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HI, I know my son's hair is shorter than lotsuma's even though it's now longer than in the picture I posted (shoulder length now), he's 20 months old and they constantly call him a girl ... i dress him in boyish clothes  but it makes no difference as they will keep on calling him "she", i do not usually correct them unless we start a longer conversation, he is too small to feel annoyed but if he started to feel so I'd say he's a boy, with a smile on my face.

What do you do instead?

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Originally Posted by Brenda Gomez View Post

This is my little boy's hair, so far he hasn't  had a proper haircut and I feel the more time passes the less i want to cut his hair smile.gif

I really like this! This is what I'm trying to do with my son's hair (he's 12 mos). Have you never cut any of it at all? I've been cutting the bottom of my son's hair because I'm not a fan of his bottom curlies lol but I'm not sure how to get it to how your son's is.
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This is DS, age 4.75, last week. smile.gif His last haircut was bangs at age 2 (for safety, so he could see where he was going).
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My son Mark on the left, 2. My nephew on the right age 4. Both have hair just past their shoulders and no bangs. 

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Here is my son Apollo. He will be three next month.
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I put my boy's hair in a pony, just the front 1/2, on top of his head, ala Pebbles.  lol  

when he got older and his hair got longer, I just swept it to the side with a magic clip (one of those snappy ones that bend?) in a brown or black color.


When  people call him a girl, now that he's 6, i let him deal with it (his hair is much shorter then it used to be, but still long).  But when he was younger, we got it ALL THE TIME.  So, we just said ignored it and either said thank you, he is pretty/beautiful/etc... or just continued on our conversation while using the correct pronoun: he, his, him while referring to our son.  No biggie.  People always get all 'i'm SO SORRY!'  oops, etc... no big deal.  That (to me) is the annoying part.

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Originally Posted by Escaping View Post

I really like this! This is what I'm trying to do with my son's hair (he's 12 mos). Have you never cut any of it at all? I've been cutting the bottom of my son's hair because I'm not a fan of his bottom curlies lol but I'm not sure how to get it to how your son's is.


Hi, what i did untill now was just "manteinance" lol, I layered the back and sides of his hair, the shortest hair (the outer layer) is at the length of the middle of the ear, keeping untouched the bottom layer ( the last one), now his hair are much longer and i'll keep it so this summer and cut it back in winter  as his hair grow so quickly we'll be at this same point next spring. :D



Here's him now:




and with his sister :


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Thanks! You have lovely kids! :)

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My son hates it when I chase him down with the spray and brush. He hates it pulled back onto a ponytail too. Everyone is always nagging me to cute his hair but I'm in love with him just the way he is. Especially his dad. I've told him hes mine and so is his hair but he still jokes about cutting it off when I'm not looking. I absolutely love all the long haired little boys. All the pictures on here are adorable! Don't know how to get his hair past this stage of him not being able to see anything, any tips?
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This is my 3 yr.old son and 10 yr.old daughter. His hair is almost waist length I'm back and we're trying to grow out his bangs. It's usually kept loose but his bangs are at such an awkward stage its so hard to style. He hates clips and it doesn't tuck behind his ears yet. He loves his long hair so no plans for a cut anytime soon.
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This is my two year old son with long hair.he is always mistaken for a girl every time. N I have to let no he is a boy.I have no plans to cut his hair but his dad does when he gets back from Afghanistan..should I give in..lol
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DS is 3 and a half. He's refused a hair cut or trim since his 2nd birthday. I'm fine with him having long hair ( I like it! ) we just have the rules that if it is going to be long, it has to be clean and brushed. We put it in a ponytail when he goes to school, and sometimes when he's playing outside, to keep it out of his eyes. We get a lot of people thinking he is a girl, just because of the hair. I don't think he looks like a girl at all. lol 

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This is my 6 year old son he loves his hair which is really thick and straight he says he is like Thor xxx
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So Rowan had uncut long hair til after his 3rd birthday:





After we cut it, he still wanted to feel like it was long (we cut it because he hated having it brushed, but waited for him to agree, because it is HIS body)- so it is short on the sides and back and long and floppy on top. He likes it in his face (and he's not even a teenager yet! LOL).






He likes his haircut and likes that brushing is no longer heinous!

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I logged in to get some new inspiration for a long style haircut, but maybe I will just leave it. Here he is at 28 mo, and the previous post was 14 mo.

Originally Posted by cat13 View Post

Thanks for all the inspiration and cute pics! I love my 14mo DSʻs long hair but itʻs so straight and fine that I worry it bothers him in his face. I donʻt really want to do bangs so Iʻve been parting it to the side, but someone told me he looked like a 60ʻs insurance salesman greensad.gif I know it was just a joke, but I wonder if I should trim it. How do you trim it without making bangs, or do you just have to let it go through the awkward stage of being in the eyes? Iʻd love your thoughts! 

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I would not cut it. In fact I say grow it longer. My ds is almost 6 and his hair is almost to his waist and he loves it. Takes time to care for it but who cares it is fun smile.gif
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I say go for it! Why do we all have to look the same? That's so boring!

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James has refused to have his hair cut since last May.  I'm loving it!  It's about a half an inch too short in the front for a full ponytail without it getting in his eyes, and I'd pushed his hair back for the picture, so it doesn't look as long as it actually is (I can give him a 7 inch pony tail!).  The hardest part was those three months this summer and fall where I had to give him a water fountain on top to keep his hair out of his eyes, but now it mostly stays out of his eyes and he loves his hair so much- I'm glad I let him grow it.  

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My DS has never had a haircut.  He's coming up upon his 2nd birthday this month, and for the first time ever - at a playplace - he was called a girl, twice, once by an adult and once by an older child.  

It has made me consider going for the haircut... however, looking at this photo -- I think my heart will break to cut it.  

I found this site by searching for toddler boy long hairstyles as I am thinking maybe i'll just trim it.  

The front of his head hasn't grown in as much as the back, and I am trying to avoid the "hockey hair" / mullet look the best I can... a year ago - he pretty much had no hair -- maybe this is why I am hanging on so tightly... ?


I love so many of your kids hairstyles -- I am inspired to still keep my son's hair longer with his first cut.  I am just so afraid that the hair stylist will mess it up and chop it all off --- to which I will end up being the mess.  

Do you all trim it yourselves, or take you LO's to the hairdresser?  Do you use a general hairdresser or a kids-type place?




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I'm SO GLAD I found this thread! My twin boys' have hair that even after a bang trim, keeps flipping into their eyes. Every other time it's gotten to this point, I've caved and buzzed it all off (that's twice now, at 3.25 years old). I was looking through old pics and I really didn't like the buzzed look, so I was searching on the internet for some "styles" to try, even though my husband is even on the fence about cutting it! This has encouraged me to maybe try a bit of a bang trim again for shape and to keep letting it grow. Also, may I note that this thread is a WONDERFUL collection of awesome names! Ocean, River, Jude, Apollo! There were even more that caught my eye but I can't even remember them all now! 

My boys do, even with it not being shoulder-length, get mistaken for being girls. Granted, most of the time now it's because they're wearing the pink coats they picked out...


Any tips for getting hair to sweep to the side? Their hair is determined to grow straight-- STRAIGHT-- down, no matter what I try, which is why we keep going for bangs.


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