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Sleep Deprivation tips needed

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I am starting a class tomorrow (Anatomy), It is impacted, I'm on the waitlist, so who even knows if I will get in. Part of me hopes I don't, since it is so overwhelming.


I've taken classes before (working on my nursing pre-reqs), but I had a toddler at the time. A Toddler who mostly slept through the night.


Now I have a 4 month old who wakes up every couple hours. And a toddler who is hit or miss in the sleeping department (no change, really, but it means that when the baby is having a 'good' night, most likely my toddler isn't, so no catch up).


How do you manage the sleep deprivation with the NEED to be alert? to memorize stuff? to learn? Any tips?


Any and all tips appreciated.



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Coffee....lots of coffee...  :)

Do you co-sleep?  that has helped me...I can sort of doze through when he nurses.  he still wakes up about 2-3 times a night, but most days i feel relatively rested.

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This can be hard if you're cosleeping but try getting up in the mornings to study instead of doing it late into the evening. Even if you are operating on the same number of hours of interrupted sleep you are going to be much more fresh for absorbing info right when you wake up. Let your DH handle the last few hours of them "sleeping" and disappear into wherever you get your studying done, hopefully behind a door that closes. If you're pumping that can help a lot- he'll be able to give the 4 mo a bottle while you get some stuff done. I am not a morning person, but whenever I manage to get up I get a lot done.


Like pp said, as long as your dd isn't bothered by it then caffix.gif  is your friend!


Have you figured out your learning style yet? For me listening to the teacher, taking notes in class as needed, going over the text book, and making occasional outlines of complicated processes was enough. For some people they really need to take notes from the text book and make flash cards or listen to the lecture again at home. Don't waste your time on the things good studiers are "supposed to do" but that don't actually benefit you. I used to make flash cards but would never look at them. If they work for you, great!


 I started my nursing prereqs when DD was 3 mo, now she's almost 2 and I'm in my second semester of nursing school. It's rough but you can do it! Good luck!

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