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Tips for transitioning toddler full time to his own bed

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He was fully co-sleeping but in the last few months he nowfalls asleep in out bed, we move him to his, and then sometime a few hours later, he wakes and cries to come into our bed.  Then we end up moving him back early morning.  We have a queen size but with DH and I and a tossing a turning toddler who basically needs his own double he moves so much, its too much and we aren't sleeping at all. 


I guess he never will get into his bed unless we sneak him in there after he is asleep.  We are due again in a few months and I am planning on breastfeeding and co-sleeping for those first few rough months as I always do to maximize my sleep.  No way to do this with him in the bed and we arent in a position in our relationship (dh and I) to seperate into seperate beds, rooms, etc.  We are trying to get closer after some major issues not farther apart. 


Any tips from those who managed to transition their little ones?  By the way, his crib is right by our bed but he wants to be right under one of us. 

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We are having the same issues right now and I hope you get some replies. DS falls asleep in our bed, stays there an hour or two then I move him to his crib next to our bed. Anywhere from 1 minute to 3 hours later he will wake up and wants to go back to our bed. I usually grab him, nurse him and he falls right back to sleep. It was better for a while (he stayed in his crib until 4:00 am one night!) but lately it's been way worse (usually waking when I move him). I am worried that we're doomed. Everyone is usually happy except the nights he thrashes and kicks, then DH gets upset, so that's why I would like to make more progress getting him into his own space.

Good Luck!

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Yes...... Inquiring minds want to know

Our 2 year old son has his own room, own toddler bed. He has co-slept with us basically his entire life, and with me expecting the first part of April...4 bodies in a queen won't work. I'm planning on having a co-sleeper next to our bed for the new little one ....but DS1 needs to be out of our bed.
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I found the suppernanny's "sleep seperation technique" online and thought it looked interesting but not sure if I can do it.  Besides, my child doesnt have his own room.  He has been sleeping with dh and I .  I wonder if I could do this with his crib that is in my room (and barely being used at this poiint) and if so, this doesnt address him waking up middle of the night crying to get into our bed so I stumble over to his crib and pull him in bed with me, even if he stays in his crib for a few hours after I sneak him in there once he is asleep.


Problem is, he has to fall asleep with me, I can ease him into his bed, but sometime before the sun comes up, he is waking, and crying for me to get him and get in my bed with me. 


We only have a queen and I want to co-sleep the new baby due in 3 or 4 months so that middle of the night breastfeeding is easier and I can avoid the delirium those first few weeks of no sleep with a newborn bring.  My last two I did this with and I got good sleep thank goodness.  Will never go back to every 2 hours washing bottles and making formula middle of the night.


So... I gotta get himn outta my bed and can't have a tossing and turning toddler AND  newborn in my bed.  Looks like I gotta do more homework on what the best method is if they have to be in your room with crib across from your bed.  (I can eventually move him to his brothers room but not right now, he would keep him up all night, he is only 9.

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