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Stressing about lack of symptoms...

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Hi ladies,


ok-so I KNOW I'm only in the middle of my 4th week-I only discovered a BFP on Tuesday, and it's Sat. I just remember all of my other pregnancies I had dark areolas and tender or sensitive nipples right away. After 3 losses in a row, I'm a bit of a basket-case right now, and wonder if anyone else is feeling other things: fatigue, different eating desires, headaches and moodiness but not seeing any physical changes?


I really hope this baby sticks....



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Don't stress.  Each pg is different.  I started out really sick and now I hardly have anything except if I eat too much or right when I first wake up.  Other than that and occasional twitches in my uterus- NOTHING.  Freaked me out at first but I figured the stress wasn't good and I'm obviously still pg so there's no need to worry.  Just relax momma.  After losses it can be really scary (I've had 2) but just try and think positive.   ((hugs))

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I agree with NDFanatik, as hard as it can be, stay positive. If i didn't know I was pregnant I would think I had severe pms, I am super moody, loving my husband one second, yelling at him the next. and I feel like I have never been so tired in my life. I am just trying to think positive thoughts for the LO even though I too am afraid of a miscarriage.


Hang in there mama...remember lots of pregnancy symptoms stink and you are lucky not to have them!

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Symptoms don't really seem to hit hard until about 6.5 weeks, ime as a midwife.
What will be, will be. It's out of our control right now. There is nothing to be done.
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Not to contradict, I know you were just trying to make her feel better but symptoms can start much sooner then 6.5 weeks. Every body is different, I personally know within days that i am pregnant because I have symptoms that early but some people never have any at all, which is great and much easier!

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Last time I remember the breast pain was what hit me first & it was overwelming ( I had to sleep with a soft bra) but so far nothing (& I'm nursing so I'd definitely notice). I figure it's either on it's way or it's a different pregnancy & a whole new game!


I am feeling a little overly emotional & tired. Very low levels of nausea at times but nothing to bad at all.

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I know symptoms can start much sooner - much much sooner for some.  But I'll stand by, they don't "hit hard" until 6.5. 

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Thanks ladies-

I am experienced enough with birth to know that I should just breathe and stop obsessing over every twitch-every cramp-and the lack of symptoms in other areas. After 3 losses, I am suddenly completely unbelieving in my body's ability to bear children!


My last mc was a missed mc, so the baby's heartbeat stopped at around 8 weeks, I found out at 9 weeks and waited at home to miscarry for several more weeks. It was very painful and very lonely-having been dumped by my midwives and without family to call on.


I am going to take one day at a time. ALthough I don't think US are good for babies, in this situation I will opt to have one at 9 weeks or so-just to see if there's a heartbeat.


A few more weeks...that's all it will take....


Thanks for listening. <3

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Fwiw my mom never had nausea with her first 3 pregnancies..and after telling her sister that HER ms was all in her head she was hit hard the last two times....lol maybe you just have good karma this time smile.gif fingers crossed for all of us. Jenny
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I just wish my nipples would darken, or my breasts would get full...or I would have to go to the loo more often...something!!!

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It would be nice if like, you grew toe hair or something and it fell out if you miscarried. 


When will you check in on baby?

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LOL! I wouldn't be so freaked out if I had lost 3 in a row-after carrying 3 just fine...I don't know how to trust my body. The thing that threw me most is my last MC, because the baby stopped developing at 6 weeks, we found out with the ultrasound at 9 weeks...and I didn't miscarry for several more weeks. I just can't believe I couldn't tell that my baby wasn't alive-and apparently my body couldn't either!


I will be seen for the first time tomorrow, where I'll be confirmed pregnant, and they will order beta tests. I'm 5 weeks and 1 day today, so I'm still very early.:) I think if I see good betas I'll feel better-last pregnancy had very slow doubling time...


Thanks for responding. I can only imagine how dumb my ramblings seem to you..lol




Originally Posted by Jane View Post

It would be nice if like, you grew toe hair or something and it fell out if you miscarried. 


When will you check in on baby?

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Marcie hug2.gif Worries are never dumb! I feel the same way you do, and I've only had one loss. I am constantly thinking:"Am I nauseous enough? How come my boobs don't hurt? Shouldn't I have more symptoms?" and I am 5w3d today. I have no advice unfortunately, but trust me, you are not alone! 

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Not dumb at all. I'm personally freaking out about half the time.
Fingers crossed for good betas.
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Not dumb. I am the EXACT same way. The only way I know I am pregnant is the pee stick. It is one reason we didn't tell the other kids yet. I am a super thin person. I weighed myself yesterday 115. But I decided to pay more attention and yesterday I was SOOO hungry. I take it as a good sign. Also not queasy but I have had some indigestion. It was not super noticeable until I paid attention. 


The symptoms are annoying but a piece of mind I understand. I am trying to stay positive and be grateful that I am not laid up sick as a dog with 3 other kids to watch over.


Good luck! hug2.gif

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Honestly, I would have no clue that I was pregnant if it weren't for the BFP I got. I even had a 2 day long full-blown "period"! My boobs aren't nearly as swollen as they were last week before my "period". I'm tired but I also have a head cold so I don't know that I'm tired because of pregnancy or that. Oh, I'm hungry! I eat and 30 minutes later my stomach growls but that wouldn't even be a symptom that I would notice either! I've had headaches too but not unusual ones! Wait till we hit 6-8 weeks! We're going to be begging for symptoms to go away! 

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All of you with "no symptoms" can feel more than welcome to take my gigantic, painfully sensitive boobs and my inability to stay awake off my hands at any time. Also, while you're at it, if you'd like to take the spontaneous crying fits too, that'd be great.

Mostly, I'd just like to be able to stat awake long enough to read more than two chapters of my preggo books at night. I come home from work and am down for the count.

Seriously though, I understand. I felt more "normal" yesterday than I had in days and I was pretty worried. Then it accidentally smacked my boobs with something and was reassured by the pain. orngbiggrin.gif
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Hi Everyone...

I really appreciate your listening and compassionate responses.:) Today I went to my first appointment, peed in a cup where they told me I was pregnant...(lol) and I have bloodwork to do, including progesterone, and a "dating" sonogram for Tuesday...which is where we'll know if there's a heartbeat. With my losses, they never developed past this week-and we never saw a heartbeat.


I am soo nervous! Of course, I logically want to know either way. I mean, I don't want to be thinking I'm pregnant for the next 6 weeks if I'm going to lose the baby. However, (and I realize this sounds just ridiculous) I almost don't want to know. At least if the baby isn't viable, I don't know it yet and I can bask in the "possibilities"....so weird these conflicting emotions.


I should know the results on Wednesday-I am now 6 weeks and 2 days, so next week I'll be 7 weeks and 2 days-plenty of time for a little bit of lee-way.


I would appreciate thoughts, white light, prayer and candle lighting on Tuesday!


I'll let you know how it goes.


I asked the doctor about my lack of breast changes, and need to pee-and he said that as we get older, our hormone production isn't as "robust"...but that was not very reassuring!


Anyway-thanks again for listening.:) I am sooo thankful for this group. grouphug.gif

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Gabesgrrrl - Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!  I hope everything turns out fantastically for you next week!  hug2.gif


I'm also still freaking out about lack of symptoms... this is my first, and I've been reading about how I should be sick, and I should have veiny breasts and darker areolas.  I've got none of that!  So don't feel alone in lack of symptoms.  I'm there with you, and hoping it's normal! 

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HUGS Momma, Hugs. Nothing is worse than your partner reacting in the exact opposite way we want or need in a time of dis stress and pain. I hope your DH realizes that he should be there to support you and help with the kids rather than leaving you to shoulder it all.

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