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*~*~*~Mamas TTC with More Cushion - February~*~*~*

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Feel free to join in!!


We're cuddly, comfy and cosy...

We're loving - and we've got a little more to love...

We've got more cushion for harder pushin'!

But we're healthy and fit (unless it's beyond our control) - and we're tired of the off-handed (or worse) treatment we get from the medical profession.





Some resources we like:




Plus Size Pregnancy

Your Plus Size Pregnancy

Baby Center (AU)

Bella Online

Baby Free FAQ

Baby Center

Well-Rounded Mama

Fertility Plus

Health At Every Size

Kate Harding

Joy Nash





Full Moon Feast; Jessica Prentice

Rethinking Thin; Gina Kolata

Fat?So!; Marilyn Wann

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Hello Music!! joy.gif


Thanks for starting this thread!

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grouphug.gif Hi mamas!

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yay, new thread! stillheart.gif


Music, I hate to be one of those people, but you might want to change the "we're fit and healthy" part to something like "we care about our health" because there might be people who want to join that have chronic illnesses, and we wouldn't want to exclude them. Just a thought.

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Yay!  Thanks for the new thread...

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Thanks Music!

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Whoot!  Earliest test date is Friday!  I'm REALLY hoping this is it.  EDD would be October 16, 2010.  Where are you ladies at in your journey?

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aaahhh...  good point boots!!  Done.


Hi everyone!!  I got the most FANTASTIC news today...  completely unrelated to ttc....  lol

I just won a competition....  10 tickets to see Hairspray, meet the cast AND a dance lesson with the guy who plays Link!!!!!!!  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm just a little bit excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I took my year 9 music class to see it last year, and I'm taking this year's year 9s to see it in a few weeks.....  and I get to go with friends instead of students as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, happy dance over (for now)

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May I join you all?  I've got more cushion to my bossom, more yum to my bum and love handles to spare.  peace.gif  All joking aside, I fall in the "obese" range and I am completely healthy except for my weight.  I am so tired of the assumptions around being larger and pregnant.  So here it is... I have never even had a spike in my bloodpressure.  I do not have heart disease.  I don't have asthma, diabetes or arthiritis.  I haven't had any problems during labor or delivery.  I am healthy.  There is no need to tell me during an u/s that I can't feel my baby move yet, because I'm fat.  Thank you so much, for stating the obvious.  Mine eyes have been opened!  nono.gif  For your own safety, you might consider that I could use my considerable bulk to snap you in half like a twig.  Assumptions, assumptions, I'm just tired of them!   It doesn't help that I feel very bad about my size and would love to loose some weight.  I just don't want my children to remember me as always obsessing about my size, KWIM?


So ladies, here I am.  I'm at CD18 in a bit of a confusing cycle.  Right now, I'm just hanging around to see if A/F shows up.  I'm not sure that I O'd, so I only have a rough estimate on when this cycle will end.  Part of me wants to hope that there is a little person starting to grow in there, but I really don't want to be dissapointed, so I'd rather assume it was a bust and focus on the next cycle.


Music, thanks for starting this thread.  I hope you have an awesome time with Link.  Peace.gif

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I'm at CD10, hoping that this will be a "normal" cycle after a very confusing Dec/Jan cycle. I swore I was pregnant, symptoms and all, but got BFNs all four times I tested. Then AF came, but super light (totally not normal for me either), and now here I am. Still haven't been able to figure out what Dec/Jan was all about, as we have gotten freekin' snowstorms every time we turn around here so I've rescheduled 3 times already... I had another doctor's appointment for today even and yep, it's snowing.


So this month, I'm trying to be mellow and learning the ins and outs of "MyMonthlyCycles.com".

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Music - that is awesome!


Veronika - Welcome!  I don't think fat has anything to do with it.  I felt my daughter move very early and started showing a bit at 2.5 months!


MamaHeather- I love mmc!  They've been a great help to me just to keep track and be able to predict "o" and AF. 


Good luck my cushy mamas!  :)

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Veronika - I agree.  I don't think fat has anything to do with it!  Unless the inside of your uterus has a thick layer of fat as well....  I felt DS move around 16weeks (the ultrasound tech didn't believe me...  ) - and then DH felt him move around 19weeks.  Stupid medicos.  They always think that THEY know our bodies better than we do.  irked.gif  banghead.gif  Cuss.gif

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So I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Just with my GP but I plan to bring up that I've been ttc and haven't been successful....sigh. Wish me luck, I hope I'm making the right choice talking to this guy about this stuff.

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I hope everything goes well at your appointment bootsvalentine.  Please keep us posted.


Agreed Music.  I guess we just have to learn to role our eyes and tune them out when they start with the same old story.  winky.gif

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KUP Valentine!!!


AFM - I got a little nervous yesterday.  I was crampy but not "normal" crampy and had some very light, super faint brown spotting so I thought maybe AF was coming a week early but nothing this morning!!  Tomorrow is first test date!  Sheepish.gif

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New Thread! Woo! Thanks Music! Do we want to put any of the resources that were shared in the last thread up in the main post?


Music--how exciting! I never win anything cool like that! LOL :)


Welcome Veronika!! I had many of the same worries before I heard from these fabulous ladies. Our bodies so much more varied than simply fat and thin and SO many medical professionals have a hard time seeing this.


Slingmama, fingers crossed for you!


Boots, I hope your dr. appt. goes well. Medical degree or not, their job is to serve YOU so if you're not getting good service, find a doctor that will.


AFM--Sorry I've been away so long. When I wasn't battling AF's revenge (10 years on BCP seems to make her pissed), we were battling a major snowstorm that closed down the state for 2 days! I've been spending my days in the kitchen making warm things and making babies (fingersx.gif) with my husband. I'm on CD 12 and waiting to O.


I'm a little concerned because my 30th birthday is Saturday and I suspect I may be consuming a few adult beverages and I would hate for that to affect my chances this month. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna drink. I've got months and months to conceive but only one 30th birthday! LOL But it sure would be nice to have a cupid baby! love.gif

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Welcome back, femmeknitzi.  The snowstorm sounds rough.  I'm glad you could find a constructive way to pass the time.  winky.gif  Right now is probably the best time to enjoy your adult beverages, because there won't be a placenta yet, even if you did conceive in the next couple of days.


ETA:  Keep us posted SlingMama!

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another good idea, femmeknitzi!  I've updated the first post ladies (with the stuff everyone contributed in the last thread...  and added a couple of new ones)...  let me know if you come across anything else - and I'll throw it on there too!

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I LOVE the resource links, awesome.

I'd add that Fat!So? by Marilyn Wann is a great book about self-acceptance.

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Welcome back Femkeknitzi! Tested today. BFN. greensad.gif We'll see what the next couple of days bring (or don’t!) - it's way early to test so here's to hoping!
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