter
Synergy Family Physicians. Not pediatricians, but that shouldn't matter.

They started this integrative care center a few months ago after having been
"fed up" (my words) with working for Health Partners. They have studied natural
medicine. I am a classical homeopath and they spent an hour and a half with me
one day in December, just talking about their philosophy and trying to
understand homeopathy. I may actually start spending a day or two there a week
when their clinic traffic picks up.

Dr. Perry said that people have come from as far away as Prior Lake just to see
a physician who won't ridicule their choices. They won't argue about vaccines,
and they will support your lifestyle.

They take most insurance, except Health Partners.

Phone: 651-287-8780

This one is a pediatrician and much farther away, so probably not who you are looking for, but just in case smile.gif

What part of town? I have a mainstream pediatrician in St Paul/Eagan/Lake Elmo who is fine with my refusal of (and delay for some) vaccines. She supports extended breastfeeding and always compliments our family's nutrition when she asks what they eat. We don't share everything so she doesn't truly know we cosleep (though she knows we practice Attachment Parenting); I didn't overtly tell her we do cranio sacral work and let our babies belly sleep (but I think she knew). My girls have a congenital kidney problem routinely treated with ABX but our pediatrician and pediatric urologist agreed to let me handle it naturally. Each girl has had one breakthrough infection and we didn't get any grief-just a fast ABX Rx to fix it and prevent kidney destruction. We've heard that people who follow the daily AB8 protocol till age 4 easily have that many.

Anyway, I like her ( she has a lot of AP families). Dr. Julie Saxton at Pediatric and Young Adult Medicine. 651.227.7806 I think the website is pyam.org (maybe .com).





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Hi there-


We go to Fairview Hiawatha clinic in S. Mpls. It's at the corner of E. 38th St. and 42nd Av. S. Our primary care doc for the past 7 years has been Sarah Maier (http://www.fairview.org/Providers/Bio/D_120677). We love her. She is smart, respectful, and very friendly. Occasionally, when Dr. Maier hasn't  been available, we have also seen Lisa Spatz. She too is 10 kinds of awesome. :) Both are family practitioners.


Good luck with your search!

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Thanks for the input! We try to avoid medicines if possible, is the doctor supportive of alternative paths?

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Originally Posted by Annie21 View Post


Thanks for the input! We try to avoid medicines if possible, is the doctor supportive of alternative paths?

Yup. She even says so in her provider profile. :) And our personal experience with Dr. Maier has shown that she too prefers to avoid unnecessary medication. She was also respectful of our desire to delay certain vaccinations.

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Racheal Rapatz (spelling??? I'll check it and come back if that's wrong).  She's a family practice doctor who works out of HCMC in Brooklyn Park.  My home birth midwife recommended her to us. She has had home births with all of her own children. She's really sweet and natural friendly. We've only seen her once so far but I know she comes highly recommended in the natural community.

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