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Well I'm 21 and he's 24 so if we needed 10 years to be ready again we could still most likely have another.  I've just heard so many stories of people just knowing they wanted to have another (maybe not right away but eventually) as soon as their LO was born.  My parents even joked about us purposely having 'Irish Twins'. headscratch.gif

And many of them do that and then wonder what the heck they were thinking. Many of them also realize after a few months that it was a completely insane idea (for them) and are glad they didn't do it. One of my sisters was so positive they were going to try for another one ASAP. They decided that while she was pregnant and were saying it the first few weeks after the baby was born. By about 4 months later they had started saying she was going to be an only child. lol People change their minds a lot. Don't worry about it. Having just one is FINE, and having more when your one is several years old is also fine. :)

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Hmm, Googling for answers and finding my own thread again!  DS is now nearing 19 months.  I have my moments of baby fever.  "Oh I wish he had a playmate!" "Aww, I miss the bobble-head stage." Then other times I'm still completely terrified of the idea, wondering why anyone would have *two* of 'these things' on purpose.  I keep telling DH we'll have another but finances have changed and *if* we do, it will have to be 3-4+ years from now (assuming he doesn't get a dramatically better job before I graduate from college, allowing me to take some time off).  I wish I could just decide already!  I even gave away almost all of the birth-9m clothes we had trying to make the decision.  I don't think I could manage getting through all this toddler stuff a second time but I can't tell myself that I'm sure I don't want anymore babies either.

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my #1 and #2 were not planned, but when #2 was about a year old i wanted another so badly, but i waited a few years til finances were better. #3 was terribly high-needs and i swore i'd never have more. when #3 got about 7 i thought about having another. then i did! it took years, though, to be ready again.

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i wanted another one pretty much as soon as DS was born. pregnancy was hard towards the end but the birth was wonderful. he is 6 months now and although i still feel that way, the feeling has gotten less strong because i am loving being so involved and in tune with him, his little personality, all the milestones, growing so fast..i want to give as much attention as i can just to him, it's hard to imagine another one here, or even being pregnant again. I think i felt that way because i love the newborn stage and my hormones were screaming babies babies babies! i am just now starting to recognize myself again!

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I was so sure I wanted an only child I gave away all the baby stuff and clothes. Then I changed my mind, it must have been when she was around 18 months old because that's when I have boxes of clothes from! To the point that I did IVF and cried all the time because I wanted another baby so much. Luckily I got my little miracle baby. And now, I'm done done done. But DH isn't. eyesroll.gif
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there is no right or wrong answer here. i don't think any of us can really predict what your will feel in the future. BUT, i can say that it is probably not uncommon to be feeling the way that you do right now. the best tip would be just live, wait, and see how you feel in the future!

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Our hormones are more in control of that desire than we give them credit for... I knew I only wanted one, and was even more sure of it right after he was born. Then, at five months post-partum I had a huge shift in hormones and started considering another baby. I came to my senses quickly enough and decided that if after he weans I still want another kiddo, I'll reconsider. A friend of mine who is in her early forties is doing the Irish Twin thing (and yes, they're both Irish), and she's quite happy with the whole idea. That's just not for me. I think it's great if you have an idea of what you want before all the hormones come into play, to stick with that until things settle down in that regard.

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Before I got pregnant I was sure I wanted 3, close in age. Now DD just turned 1 and I'm not really experiencing that baby fever yet, but I know I'm running out of time to have one 2 years younger. idk what I'm going to do, but I really can't see having this one be the only baby I ever have.

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The desire for another baby really kicked when dd was around 6 months old! She's only 13 months now and a handful. I love her but I can't say I look forward to doing this over again with another baby! The only reason we haven't started trying yet is because my period hasn't returned yet...


I come from a big family and very close to my 4 siblings, and always want at least 2, just so dd won't be an only child. 

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