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Hykue-- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I'm praying for you that this one sticks as well!!! Will you tell your DH either way? Ahhhhhh, you soooo just made my night!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!! Oh and P.S. The pictures of all your critters is just too cute!!!!


Bel- I tell my DH all the time that I wish my big toe turned blue the day I got KU. Waiting is just ridiculous and I don't want to do it. I wonder if this is just someone's way of teaching us some patience?? Blahhhhh.....I'd rather watch paint dry. FX your temps stay up!!!! I'll have to chart stalk everyone once I'm done writing.


Shannon- I seriously love how you've turned TTC into a research project. You sound like me. I'm the one who everyone goes to because I do the research and they get pregnant. One day it will be my turn, and my search will go from "How do I get pregnant?" to "What do I do now?!"...in the meantime, I'm still running and being active because that's me! If I ever find something saying don't do it, I'll certainly let you know!


Boots- Is AF a certainty?? And I'm looking forward to my three day weekend as well, except for the times when I'm bored and I start obsessing about my monthly cycle. I find that work helps to keep me physically and mentally busy otherwise I'm on the internet all day.


AFM- I'm just sitting here at CD5...still spotting? Normally my period is over with in three days max...this one seems to want to linger. SUCKS!! I bought a 20-pack of OPKs, so I'm excited to start peeing on something soon. I've O'd as early as CD11 and as late as CD14 so far, so I'll probably start these sticks around CD8. I also bought PreSeed because I'm not a mucus checker and I'm not sure if I'm even really making enough. Anyone use it? Good, bad, ugly?? I hear not to use too much...but that you should put it in 15 minutes before DTD. That'll be kinda awkward, but I'm willing to sneak it in there...I've read so many stories of people saying "The first month we used it, I got pregnant!"...and I'm soooo hoping I'll be one of those that I'm rolling my eyes at right now. LOL


Hope everyone is having a great evening!


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If I had the choice to choose the sex of my baby I definatly wouldn't.  I don't even know if I have a preference really. 


I don't know if I have just had a rough week at work or this is a symptom.  I am SO tired.  I know this is a bad idea but I might test tomorrow.


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Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations!  I'll come back and post more tomorrow, I want to go to bed.


Tank:  I'm clearly in no position to discourage anyone from testing early.  I carefully considered it, and decided that I either wanted a negative, so I could wait until at least Sunday to test again, or I wanted a positive.  With that temp jump, I changed my plan about not testing.  I even felt a twinge of guilt when I did, because I was planning to wait until Sunday with you!  Most months a negative would have really bummed me out, but this month I was Mrs. Negativity, and I think a negative wouldn't have bothered me too terribly much.  Also, I have two more FRER's, which made it easier to decide to use them.  Anyway, there will be no judgment from me if you test tomorrow, and I hope you have no reason to be disappointed!


Hugs to everyone!  Thanks again, so much, ladies.  It really makes me feel loved.  grouphug.gif  I love you all too, and I want as many of you as possible to make it into the November due date club (and Tank, you can join me straddling the October-November line!).

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holy twin bfp twin sticks batman we have a winner!  I got a positive too! If I am right the EDD will be Halloween!

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Tank and Hykue! I am so very happy for you. Congratulations!

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tank: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh man I love getting to use those joyful dancing smilies! TWO BFPS WOOHOO!!!! That just makes my morning!!

Bel718: When are you thinking of testing? I'm still chart stalking you!
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Tank - FANTASTIC!  Wow, two BFPs right back to back, that is so AWESOME!!!!   Yay for a Halloween baby, that could be cool.   We need details, dear - how many DPO are you, what kind of test, etc... I like details.  Anyway, SO happy for you!



Caly - with all the BFP excitement, I apologize for letting this slip my mind... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Did you get to have your birthday brunch with DH?  partytime.gif  birthday.gif   partytime.gif



Quick question - aren't there some knitters in here??  I used to knit about five years ago (briefly, only did it for about a year), and I've decided I want to pick it up again.  Last time when I was knitting I worked with a lady that would help me and show me different stitches and techniques.  Just wondering if y'all know of any websites, books, resources that could help me pick it up again?  I found a website with videos of the basic stuff, so I think I can re-remember how to cast-on, etc.  Just wondering if y'all had any tips for a kind-of-new knitter.  Thanks! 

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tank -  joy.gif joy.gifjoy.gif joy.gif  Congratulations!  So excited we have another BFP!  Awesome!  partytime.gif


Cristinimartini - I tell myself the same thing.  Everything happens for a reason, right?  Ugh.... With ya on the paint drying.  Thank you!  fingersx.gif for you and everyone as well!  Hope this trend of BFPs continues.  praying.gif  Sorry AF is lingering.  (I just called her a bad word in my head...)  As for PreSeed, my friend has been TTC since May and got a BFP the first month using it. twins.gif Sorry but I swear it really happened!   You definitely don't need to use a whole lot, it does like to creep out. 


Boots - hoping that AF stays away.  grouphug.gif


  Lots of   dust.gif    to everyone and jumpers.gif!


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LivingSky - I'm a little scared to test.  whistling.gif  I will probably test Sunday though.  smile.gif 


Calycanth - I suck!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!



ValH - YouTube knitting!  My friend loves it because you can see whats going on better.


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Thanks for reminding me Bel! I knew there was something else I wanted to respond to.

crisitinimartini: I'm sorry, but mine is indeed a "We got pregnant the first month using it" story! And we did not put it in 15 minutes early, we just used Preseed like any other lube. I didn't find it icky at all. I tend to be a bit on the dry side so we've always used sperm friendly lube, but the Preseed just goes that extra step. It was also my third month using soy isos and my second month using a diva cup to hold all the good stuff in there smile.gif That was the magic combination for us.
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And another oh darn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALYCANTH!!

ValH: I'm planning to learnt o knit this winter. I should start soon since it's almost over! LOL DH has Knitting With Balls as well and he really likes it. Yes, in this house, DH is the knitter redface.gif
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Thanks for the knitting suggestions!  I'm going to a craft store to pick up some supplies (evidently I threw away everything when I moved???), so I'll see if I can track down the book while I'm out. 


cristini - I never used PreSeed, but I have heard fantastic things about it.  I hope it works first month for you!  If you are looking to try new stuff, I highly recommend the Instead Cup (or Diva Cup - I think they are about the same concept).  I have a friend that got pregnant really quick using those, and swears that's what did it for her.  I used them off and on for three or four months, and got my BFP - I think it may have helped, too.  I figured it can't hurt! 


Bel - I'll be stalking on Sunday to see how you are doing!  My fingers are crossed for you!!!  fingersx.gif


Boots - I hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your three-day weekend!!! 


Taxlady - We'll miss you during tax season, but I'm glad to know you're still out there reading!  Just know I'm praying hard for you to get your BFP very soon.  I hope your new Crohn's meds are working wonders. 


Tank & Hykue - I just wanted to say CONGRATS one more time.  I'm very happy for both of you! 

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Hykue and Tank: jumpers.gif Congrats for you both!!!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS TANK!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif WOW.. this is great news!!


Happy Birthday CALY!  flowersforyou.gif



Soo.. I'm going to try really hard to keep up during tax season.  The fertility doctor called yesterday.. the results were worse than before.  We'll be starting our IVF journey on March 7th.  

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Yay Tank!!! I guess the lesson from you and Hykue is...don't wait to test? ROTFLMAO.gif I second the call for details, and add one for pictures! What do the BFPs look like? 


LivingSky - You EED is my birthday! A great one, if I do say so myself. 


AFM - How late can I be with BFNs and still be pregnant? I assume not this late, so I just want AF to show her face...I'm discovering the end of my patience! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2e52a - not much data, but I'm curious if you agree with my opinion that I'm not pg. (Not trying to be negative, just realistic?)


Who else is in the TTTWW (two to three week wait)?

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ShannonO- I'm in the 2ww, only 4 DPO though. I tried to look at your chart but it wont let me see it (I tried someone else and it popped up) it's ??? I think its def possible to still be preg. I've check this exact question on this site and several women have stories of not showing a BFP until much later into their pregnancies, so keep hope alivesmile.gif

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Birdie.lee - fingersx.gif that it does the trick for you!


Thanks ValH!  Me too.  winky.gif Happy knitting!


TaxLady - So sorry to hear that you got some bad news, but now you will get your BFP, with just a little help.  I'm sure of it.   hug2.gif Hope tax season it treating you well so far.


ShannonO - Im in the 2ww.  13DPO here.  I got a negative at 9DPO and waiting to test on Sunday...reluctantly.


birthday.gif to everyone with a birthday!  partytime.gif


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Whoops, I missed a letter at the end of my chart link http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2e52aa  It's not much a chart anyway.


Bel - Good luck with the wait and the results Sunday. With my ICs I feel like there's no motivation not to test! So, I have been testing daily. Silly, I know, but I can't help it! I wake up, test, and then have my coffee! :) 


Razumbo - I did some searching on "BFN 20DPO" or "16PO" and found out....NOTHING! Could be pregnant, could not be pregnant, could have a cyst, etc. :lol: So, well, I guess it's back to enforced patience. Maybe if I made a Dr. appt for a blood test it would trigger the universe to give me a BFP or AF? 



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