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I'm sorry!  But it happens. 


There is a story that *I* was dropped as a newborn (or rather just fell).  It is a fuzzy story of me being left unattended on a table or something.  And I still turned out reasonable well!



Once I fell down a few hard steps with my DS in a backpack carrier, and my ankle was hurt so bad, I couldn't get up and had to just lay there on my side (outside!), until I gathered myself up enough that I could crawl to safety.  That was fun.  I can laugh about it now.  I couldn't see him at the time, but I can just picture him back there at that awkward angle wondering what the heck was going on.lol.gif  Thank goodness I had him buckled in the backpack!



I think I have bumped most of our DC's heads into a door frame once at sometime or other while carrying them.  It is just one of those things.  It could be worse, right?

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You aren't the first, and you won't be the last. Babies get dropped by otherwise excellent parents, if she's doing fine then the only thing you can do now is forgive yourself for not being perfect.


If it makes you feel any better, I have stepped on DD (by accident) and tripped over and landed on DS...redface.gif

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Since we're sharing...my DS has fallen a few times - off te couch, the bed...one time he crawled off a step like it wasn't even there and did a face plant onto a rough door mat! But I only dropped him once, while trying to get him onto my back in a mai tei - in front of my mother-in-law!  It happens, and it sucks when it does. Chances are, your LO will be just fine. hug2.gif

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Oh, hey, mama--what's this?

It happens to all of us, but that doesn't make it any less horrifying. I'll never forget the time I was nursing DS and walking at the same time. Without thinking, I turned quickly to walk through a doorway and immediately banged his head against the doorjamb, making us both cry hysterically. bag.gif
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When my ds was about a week I was sitting on the couch nursing him and dressing my daughter for preschool.  Somewhere in the middle of that he managed to roll off the couch or my lap (I can't tell you which) and land on the floor.  My 4 year old interpreted it as, "Mommy threw the baby on the floor" and was excited to share this development with everyone in her preschool.  He's 3 months old now and I'm still dropping him on a regular basis.  He's pretty blase about it at this stage.

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All I can say is, these stories are making me feel a whole lot better.  DP dropped DS when he fell asleep n the couch, and he won't cut his nails anymore because he made his finger bleed once.  I'm of the 'run into things constantly' category!  They're pretty resilient, aren't they?

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Don't feel bad. My parents went grocery shopping, put all the groceries in the car and left me in the car seat ON TOP OF THE CAR!!! They started driving away and people were flagging them down before they got to the freeway. So.... that would have been the end of me!

My FIL had my DH in this little bag carrier and dropped one of the straps. DH fell out, rolled UNDER THE CAR and had little rocks stuck to his face. He was pretty much a newborn. FIL also dropped my BIL... he went down stairs in a stroller... and he was giving SIL a bath in the sink and was washing her feet and accidentally had the water going in her face!


So, don't feel too bad! I am sure eventually I will do something, too, on accident and I will probably cry if it hurts the baby.


FIL won't be babysitting.... haha

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We stopped at the nurse's station on our way out of the hospital when ds was 36 hours old.  A nurse leaned over to take a peek at him and knocked a clipboard off of the counter, right on the baby's carseat.  Granted, the seat took the brunt of the impact, but just imagine the NURSE'S horror in addition to ours! bigeyes.gif

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My youngest was a few months old (maybe 4 or so) when I fell down the stairs while holding her..  We went down 8-9 stairs at 5am and her head banged into the wall at the bottom greensad.gif  I felt so horrible!  She cried for a minute and was totally fine after that (though I did keep her up for quite a while).  Thank god for soft baby skulls thumb.gif


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My oldest fell so many times I can't remember them all.  Once I put him in the middle of my parents king sized bed so I could go to the bathroom when he was just two months old.  Yep, he fell.  Another time he was dead asleep and we were visiting friends, I left him on the couch next to my cousin, and he got up while I was in the kitchen and the baby fell.  It happens, it sucks, you move on.  :)

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I stabbed Felix in the eye with my thumb when he was about four weeks trying to dress him, hard enough to make it bloodshot for a few days.  I think I cried more than he did...


I told my mom and she said once she shut my brother's head in the car door - bruises on both sides of his head!  It happens to everyone.

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I was trying to show my kidlet how to chew on a frozen washcloth for teething and playfully chomped down on the washcloth--where his hand had just grabbed on.  I bit two of his fingers hard enough to leave tooth marks eat.gif


Yup, cue the wailing.  No permanent damage was done but gosh, I felt AWFUL!  Accidents happen.

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I've either dropped or allowed to fall....each of mine. It happens. We do our very best to make sure something bad doesn't happen....but the reality is sometimes gravity intervenes despite our very best intentions. Typically, the fall is so much harder on mama than the baby. I hope you can forgive yourself. You are not horrible. Horrible would be not caring that it happened or intentionally allowing it to happen, y/k? 

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Been there.  The doorjams, the falling off the bed. I also dropped a SINGLE grain of rice on my 1 week old daughter's leg while she was sleeping peacefully in the sling.  It was not hot enough to burn the inside of my mouth, but it left a second degree burn on her leg by the time I got her out of the sling and figured out what had happened. It scarred too - took a good 6 months before the scar was invisible.  She's 9 months now - we have lots more time to accidentally damage her. Try not to beat yourself up.  I do enjoy these threads though, I laugh as I read them. It's like a confessional. 

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Ok; so mine are not from baby-hood - but I once slammed the bathroom door on DD's hand when she was about 3. I was in the shower and she came in to ask me something - I answered her and thought she had ran back out so I reached out and pushed the door so it wouldn't be cold. WHAM! Right on her hand. But this is the best - once when she was about the same age I had told her to wait on the step while I got the stroller from the trunk - I get the stroller and swing it out and - WHAM - right into the side of her head because she had followed me and stood behind me. I felt sooooooooo awful.




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Originally Posted by 1stTimeMama4-4-10 View Post

 do enjoy these threads though, I laugh as I read them. It's like a confessional. 

Oh gosh thanks for saying that!  I've been wondering how horrible I am for laughing!  I mean, everyone was ok, so it's ok to laugh, right?

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When my DS was under 2 months, we were in the bathtub and he slipped a little out of my hands, enough to get a face full of water... he was sputtering and then crying - traumatized and scared... so I leaned back to nurse him and then realized he was completely out of the water, so I tried to slide us lower into the water and did the same thing, letting his face in the water and with sputtering and crying so hard again.  I jumped out of the tub and hollered to my partner and tried to explain what happened (through my own tears)... instead of the supportive, "it's okay, he is fine"... i got, "well you gotta try to keep his face out of the water better". Ugh (she was sleep deprived too).  No worries mama.. these things happen!  You are not a horrible mama.  Sending hugs and support!

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As you can see, these things happen to all of us.  I smacked DD1's head into a doorway HARD when she was 2 months old, DH had her on his shoulders at 9 months and bashed her into an overhang- awful, awful, awful. When she was 2 I was rushing to protect her from some boiling water and instead knocked her over and gave her a nosebleed.  I remember replaying those moments in my mind over and over and just cringing in disbelief and hugging my baby.  You have to let it go and forgive yourself.  No matter how much you try, you can't be perfect.  It's a part of being a parent.

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Yoy- I was there about three weeks ago.


I was changing the baby, turned my back to get ointment and blam! I felt absolutely horrible and kept eyeing him suspiciously all day for concussion or internal bleeding (I internally catastrophize everything).


I felt horrible and gave him even more hugs and kisses than normal all day.

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And this doesn't even begin to touch what their SIBLINGS do to them every day. 

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