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Ds is 10 months old and takes one nap some days, while others he takes two.  I actually prefer the one nap around lunchtime because he naps longer and leaves the morning and afternoon free for other activities with dd, plus he goes to bed at a decent time. When he takes two naps, he will be up much later since he takes a late afternoon nap.  Dd dropped to one nap around the same age, but she also dropped naps altogether around 2.5 years old, so neither of my kids have been great sleepers :)

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this was such a pain with my mom friend as well-it will eventually pass though!  It felt like months would go by where we had to somebody had to screw up their nap schedule just to see friends!


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So my DD went from 11:30am to 8pm without a nap yesterday. I think we've officially dropped the 2 naps per day thing. I felt bad, because I actually kind of woke her from her nap at 11:30... we had a lunch date I was really looking forward to as we've been trapped in the house sick most of the week. I was thinking she would then take a nap sometime in the afternoon when we got home, but no dice. she was pretty worn out by 6:30 or so but still refused to conk out until 8pm. Of course, then she slept in until 10 am this morning and wanted to go down just now at 1pm. So who knows what the heck is going on. The sucky thing is that all my mama friends have babies who are still on the two a day routine, so the only time that generally works to get together is after they wake up from their morning naps at 12pm or so. If she is really committed to one nap a day, we will never see anyone. :(

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Not at all, which is what made yesterday so hard. It was just too long of a stretch between the end of morning nap, and bedtime.


Thankfully, she is napping right now (it's 4:15ish), so we're not in a repeat of yesterday. I'm hoping that it was just a blip on the radar! redface.gif

Just when I think I know what's going on and have a routine figured out, she goes and takes three naps yesterday. I better just learn to roll with it...

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DS just took one nap Sun and Mon and has been taking two the rest of the week...it was enough to throw me off, but today went down around 9am and slept til 11:15a...we'll see how this throws off the afternoon.  I'm with Cecilia's mama, I also need to learn to roll with it.  :)

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We are still on 3 naps!  DS is 6 1/2 months old and night time is generally 830pm-7am (up every few hours to nurse, sleeps with us), up til about 10am (one hour nap), up for a couple hours then second nap around 2pm (one hour + nap) up again for a few then third nap around 530pm (an hour or 45 mins) then to bed about 830pm.  We are hoping to phase into two naps soon!  Dreaming of longer nighttime stretches and longer naps...biggrinbounce.gif

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Bea's been pulling that 3 nap stunt, too!  I had (embarrassingly enough) gotten sick of struggling to put her to sleep for her morning nap and just started letting her nap in the car.  These darned snow days forced us inside and she doesn't sleep adequately long in bed (assuming I can get her into bed at all!), so I have to work the near-miracle of putting her down THREE times in one day.  Almost makes me wistful for the time when she used to sleep 4 40 minute stretches on my lap like clockwork. 

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Why are these babies so crazy??? lol.gif

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The nap thing at our house has gotten horrific--I have spent more time this week trying to get my 9 month old to take his naps than ever (he was a GREAT napper).  Now, he fights the morning nap and then once he does fall asleep (10:30ish) he sleeps for an hour to two and then won't nap again until almost 3 which messes up bedtime.  I'm thinking it's the 2 to 1 nap thing.  BUT, his night time sleep (which was horrible to begin with, got better at 8 months for two weeks and then grew bad again) has been AWFUL.  So, I'm worried that cutting down to one nap would make it worse...but since I'm not sure it could be worse...well I'm thinking we'll be changing things up and trying 1 nap (which he's done on a few different Sundays and on Gymboree days he will not take his afternoon nap, go figure).  I would love to have just one nap a day--one long nap would leave me with a consolidated WAH mama time AND allow for activites in the morning before the nap (by activities I mean time to drive to a coffee shop where he will crawl around and have some hummus whilst I drink a latte whistling.gif) !  



Of course, he's teething (molars) and just learned to crawl 2 weeks ago and REALLY wants to walk (that's on the horizon).  So Gd only knows!  


So, timely discussion!!!

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blargh. still in the throes of nap confusion over here. it looked like we were going to make it all the way through with only one nap, then she unexpectedly conked out at 5pm. the morning nap is still happening too early and too short for true one nap conversion i think. but just the fact that it's been about 2 weeks with really random napping (still "easy" to put down, all naps are approx 1.5 hours, just happening at different times) means that we are on our way to something new.

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