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Gah! I haven't purchased anything! I do plan on making several things, but I'm going to wait until we find out the sex.

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We haven't bought anything yet! This is our first and we really are trying to sort out what we actually *need* to buy versus what we just think would be neat to have. Plus we're waiting until the baby showers happen before buying much. My mother will be purchasing our crib and our car seat once she comes to visit in May, so at this point we're just waiting. It'll probably be spring before I really feel the urge to buy much!
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We haven't bought anything yet either.  I'm having a hard time deciding what we need.  This is our first and I have no idea what we really need.  I'm thinking a car seat, a baby carrier, cloth diapers and wipes, and a crib that I can use as a co-sleeper.  I can't decide if I need a breast pump and I don't feel like I'll know until the baby is here.  I don't think I'll need to worry about clothes since this is the first grand baby on my side and my mom is over the moon about it and already going a little nuts. 


Maybe I'm delusional though... Do I need more stuff?  I honestly can't think of anything that we really need. 

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We haven't bought anything yet either. I'm having a hard time deciding what we need. This is our first and I have no idea what we really need. I'm thinking a car seat, a baby carrier, cloth diapers and wipes, and a crib that I can use as a co-sleeper. I can't decide if I need a breast pump and I don't feel like I'll know until the baby is here. I don't think I'll need to worry about clothes since this is the first grand baby on my side and my mom is over the moon about it and already going a little nuts.

Maybe I'm delusional though... Do I need more stuff? I honestly can't think of anything that we really need.

Nah. Better to have too little than too much. It is amazing how quickly you accumulate "stuff" once the baby is born. I say just have the very basics because if you find you need something after the fact, it's not that hard to run out and get it then!

We have bought nothing so far. All we really need is a car seat, (which grandmother is buying us!) a few more newborn size diapers & flannel wipes, and gender neutral thin t-shirts since it'll be hot in July and DS was a cold weather baby. I'll get those at a consignment sale. Ooh maybe a few newborn socks too.

Baby #2 is so much easier to plan for! smile.gif Really all I think we'll need besides the car seat and those few little items is milky boobs. (Check!)
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I've been thinking about a Britax right away too- I was a little ticked when #2 grew out of the "infant carrier" at 3 1/2 months.  On the other hand, the Marathon I bought next lasted until she was ready for a booster.  Any one else have experience with this?  Pros/cons?

Britax seats are notorious for having harness slots that are too high for most newborns. I've heard that some of the newer seats have lower slots but I honestly haven't done any research on it since I've found other seats that I prefer over Britax. My DD couldn't fit in a Roundabout safely until 4 months. The only pro for me with an infant seat is being able to load the baby into their seat in the house and snapping them in more quickly when dealing with my other kids getting into their car seats but I really don't think it'll be that much of an issue, especially if our next house has an attached garage like we have now. I know a lot of people like infant seats for cold weather but I used a convertible from birth for DS who was very small during cold weather and it wasn't a problem. 

The Next Generation Britax seats have harness positions that are 1.5 inches lower than the older "classic" models. We are getting the Advocate CS 70 and this is after a lot of research. I plan I utilizing the Advocate from birth until the seat expires (which is 6 years) and since it is good to 49" I am confident that we will be able to (My now almost 7 year old is 47").

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Well, I finally caved and bought some baby things wink1.gif A couple of onesies from Babies r Us while we were looking at car seats. And we found the stroller I think we'll end up getting. Being on a farm sure limits our stroller options. I need a 4 wheel drive stroller! I couldn't believe how expensive they are - i gues that shows my ignorance as to the cost of baby things! Oh well. It makes everything seem a little bit more real to have a few pieces of baby clothing around the house.
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I have bought tons of stuff already! This is our first baby, so we didn't have anything except for a few pieces of clothes and a bouncer seat that were hand-me-downs from a family I used to nanny for. 


I made a spreadsheet of things we need immediately (car seat, cloth diapers, sling, etc) and things we'll need a little later (high chair, stroller, jogging stroller, etc). We've made a dent in both lists, although I'm trying to restrict my purchases to the immediate needs list. But, we've come across a few deals that were too good to pass up on items from the second list, so we have an UppaBaby Vista stroller from a baby boutique closing sale and a BOB jogging stroller off Craigslist! 


We got the Britax Chaperone infant car seat, a car seat mat, a Boppy pillow, one wearable blanket, and lots of gender-neutral baby clothes (we aren't finding out the baby's sex). I've bought a few clothing items in stores, but I just ordered a bunch of organic clothes online. I get so sick of looking at the "Made in China" origin labels of all the baby clothes and wondering how toxic they are! It's really hard to find quality baby clothes. 


We have also purchased a crib that was a floor model in a baby store in Scottsdale, but we have to go back and pick it up later. We are now on the search for a good organic mattress and crib bedding. 


I'm hoping I get some good stuff off my BabyEarth registry at my showers, but I'm not counting on it. I know from experience that most people who go to baby showers just buy you what they want you to have (i.e., whatever they thought was cute). I think that's especially true if your registry is online.


I guess now I need to get those cloth diapers and a sling!

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This is our 5th baby in less than 10yrs, so we have more than enough stuff already.  The u/s looked like it's another boy, third in a row, so he won't be hurting for clothes.  We cloth diaper, so that's taken care of.  I have to many slings and wraps already, so no way I can justify buying anymore of those:)  The only thing I can think of we need is a dresser, but ods has been wanting a captains bed so we may just get him that and give the baby his dresser.

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For anyone who is interested in buying organic clothing and bedding for your baby, check out www.KidBean.com. I just got five outfits on clearance! :D

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We have a few things we picked up on a weekend trip to the outlets before we found out that we were having a baby girl. My shower is only a month away so I'm trying to behave until then, and after that we'll go over our list and choose what things are important to buy. I would love to load up on cute baby stuff but I'm trying to wait since I don't know what people will get me. I mean, I have a registry, but I remember how that worked when I was getting married - some people just buy whatever anyway.

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I haven't bought anything yet & aren't in a rush.  I'm having another summer boy & have tons of clothes, toys & supplies. The only 2 things I want are a video monitor & soft car seat cover.  I might buy a few cute outfits too.  I have Moby & Ergo carriers & am wondering if I want to try a different one.

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I was just given a another pack n' play that turns into a changing station. So now i have two pack n' plays (good because I needed one to leave at my MIL's when she watches baby), a car seat, a crib with bedding, and a co-sleeper. Not buying stuff yet has worked out! At work people keep asking me when i want my baby shower ans what i need. i think they want to have the shower in April so i need to register this month. After that I'll see what I need. 

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i bought some diapers because the price was so good. super soft organic cotton diapers. and today my husband bought a minivan which is partially related to baby so maybe we have now bought a really huge purchase in preparation for baby? smile.gif i am excited about the minivan and we needed it for other reasons not baby related but baby did sort of get us thinking and talking a lot more about it.


in april i will get the rest of stuff needed. some clothes a car seat and more diapers. and another big piece of felted wool for protecting the bed from pee. despite the wonders of ec my son often pees at night and the diapers we use are not always that great at keeping it from getting on the bed so he sleeps on a big piece of felt and we will want another one for baby. i am playing with idea of making a giant piece of felt...


oh and i need to make a few baby hats and i want to make a blankie for baby and one for son but those are all sort of extras.

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Oooh y'all I've gone crazy! I guess I just couldn't hold back anymore, LOL!


I just bought a car seat (Britax Marathon) which thankfully my GMIL offered to pay for so it doesn't count as an expense to us, but still!


And a dozen newborn-size unbleached Snugglebottoms fitted diapers (we already have a dozen from when DS was born and they are SO awesome--so along with the preemie prefolds I've got, now we're set with diapers for the newborn stage!) and 2 dozen cozy flannel wipes, since the ones we have are looking kinda raggedy and I want something cozy and new to wipe the new LO!


And 4 gender-neutral 3-month onesies from Goodwill, very cute patterns. A thrifty buy but still counts!


And an awesome anatomically correct baby doll for 17-month-old DS, to help prepare him for the new baby, teach him about being gentle and Mama nursing the new baby, etc. Also the book "I'm a Big Brother" which will be great alongside "Hello Baby" which we bought last month. orngbiggrin.gif


And now I'm off to email a seamstress about re-sewing the elastic on some of our cloth diapers so they'll be good as new. And look into belly bandits or their alternatives (any suggestions?)


Has anyone else caved and begun acquiring/nesting?

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I've got my cloth diaper stash and that's about it.  I got a really good deal off craigslist and a bunch of freebies off of freecycle.  I might need to get some prefolds for the newborn stage but I'm holding off just yet.

Can't buy anything for the babe because our remodel still isn't done and everything we own is in the "baby's" room being stored.  This remodel is starting to drive me crazy.  I need to organize and get things in order.  It's not DH's fault by any means.  It's the dang contractor.  He keeps pushing us back and back and back.  It's driving me nuts!!!!!


We are waiting to find out gender on Monday.  If we are having a girl we will have more stuff then we will ever need for one baby.  DH's brother has two girls and they are done making babies so they want to unload all their stuff onto us.  He also has two co-workers that had girls that are done baby making and want to give us that stuff as well.

If that's the case we will most likely sort through it and give away what we won't need.  It will be nice to help another family in need.



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For the most part, I am trying to buy less this time around.  The baby stores try to make you think you need to buy so many things, and it's just not true.  I wish I could tell these first-time parents:  stop worrying about choosing the perfect crib bumper, and use the time you saved to read a breastfeeding book. It would be time much better spent! 


I am wavering on buying a car seat. I have a car seat that is perfectly fine except for being eight years old.   I can't decide whether to heed the warnings about throwing out older car seats.  Are reasonable safety precautions or American consumerism rearing its ugly head, trying to force me to replace something that's perfectly functional?


I am planning soon to assess my cloth diaper supply and see what we need to buy.  I had A LOT of cloth diapers with DS, because we lived in an apartment with no washer or drier, and I wanted to space out the trips to the laundromat as far as possible.  But after years of use, a lot of my prefolds are just shredded now, and I know I'll need to buy some more.  I think the covers have stood the test of time better. 


There is one area where I've let consumerism run away with me and that's baby carriers.  There are so many of them and they're so cute!  I've now bought several -- a Baby K'tan for the early weeks, a short and long wrap, and a mei tai. 






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