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Little House on the Prairie

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Does anyone have copies of the ol' episodes with Melissa Gilbert?

I loved that show growing up. And I've been reading the books to dd who is 5 and she loves them too. (I got an entire BOXED set of all the books for $3 at the thrift store last month! )
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I love them. I know that some cable stations still air the original episodes daily.
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I saw a boxed set of episodes on DVD at Walmart. The price was outrageous (this coming from a thrift/consignment mama!), but it will probably be on my kids' Christmas list this year!

Amanda and the ELFscholars
Alexander (the "weaner")
Zachary (no a weaner) ild
Haley (my forever nursling)
and Daddy :
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Do you get TLN? Reruns come on at 6pm ET.
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WOW! I loved the Little House Books! I would love to get the boxed set to read to my kids as they get older.

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I grew up loving Little House and still do. We have 3 boxed sets of the movies. My kids favorite is the premier movie. I now have the dvd's on my want list since I've noticed our vhs tapes are getting wonky due to excessive use. We also have boxed sets of The Waltons. But my younger boys favorite by far is our one boxed set of The Wilderness Family. At least once a day Gage comes to me and says "Wilner Famwee" I had to buy the original Mountain Family Robinson by itself and the first 2 movies are titled The Wilderness Family I and II and come in the boxed set. I am so glad that I have all of these shows to share with my boys. It's difficult these days to turn on the tv and find something that the entire family can enjoy.. that is entertaining, touching, educational, inspirational.. It's also a wonderful bonus that these shows give examples of honorable character traits as well as moral/ethical lessons.

I bought our boxed sets for $10 at walmart.. dvd were the same price. This was around Christmas. The 3 Supercenters near me no longer carry them but it would be worth checking in your area.

I found a ton here

Little House at half.com

Little House at Overstock.com

Little House at amazon.com ... this link isn't working right now.. but you can do a search there

I think these would make very special gifts for any child. They are also a great resource for educating children about life in that particular era. As a homeschool family...our Little House and Waltons videos have all played an important role in educating my boys about many different and important aspects of American History. The Wilderness Family is a teaching tool for many different areas of study. And what a treat to watch! Everytime I see it I yearn for that way of life (we are headed there but it isn't as easy as it looks in the movie lol)

Wow.. I just did a search for little house on the prairie at ebay.. There are over 300 results just in dvds & movies... quite a few buy-it-nows. It looks like some of the prices are higher than buying from the above sites.. but some of them right now are ending at a lower price (like the complete Season 1) .. and there are a lot of single movies. Lots of competition so I bet if you invest a little time each day searching through the auctions you can snag a good deal. I will, however, recommend overstock.com too. I bought several books and Jim Weiss audio books last December as Christmas gifts for my boys and I received excellent cs every time and super fast shipping. Of course.. now that I've just typed this someone here will buy from them and get screwed... hope not.
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I love these book too and faithfully watched the show as a kid. I found some sites also that you might be interested in. I got my boxed set one year through Scholastic and have now moved on to the others in the series, about her mom and grandmother

Here are those links!



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