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Shettles Guesses?

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I don't know if I buy into Shettles 100% (or, at all, really - I've read a pretty thorough refutation of it), but it's fun to speculate.  Going by Shettles, this baby is probably a boy.  We DTD only once, the day before O (and I think I actually ovulated less than a day after we DTD, because my mucus turned creamy by the next morning).


Anyone else have a Shettles-based guess about their little one?

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My Shettles guess is boy too. We DTD like 4 times, all pretty much right when I was ovulating... DH was gone right before ovulation, and we only did it those times right when he got home and not after that for a couple of weeks...

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What's Shettles?redface.gif

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Originally Posted by mamahen2coop View Post

What's Shettles?" rel="http://files.mothering.com/images/smilies/redface.gif">redface.gif



I had never heard of it either. Based on this I'd probably guess boy too...but I'm very skeptical!
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well, sounds like hooey but based on that I'd say boy.

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Yeah, if you go by Shettles, it sounds really hard to conceive a girl, like ever!  Ha!

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Originally Posted by javilu View Post

Yeah, if you go by Shettles, it sounds really hard to conceive a girl, like ever!  Ha!

Going by Shettles all of my girls should be boys. But Clomid supposedly sways girl because it alters the vaginal pH. (Two of my three girls were Clomid babies.)


Also going by Shettles this baby should be a boy and I wasn't on Clomid when I conceived. Our elective scan today can go either way. We saw what we thought was a penis and then it went missing. shrug.gif We also saw what looks like a girl. I think I'm gonna play it safe and bank on a girl. (The baby was extremely stubborn and the legs were glued shut probably 95% of the time.)


FWIW, using only timing is ineffective. There are many other factors that determine the gender when you get down to it.

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Yeah, I don't think I'm fertile enough to actually use Shettles rules (not that I want to choose baby's gender anyway).  Under normal conditions, I would DTD whenever I could (which isn't often with a light-sleeping baby in the bed).  I take a long time to get and stay pregnant.  I can't bring myself to abstain much if the opportunity to DTD presents itself in my fertile window. 


This last cycle, we only did it once and I was actually thinking to myself "should I be doing this???" WHILE it was happening, as it was *right* after two consecutive miscarriages.  Half of me was like "what are the odds?" and the other half was like "maybe this is a bad idea."  I can't believe I'm here, really!

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I have heard that conceiving right after a miscarriage actually makes a pregnancy more likely to stick... so maybe you did the right thing ;)

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Yeah, that's what I heard too--and I got pregnant the cycle following an early loss.  Shettles won't work for me, as we DTD for, like, 5 days straight surrounding the day I usually ovulate (which might have been skewed by the miscarriage two weeks prior).  I'm hoping to find out the sex tomorrow at my perinatologist appt--my anatomy scan isn't until Feb 28, but at 17w5d, if the babe cooperates, the doc should be able to tell--I hope.  Last time, I "knew" I was having a girl--no doubt.  This time, I truly have no gut feeling.

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Pretty sure this baby is my first PP egg. Baby was conceived after my 2nd PP AF. My cycle was all sorts of wack so I can't really use this method. Plus we DTD usually every day so I have never known really when any of my kids were conceived. Our U/S is scheduled for Feb 17th so I guess we will see then. If I had to attempt to apply the theory, I'd say girl.

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