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Sores/bloody nipples & spit up?

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So each one has a very small spot that's kind of still healing & getting used to nursing. Never see the bleeding just lil spots on nursing pads. MUCH better than last time's bfing experience. Anyways...a few days ago then again this morning-DD had some spit up & part of it looked light brownish/sandy in color.


Spoke to nurse & dr said it was probably blood that messed up her tummy.  Any advice/suggestions? And does this sound right? She is 2 1/2 weeks old, fyi.  They r still sore, but one is worse than other-and usually it goes away after the first couple minutes of nursing.

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To be honest, I don't have "official" information for you but that happened to me several times too. I had a few bad cracks/scabs that would bleed and DS's spit up would be a little brownish from the blood he ingested. We'd have this happen on and off for months (DS didn't have the best latch).


We're still nursing strong at almost 11 months and never really worried about it. It doesn't happen any more now that I've finally adjusted and don't seem to get cracks - just the occasional scabby spot when he's teething.

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Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. yes, her latch isn't that great-but I'm probably just so thrilled it's better than DS was. The pediatrician nurse told me to call my OB. Thought that was funny sicne the pediatrician we had for DS in another state had 2 lactation nurses on staff that helped.


Just regular spit up here lately...usually when she nurses both sides. Think she's just doing it to use me as a pacifier & then figures out she wasn't that hungry.

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i was told that unless it's a horrible amount of blood, there was nothing to worry too much about. breastmilk and blood being bodily fluids, would get absorbed easily.


but gosh i remember those days! must be painful! good job sticking through it! fight on mama!


think of calling a la leche league leader in your area? just to give yourself a piece of mind. 

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