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EC strike? Any advice?

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My DS is now 9 months old and we have been ECing (his idea) since about 4 months. I'm sure he was telling me earlier, but I only clued in at 4 months!


So, this very communicative little boy has now started to poop in his diaper. He just seems too busy to deal with ECing. Is this common? How can I help him through this phase? Any BTDT advice appreciated! (Nursing strikes I can deal with, but this has thrown me!)


(For now I am watching closely and encouraging regular potty breaks, holding him to eliminate rather than sitting on the potty, and not making any fuss about misses.)

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I think you're doing fine!  My DS also went through that stage.  I think it's common.  Maybe someone else has a specific suggestion, but for us, the best thing I found helped was just being nonchalant (and patient) about it.  I would however, mention to DS that if he wants to keep his diaper/underwear clean, he could always choose to poop in the potty next time.  Then not make a big deal out of it.  Even if he soiled his clothes the next time.  Eventually he got back on track.  Just continue to watch closely and offer potty breaks if he doesn't resist.  I think for my DS, sometimes I could tell he was just too busy and distracted and forgot.  Other times, I kind of suspect he was doing it to see what kind of reaction I would have, just to see if I would get upset or not.

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