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October baby!

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Hi All,

My baby is due October 8th!  DH and I just found out yesterday and we are really excited and grateful! I had a miscarriage last May, and it took many months for my body to get back on track.  As of the new year, we were ready (physically and emotionally) to start TTC and this first month- bamb!  It happened!  I am terrified that it won't stick and at the same time I have total hope and confidence that this is the one.  Our first child- we hope- will join us in October!  Who else will have an October baby!?  Such a beautiful time of the year- we can't wait! 

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Just a heads-up, this is the 2010 October DDC.  The 2011 DDC is at the bottom.  :)

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Congratulations from the 2010's though

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