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I Like My Maternity Stuff I Just Got!

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I just placed an order with Gap for maternity clothes and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with how they look and fit. The only thing that wasn't great is I had to send two pairs of pants back for a smaller size. I would've exchanged my leggings for a smaller size, but they were out of that size. So I figured I'd hang onto them and hope they stay up better as I grow. But I love the shirts and sweaters I got. And if you wait for a sale (which I did) they're not a bad deal. Anyone else have any good luck shopping online for maternity? I know I'll need to add some things when the weather warms up.


Oh...and if anyone knows where I can get an affordable 1 piece maternity swimsuit, please do tell. I so do NOT want a tankini. My last one that I had always flew up on my in the water. So not the look I'm going for. Plus, I'm just much more comfy in a 1 piece. So far the only 1 pieces I've found that I like are not very affordable. So if anyone knows of any good deals I'd love to know!

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I'm a big fan of Gap maternity thumb.gif

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I got a few things from there and LOVE them!  I especially love my long jean skirt.  It's comfy and cute!  I saw the other day some one piece maternity suits on target.com, but I've never ventured into wearing one.  :) 

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I also love Gap maternity. Scored a comfy sweater there a couple months ago and I also have some great quality V-neck t-shirts from JCPenny that my MIL ordered online. I was surprised that they fit well and were not too thin for the price ($8). Motherhood.com has some good maternity clothes and you also can't beat eBay for used items!

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I don't shop online for maternity stuff, I need to see it in person. I get my stuff at Kid to Kid (resale store), Ross, or Kohl's. I really don't like the way Target's maternity stuff fits me. Old navy has stuff every so often that I like too. I may have to check out the Gap.

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Jenni - I live in a giant shopping black hole, so I'm kind of stuck buying a lot of stuff online. We have maybe two stores in town that sell maternity and I don't care for either. So hence my online obsession. I'd love to live  somewhere where I could try my maternity stuff on in the store - especially when it comes to shopping for a swimsuit. I hate the hassle of returning stuff via mail. But oh well, it is what it is!

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Boo for shopping black holes! That is an upside to living in a major metro area, LOTS of shoportunities! I'd be an online girl too in your shoes. I actually do buy a ton of stuff online, just never clothes for myself, oddly enough.


I bought my maternity swimsuit from Motherhood. It's a tankini, but their sizes run dead on and the fit is great. You might try them for a one piece.

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I didn't see anything at all at Kohls when I went! Nor were there any nursing bras. I concluded they think babies spring from their father's forehead and drink from bottles. I'm in London right now and have looked at some maternity stuff but I'm probably not going to do much maternity shopping until after I get back home (not showing much at the moment) and the pickings at the regular stores back home in the States are slim.

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Three places that I've found really cute maternity stuff - H&M, TopShop, and (I know, this is sort of weird and wrong seeming, but...) Forever 21. I live in NYC, so there are lots of options, but I know at least that TopShop sells online. I got a pair of skinny jeans and a tube skirt, both on sale, from them; prices were as reasonable as the Gap or anywhere else. The stuff at H&M and Forever 21 is super reasonable and pretty cute, too. H&M - jeans for $39, dresses for $29. Tanks and T's at Forever 21 for $12 (and their maternity gear looks like it's for actual adults).


I hit my limit with looking boring, and was so happy to find these!

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I'm loving Gapmaternity too. I have picked up a few pieces from a resale shop here. I ordered a shirt and jeans though from Gap online and didn't love them so I returned them. The jeans I wanted were out in my length. I am just waiting for permanent skirt/dress weather. I am more comfortable in those, but too cold right now for me in our house w/ shirts and dresses other than church.

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I bought a pair of jeans at the Gap and when I got home, I tried them on and they were okay, but sooooooooo not worth the $70. I ended up returning them. I keep looking on their sale page but they are always sold out in my size. Old Navy jeans are terrible (for me, anyway) and, truthfully, we don't have any money for me to be spending on maternity clothes. There is a resale shop that always has some nice things so I might check them out. My current pair of maternity jeans is just getting way too tight and I cringe every time I have to put them on! I can't wait for spring so I can wear all my stretchy skirts!!!
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I haven't really been very proactive about maternity shopping.  I got a pretty decent pair of jeans from Gap pretty early on - they don't have a panel, which I love, but the whiskering looks absurd.  I tried going shopping a few weekends ago but made the mistake of going to Motherhood Maternity.  UGH!  The tops fit me horribly, and most of the clothes that did fit looked like the things my mother was wearing when she was pregnant with me!  I looked so awful in the stuff I tried on that I ended up feeling majorly bummed for the rest of the afternoon.  So... since then I've been scrounging for clothes I already have that still fit, so my wardrobe's been whittled down to 5 tops and 1 pair of jeans.  Frustrating, but not nearly as much as lookin' like butts in badly made clothes. 


I did find a pattern online for a wrap top like the spiffy one from Isabella Oliver, and I'm really excited to make it.  Hopefully I can manage it for MUCH less than $100. 

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Originally Posted by nikie23 View Post

I did find a pattern online for a wrap top like the spiffy one from Isabella Oliver, and I'm really excited to make it.  Hopefully I can manage it for MUCH less than $100. 

Those are gorgeous and body proud but there's no way I could rationalise spending the $$ on something with such a short life. I sure hope you post your creation! 

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nikie - I hope your top turns out. That's awesome that you're going to try to recreate something you like. I wish I had mad sewing skills. I'm very much a beginner! I agree about Motherhood Maternity. I'm not a fan.


tracymom - That's great that you have a good resale shop nearby. Being in Chicago area helps with that. Oh how I miss it. I lived there for about 4 years. I miss it so much! Anyways, we have a resale shop here but it's terrible terrible selection. I'm sure if I was in there every week I might get lucky at some point, but for the most part it's God-awful stuff that I just wouldn't want to wear!


I honestly feel bad because I should be building up my cloth diapering stash and buying nursing tops for after baby instead of spending money on Gap maternity, but I don't feel like I have a choice. I just remember how awful I felt with my first pregnancy. My clothes were terrible. With the shirts I had I was either pouring out the top of the shirt or falling out the bottom. I had very few shirts that had a proper maternity length to them. And the two pairs of jeans I had were terrible. One was from Old Navy and they kept falling off (not a fan here of Old Navy jeans in general for the same reason). Another was from Bergner's (Carson's) and they just had a really weird fit. They were tight through the legs but kept falling down. I dreaded wearing them! So I won't buy a ton and I'll probably be wearing the same stuff every week, but at least I'll feel better while wearing it this time around!

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