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breastfeeding moms, are you introducing a bottle?

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I'm returning to school part time in a few months and my midwife said we should introduce a bottle(of pumped milk) between 4 and 6 weeks. I'm also interested in offering my daughter a pacifier for short car trips. She has a very high desire to suckle -even when she seems to be quite full and I can't nurse in the car. 

So,  my questions are when if ever did you introduce bottles? And when if at all do you offer a pacifier? Any brand recommendations or tips are quite welcome. 

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Well, we are backwards since my son was in the hospital for 5 weeks, but yes, he does take a bottle and a pacifier and nurses very well.


We use the Medela bottles just because I already had a PIS and the nipples fit right onto the bottles from the pump.  They also have very small bottles that are marked in mL so it was easy to track how much he was taking with each feed when he first came home.  You may need to try a few different bottles to find one your baby will take, so I wouldn't invest in a bunch.  


We also use the Soothie pacifier since that was what was introduced to him in the hospital.  My son doesn't like to comfort nurse a lot so uses the pacifier after finishing nursing to help soothe himself to sleep.  I was told by a friend that there is a window between 6 & 9 months where it is easy for many (but not all) babies to give up the pacifier.  I found that true with my daughter and she gave hers up right around that time.

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I will be introducing a bottle so DH can feed DS when I am out or want/need a break.  With DD we waited until 6 weeks but we are going to do it much sooner with DS.  He is nursing like a champ and our pediatrician thinks we could introduce one as early as 3 weeks with no problems since he took to nursing so quickly and I have a good supply. 


We've tried introducing a pacifier, he hasn't taken to the soothie like DD did so I just bought some new ones today - I think they're called closer to nature?  I haven't washed them yet so I'm not sure if he'll take to them or not.

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im also one that had to work backwards, mine started on the bottle, but now seem pretty good at both (still learning some of the finer points of the boob)


we are using Dr Brown's wide mouth bottles on the advice of a nicu peds doc and i like them, would have maybe picked something a bit smaller or streamline if i was picking another all things being equal.

we added pacifiers recently, and used the soothies and now the gumdrops, we stuck with ones that are symmetrical, it does not make a lot os sense to me sine i figure they mash my boob to fit their mouth, but everyone i listen to from the doc to the LC seems to thing that it is the best kind right now.


i have also heard the 6-8 month time frame for end of pacifier use and intend to be pretty cut and dry about that.

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My guy took his first bottle at 2.5 weeks and did great! I know a little early but I was stressed and had to get out of the house. I really like the First Years BreastFlow bottles..http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3393698


They didnt have these with my first two and they wouldnt take a bottle...3rd born, we used these and he has never had a problem with a bottle.


Now paci's, Well as hard as I try my kids will not take them!!! I wish they would!!!

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Our DD had one for the first time this past weekend at 2 weeks & 2 days.  She is pretty good at nursing-not the best latch. But my supply is beyond what she needs so I found myself pumping a couple times.  We are using Avent-same we used for DS. We wanted DH to be able to feed her a bottle when wanted/needed. Also wanted to introduce before family came back to visit so that DH was the one that introduced it & to see if she would even take a bottle.


She's only had one like 3x I think. We have given her a pacifier-also Avent. Got something similiar to Soothie-DS insisted on another brand. She's not a fan of them. She only uses the pacifier once in a while & hubby is the oen that usually offers it to her.


She was 8lbs 4 oz. Lost 6 oz in hospital, but at 2 week check up she was 6 oz above birth weight-so we figure she's doing ok w/ nursing. :)

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With my first son, we introduced a bottle around 6-7 weeks. He did great with the first one with 1/2 oz. (An LC recommended only giving a small amount at a time so to not waste pumped milk.) A week or two went by and we gave him the same bottle with 2 oz in it and the flow was just too fast for him (I believe it was a Medela bottle that came with my Harmony hand pump). We tried a few other bottles with limited success. My hubby was working long hours at the time and eventually I got sick of my milk going sour in the fridge because he'd be too tired when he got home to give our son a bottle. So he ended up a breast only baby.


We are planning to introduce a bottle with our new son. I might go for 5 weeks this time around (BFing is going more smoothly this time). I have also talked to my hubby about being more consistent. He is in a different job now with more reasonable hours. So I suspect it will be more successful this time.


Pacis were also a bust with my first son. He just wasn't that interested. One car ride he took a paci and fell asleep but unfortunately that was just a one time deal. We tried Soothies and Mam, I think. I didn't push it very hard since I was a bit torn about the necessity of a baby taking a paci. This time, we'll see. My guy doesn't seem to be a huge comfort nurser so far and if that remains the same, I don't think I will introduce a paci.

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I introduced Atticus to a pacifier because he cries when he gets his diaper changed, so I thought it would pacify him... which it does and he absolutely loves it. He sucks intently and doesn't make a peep during changes, or after a bath when he's cold and naked for those seconds, etc... Here's the problem... he now bites down *really* hard onto my breast when breastfeeding. It kills. I scream but that doesn't stop him. I unlatch him and relatch and yup, super hard bites now. 

  I haven't given him the pacifier the last two days and he cries now during diaper changes, *and* he still bites down hard on my breast. :(  He's 3 weeks old. Any suggestions?? I'm sure it's the same idea as when he'll get teeth, I have to somehow teach him not to bite down so hard.

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We just introduced DS to a bottle last weekend at 5 weeks old and he took to it with no problem.  He's only had one other since then and did just fine.  We use Born Free with level 1 nipples - same we used with DD and no problems. 


He's still nursing like a champ, he is 6 weeks old today and the past few days he's been nursing like crazy - and making me crazy!  He's been wanting to nurses every hour in the evenings and the mornings and seems to nurse forever.  I guess he hit the 6 week growth spurt!  I'm hoping it doesn't last much longer because I am so sore from the marathon nursing sessions.


re paci: DS did not take to the new brand I bought at all, I think they are just too big for his little mouth even though the package said newborn size.  We ended up using nuk brand and he's taken to those.  It's funny how all babies prefer different shapes, sizes or no paci at all! 

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I am, because I want DH to be able to give me a break every other day or so so I can catch up on sleep. I am so sleep deprived I am losing my mind.


Plus, I hope that we have family visit they could care for her for an evening so we could go out for a little while. Ruby is a week and a half old. So far I can only pump about an ounce and a half for a pumping session, so that is what she gets if we give her a bottle.


An ounce and a half looks like a lot to me for her age, but she sucks it right down and wants more. does that sound right? Can we just give her whatever I can pump for a bottle meal?smile.gif We are using a Dr. Browns glass bottle.

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That's about 40-50cc and yeah that is about what mine were drinking then, but were doing it once an hour or so. At 8 weeks (4 adjusted) they now take between 60 and 100 depending on the time a day.
But I would recommend that you pump and start feeding her and maybe keep pumping, I fount watching them feed brought my milk down even more. Or bottle feed her then let her nurse for a second let down. She may unlatch rather quick and you know she was getting enough, or maybe just wants to suck.
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We introduced a pacifier early on.  Both my kids have had a high need to suck.  DD doesn't take to it as well as DS did, but she will in a pinch.  I only use it when everything else (diaper, nurse, rock, bounce) has been exhausted.


We have already introduced a bottle-I started at about two weeks.  We have to be at an event for a couple hours when DD is 4 weeks-originally we were just going to take her with us, but the more I got to thinking the more I thought it'd be better to leave her with our (adult) sitter.  (Who is amazing, by the way.)  I don't want DD exposed to all the germs and the flu is going around something fierce here.  She drinks about 2.5 ounces at a time.  I haven't been good about "practicing" because I sort of lazy-it's just easier to nurse her.  But she will take the bottle-better from DH than from me, though.  I just plan on leaving a few bottles ready for the sitter, even though she'll probably only use one.  I can always just dump the rest.

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