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Need info on Grand Forks ND

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We just got order to Grand Forks and its one place that neither dh or I know anything about or even have been to.  We are wanting to buy a house so if anyone knows of a realtor that they like, best areas to live in, how are commutes in the winter and traffic, is it doable to live in Minn like in Crookston, what are the tax rates for each state, best schools in the area and do they have charter schools.  I think that is it.  Basically any information is great.  We are used to high winds that are colder (we currently live in CO) and I am used to seeing snow all winter long that is black because it doesn't melt (liked in MI for a while).

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I can't answer some of that but can tell you that my sis is a realtor.  She lives in Fargo-Moorhead, but would be willing to drive to GF.



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If you could please send me her information.  Thanks.

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