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I could see how that would get frustrating! So, do the donors know they are donors? Will they just be 'let off the hook' when it comes to the parenting? Are you ever worried they won't want to be? Sorry for all the questions. Feel free to ignore me.

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Oh yea.. and AFM:


I got a nice little surprise tonight. Some friends of mine pressured me into testing. :p I got this with evening urine (I did hold it for, like, 6 hours though. lol) at 10dpo.





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Congratulations nicolian!  blueman.gif

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Nicolian...   Congratulations!!!


As for your questions, yes, the donors know they're donors. And all of them are told that the only involvement required is the initial conception. I don't see it as being "let off the hook", this is no different than if they were to go donate at a sperm bank.


Oh, no, I'm not worried about them wanting more involvement than originally planned either. All of them would have a lot to contribute as fathers, if that's what they decide they want.

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YAY!! Congrats nicolian!!!


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Congratulations Nicolian! I am so glad that was an implantation dip after all! joy.gif

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Congratulations, Nicolian! Threadkeepers luck hits again! Have a wonderful 9 months with your new little bean.
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Yay, Nicolian!!!  I was so happy to see you in the DDC this morning!  CONGRATS! 

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Congrats, Nicolian!  So happy for you!!  biggrinbounce.gif

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Nicolian:  CONGRATS!!! That's what my $tree test looked like when I was 10dpo with my little Emma who was born in December!!!  Here's to a sticky bean and a wonderful 9 months!!!


Stevi:    I really hope that your BDing gets on a great roll and keeps on keepin on lol  :)   I wish I was able to wiggle/twitch my nose and make it happen for you!!!!  I've only been on the boards for 15 months but I've been on here long enough to go through so much with yoU!!!!! :)   G/L and I hope that your donors don't cancel on you this week!!! And I think that you making up a last name for your children is a great idea!!! :) 

Not_telling & Veronika01:   Thank you so much! I'm nervous and happy at the same time lol. I just hope i'm not getting in over my head!!!

Mummoth: Thank you and I know that you will make a great choice for your children! :)  I understand what you mean about being called by the wrong "Ms." I still get called Ms.F from my last marriage because my oldest DD still has her daddy's last name.  It's frustrating when you're last name isn't the same as your children's last name...but I guess that happens sometimes.  My DH wants to adopt my DD#1 really bad but her daddy is still in her life and is a WONDERFUL dad just was a crappy husband lol.  I hope that you are able to come up with something :)  I hope you didn't think i was being pushy also.  I just wanted to share a situation from my personal life. 


ValH:     Thanks and you're right there aren't many women in this thread who want AF to show up...but if i'm going to actually try to plan my next one to be here before Emma is 7 then I need to get to learning how to chart and I can't chart without starting AF lol...because there's no telling what my temps would look like at this point lol. 


Well, now that i've written a novel lol...I hope that everyone is doing great!!!  AF still isn't here! LOL but hey I'm just going to have to give up trying to expect her and go on with life lol.  DH asked me last night after we DTD the first time and was like UM have you started your BC pills yet? I was like nope...AF has to show up first lol...then he just walked away and came back for a second round of DTD like an hour later lol...and of course we aren't using protection so heck i might end up catching my first egg and never get my PPAF who knows?  I just hope that my family doesn't think i'm crazy if i end up pregnant before Emma is a year old.  I don't see a problem in it because I know that I'll be happy for another baby.  G/L and sending out lots of fertile vibes!!!



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Thanks, everyone! It's unbelievable.


That sounds like a pretty good set-up then, Stevi. I hope you can get some donations when you need them this cycle and get that BFP!!

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Nicolian, how exciting!!!!joy.gif Hooray for peer pressure (just this once!).


Stevi, thanks from me for explaining.I was curious, too, because I love to hear about everyone's TTC journey. I hope for the best for you!


Munmoth, I'll bet time will help this work out, as what you want filters through all the questions and choices. Good luck.


Brandy, you can have my AF this month. I hope to not need to see her ;)


I posted and totally forgot to add anything about me. I'm out of tests and didn't test yesterday (expecting AF) and didn't test today (didn't get to the store). Last night I had a scare after playing a long game of chase and tickle with my 3.5 yo. I had these cramps for a few hours that were less like cramps and more like contractions and I was scared. I sat quietly, with water and chocolate (endorphins are calming, right??) and they went away. This morning and last night I've has some nausea waves, so SO is picking up a few tests on the way home from preschool drop-off. I have my fingers crossed, since this is CD 30 or 31 and maybe 16 dpo? I haven't counted this morning (and am still having coffee) so that's just a good guess. I really should see a BFP, right?


Also, thanks for the comments on what y'all are doing with TTC. I'd forgotten about checking my cervix, so I'll add that to tracking EWCM, O pains when I get them, and other assorted external signs. I, too, am up too many times at night to get a decent temp chart. If this isn't the month for me, then I feel like I'm ready to keep going. So, thanks :)

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Yay nicolian!!!!  So happy for you....and, hmmm...maybe I should consider being the next Threadkeeper..lol


Stevi - Wishing you luck with finding great potent donors.  Having to drive a distance to get a donation is kinda a PITA, ain't it...  My childhood best friend and her wife are TTC and buying sperm was getting really expensive for them, so they switched to getting donations from a close friend...except the close friend lives in Minnesota and they live in California.  Yet, somehow, paying for airfare every couple months is the less expensive option.  crazy. 


AFM: 5DPO and temp finally on the way up.

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Congrats Nicolian!!  Many blessings to you and your little peanut. :)


AFM, OMGosh!!  I am on my 3rd day in a row of positive OPKs (plus I had another one a couple days before these 3).  What the heck is going on?  Do you think maybe they're faulty?  I got them on eBay for super cheap so I'm wondering if they're just crappy. 

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Stevi - that is pretty cool!  Except for the whole logistics.. but the donors and knowing etc.  I wondered too, so I'm glad you explained. 


Nicolian!  What a happy day!  Congrats!!

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Congrats, Nicolian!!  joy.gif

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Good luck, Cynthia! It would be amazing to have some more ONE ladies joining in on the DDC boards.


Thank you so much everyone. And thank you for the support during my time here. I'm spreading baby dust like crazy wherever I go!!

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ROTFLMAO.gifI am surprised how many people ask me "do they know?", in regards to my donors! I'm not saying that keeping my motives a secret is something I have never done. But it made me very uncomfortable and caused me a lot of guilt! Honesty really is the best policy. There are plenty of men who are willing to help out, why use the ones who aren't?


I do tend to keep the plural "donors" under my hat. If a donor outright asks, I will tell him. Otherwise I think that info is best left to myself. Even donors don't like to share.  ROTFLMAO.gif


Everybody have a Reproductive Weekend!


Oh! I had to stay up past my bedtime, but I did get a BD in last night. And it looks like my OPK might be positive this morning!

Of course the BD I had scheduled for tonight was cancelled, but I have all day to get another one lined up.


I'm not usually this TTC crazed, but I took Soy this cycle and don't want to waste it!

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G/L Stevi!!!  :)  I hope that you can get a BD in tonight too!!! The more the merrier lol



Today is just a blah day for me!! It's raining/icing here in North Alabama and it's really just driving me crazy because it's only been sunny like 4 days since i've had Emma...which isn't helping me with PPD!!!  I'm trying to stay busy at work though and then i'll get to go home to be with my 2 beautiful DDs and my wonderful DH!!!  And I get to start my P90X tonight!!! I am ready to finally lose the rest of the weight that I gained when I was pregnant with DD#1!!! (Since i've already lost everything from DD#2 plus an extra 6 lbs!!! YAY!!!!)  

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