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midwifery licensure in CA

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We are currently in the process of looking at possible places to move in the next few years if DH can't find work here in Washington State after he graduates his woodworking school.  So I'm looking at a few places in CA (Grass Valley, Chico, Santa Cruz, maybe others?)


My question is about CA midwifery licensure.  I'm a midwife here in WA (currently not practicing, being a SAHM but will start up a practice in the next few years.)  It seems that WA and CA have reciprocity of licensure which is good.  However I read that CA requires a midwife to have an OB who "oversees" her and needs to sign something to that measure before she can be licensed?  How in the world does that work if I was to move to a new place without knowing any OBs there...Not to mention I am sure that many OBs flat out will not support homebirth MWs (that is the case here so I am sure it is similar there.)


CA MWs, how does this work?

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My guess the best plan would be to join with a group of midwives to get those connections. I believe at least some of the midsives practice in small groups, so they can share responsibilities.

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Yes, this is true, but I do not know of any CPM that have OB back up, BECAUSE OB's mal practice ins will NOT allow them to back up a CPM/LM. So, that is how it is worked around. Law requires it, Ins will not allow it, so it is not done. http://www.californiamidwives.org/ I suggest looking into California Association of Midwifes (CAM). It is a great support for issues such as this.

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Dr. Stuart Fischbein runs a practice called A Woman's Place.  He's one of the few doctors that will back midwives, and he's even been out there protesting when a hospital bans midwives.  I've been at protests with him.  He's in Ventura.  If you move here, move to that area and look him up.  He's the doctor who backs my midwife.  You're in good hands with him.


www.supportdrfischbein.com for more info.

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My MW (in the SF Bay Area) has her own birth center, with a doctor on the board. I bet she could answer your questions!


Her website is http://sagefemme.net. She rocks!

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