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ShannonO: Well patience is not my virtue, the waiting game is just no fun. And of course as soon as you schedule a blood test you'll find out the day before one way or the other. Its mother natures way of messing with your head. Seriously, I guess it depends on how long your cycles usually are, if you still didn't find out in a few days it might be a good idea to take that trip to the doc.

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CONGRATULATIONS TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO TWO BFPs in a row!!! How exciting!!!!!!!! Now I'm wishing my O date to hurry up even more so....


TaxLady, I'm so sorry for the bad news, but at least you can still try IVF!! That's a silver lining...how is your insurance situation? Will they cover any of it? Will you start that process soon?


Thank you ladies for all your insight into the PreSeed!! I looked at the box I picked up and it turns out I bought the pre-filled applicators...yuck! I keep reading that a little goes a long way, and you can't re-use the applictors of the pre-filled ones (due to contamination and infection concerns). I "might" give the Instead Cups a try. I wish they came with applicators and a hook to take it out with. I'm seriously not a good person to do internal things with :( Not checking CM, not even using tampons without applicators! I'm such a baby when it comes to myself. I'm actually excited to try this PreSeed!!! I hope this is my BFP month too!! Maybe we'll have an 11-11-11 baby afterall!


I'm starving and need to feed...congrats again, Tank!! Hykue and Val, how are you feeling??

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TANK!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  So happy for you! 

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cristini and everyone else re pre-seed and Instead cups:

About 6 months ago I bought both and tried them.  I got a UTI that cycle!  I hardly ever get them because I take cranberry and probiotics regularly.  You're making me think I should try again!  Next month I am going to try again, and we can all compare results!



I'm in the 2ww now but I feel like we missed this month because DP was at work all night on the wrong night.  irked.gif

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Taxlady - hug2.gif  I'm sorry that the fertility results were not what you wanted.  BUT I am so very happy that you have a plan to move forward so quickly!  You get to start IVF next month, in just a few weeks - that's FANTASTIC!  That's going to put you one step closer to that BFP.  And I second what someone else said earlier - you are one of the most supportive, kindest people that I know, and I just know you are going to make a great mother one day very soon.  I will be praying for you! 


Bel - 13dpo, very exciting!  Can't wait to see how this pans out for you, my fingers are crossed! 


Cristini - The Instead Cup actually isn't that bad to insert or take out.  I do recommend practicing before you actually use it after BDing, though.  I used to use NuvaRing for BC, so I guess maybe that's why it seemed pretty normal to me?  Anyway, I liked it, and even if it didn't help, it did cut down on any messiness afterwards.  And thanks for asking how I'm feeling - I'm doing good, just tired a lot, and today super irritable at DH - poor guy.  I still don't FEEL pregnant, but I've been assured by the other graduates that it's perfectly normal.  I'm actually announcing to my family this weekend, and for some reason am super nervous about it, like I'll jinx something.  This will be MY first IRL announcement (DH announced to his family, but they live on the complete other side of the country, so it wasn't a huge deal)! 


ShannonO - As for how late in your cycle you can get a BFP, I've heard about women not getting one until 17 dpo or so.  If you don't know for sure when you O'ed, you could definitely still be preggers.  If I were you, I'd make a doctor's appointment just to make sure everything is okay, and to see about jumpstarting your cycle if it doesn't start on it's own soon.  I'd also consider temping, because that way you'll know exactly when you O and how many dpo you are... takes the guess work out of wonky cycles.  Good luck! 


Hi to everyone else - Ramzubo, birdie, and Cathelini, and anyone else I missed!  wave.gif

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I know it's crushing to get bad news from the Dr.  Maybe it'll help if you look at it like this is what you needed to get your BFP, and thank goodness you

have the resources and the knowledge to do so!  A high school friend of mine just recently had adorable twin boys with IVF, and I always see their pics on facebook

and think about how once they're here, I bet she doesn't even think about the fact that she needed help to bring them here!  hug2.gif


heartbeat.gifheartbeat.gifheartbeat.gifheartbeat.gifheartbeat.gif  It will be okay!!!


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You all have brought tears to my eyes with all the nice words and encouragement.  I totally didn't want to crash the BFP PARTY joy.gifbecause I am seriously overjoyed with the good news.  SO SO HAPPY FOR TANK AND HYKUE.. I know you guys know.. had this just been some other person on FB.. my joy wouldn't be nearly this much jumpers.gif


So it's true, this is the journey and even though it's not the news we wanted to hear, it's true, we are lucky to have the resources to try.  My insurance doesn't cover anything towards fertility and reproduction.. so this will be very expenses.  Fortunately, DH and I have well paying jobs and resources to cover it.  Cost is not a thought.  I can't bring myself to go to the IVF thread. I just want to pretend this is 100% guaranteed... 


Oh and that doesn't mean we're not going for it this month.. YOU NEVER KNOW.. Miracles happen love.gif


Hey Bel718 - lets make this a triple this week, OK?? thumb.gif

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Calycanth:  I'm sorry, I totally forgot, what with my altered state of mind yesterday, and I think I made everyone else forget too!  oops.gif  I'm sorry! 

Happy Belated Birthday!


Tank:  Congratulations!  joy.gifjoy.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifshamrocksmile.gif carrot.gifbroc1.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Wow, that's fantastic.  I wanted to tell you to wait, just in case, but I really didn't feel like I could.  I'm glad I didn't, that's wonderful!  I hope we get to have a happy and healthy nine months together!  Seriously, I'm stoked that we're due only a day apart.  Let me know when you want me to move you to February BFPs.


Taxlady:  You're a crazy lady, getting up so early!  It's great that you have so much energy, though.  And I definitely think it's worth trying on your own still - both to save money and to keep you from biting your nails until your fingers are nubbins while you try to wait for IVF!  There are definitely people (and have been throughout history) who try for a long time with no success and then eventually succeed.  No matter how bad the second SA results, it seems like your DH must have a "few good men" in there.  I wouldn't worry too much about the timing - I think you'll be so happy with your baby that it won't matter a bit what time of year it is . . . I don't know that for sure, but it seems pretty likely!  I think they centrifuge the sperm to gender select, and the "girl" sperm are heavier than the "boy" sperm, because the second X chromosome is bigger than the Y chromosome.  Weird, no?  Anyway, I suppose if I could be guaranteed equal success rates, I would choose to have a boy and a girl, in either order.  I would love the fullness of experience one could have by having kids with not only different personalities, but different sexes as well.  But I'm not overly picky, either . . . if I can just get two kids out of my husband, eventually, I'll be ecstatic!  You're so sweet, to congratulate me twice.  Thank you so much, you made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (again).  I'm sorry the results were worse, but I'm glad that there's a next step for you to move on to, and that it's already scheduled!  All love and luck to you on this journey, and I sure hope that you get a BFP before you even need to do the IVF.  And if not, IVF has a really high success rate, right?  I looked it up, so you wouldn't have to, and chances are very good that you will get pregnant.  Not 100%, and it might take more than a month or two, but you've got a very good chance of it working.  I'm hoping sooner rather than later!


LivingSky:  I actually didn't like LaManchas as much as the other breeds either, but they were healthy, nearby, from reasonable milk lines (Dash's mom is the neighbor's milk goat), and bottle-baby friendly.  At first she looked weird to me (I LOVE animal ears) but she's looking cuter all the time.  I wanted nubians, but I have heard some (possibly untrue) tales about them being a little less cold-hardy and their ears freezing after getting dipped in the water bucket (we have a huge one that they share with the donkeys).  And that they're loud, but I think that's way more personality-based than breed-based.  You might want to see about getting a bred goat right now, I think they might be hard to find in milk once the summer starts - I'm sure you'll be able to, but it might be harder than you want.  I was sort of hoping for that myself last year.  But you're a good deal further south than me, so it might just work for you - you're closer to the big goat dairies in near Regina.  Thanks for posting that last photo, I love how the horses seem confused about what that small creature is DOING.  Thank you for your excitement, and thank you for telling me that you can tell my baby will stick!  I'm not sure I believe that you can tell, but it still makes me feel better when you say it, so I guess I believe it on some level.  Just tell your DH you were crying because of "pregnancy hormones" - it's true, no matter how you look at it!  I like knitting, and I think it's cool that your husband knits.  I taught mine to, but he didn't like it - too much fine motor control for him.  He liked crocheting better, because it's faster to learn and faster to do.  I will tell you, unless you're a much faster learner than me, the first bit of knitting I did was AWFUL.  I used a pamphlet called "I taught myself knitting", and it gave pretty good instructions, but it was hard to see what was happening in the stitches.  Definitely use a light colored yarn, and single-color, too.  The first thing I made was just a little square, and I considered it to be practice - I think it was much less stressful to not try to actually make anything the first time.  And I ripped it out about 8 times, all the way back to the start, because I screwed up and couldn't figure out how to fix it.  It was frustrating, but seeing it only as a learning experience and not having any real expectations of it made it better.  Do learn to knit, it's very relaxing!  And I recommend learning continental style, too (that's where you hold the yarn in your left hand).  I wish I had learned that first - it feels a little unnatural to me now, but I think it's faster and better.


Val:  Fortunately, my sister and her husband live very far away, so I can't punch him.  And I want to respect her wishes on the matter, which I don't think include punching him.   I do knit.  the only advice I can really give is to keep trying, it will come back to you and you'll get better.  Ravelry.com has a huge selection of patterns, and people rate them for ease of use and how much they like the finished project.  A lot of the patterns are free, too, and you can search their patterns by many things . . . like you can search for free patterns for baby afghans made from alpaca, or women's sweaters that use a particular needle size, or whatever you want.  Some of the patterns are only available in magazines, so those might be hard to find, but many are online, and many are in books, which might be available at a library (or that you can buy, if you have more money than me).  If you're going to be making "flat" stuff like dishcloths, blankets, etc, that's a good time to practice fun stitch patterns.  I'm not sure where you can find a stitch library online, but there might be one.  I bought a book of knitting and crochet stitches, which I really like.  It was kind of expensive, but it's got a lot of variety, for almost anything you want to make.


ShannonO:  Your post got me wishing that we had birds that would live symbiotically with our donkeys!  Alternately, I would like to go to Botswana and see that for myself.  I'm sorry I can't help at all with what's going on with your cycle.  How many cycles have you kept track of that you got that average and max from?  I can't speak to the coffee and wine thing - my husband did offer my some of my favorite kind of wine just a few days before I got my BFP and I refused, because I might have a bundle of cells in there, but I don't really like to drink wine or coffee anyway, so I'm not giving up much.  If they're important for you state of mind, it might be worth keeping on having them!  It's possible that you O'd later than normal this month, for whatever reason.  It's also possible to be pregnant and not get a BFP within the normal time frame, although not that likely.  Another possibility - when I went and visited my family, my sister's cycle was super-long that month, then super-short the month after I left.  She figures it was trying to synchronize with mine - is there any reproductive-aged woman you've recently begun spending a lot of time with?  Just another possibility.


Bel:  I'm so sorry that you're having such a hard time.  I sort of gave up on being positive out of desperation, because it seemed like I was just setting myself up for failure.  My sister had a really emotional, bad month her eighth month trying, and then got pregnant her ninth, and I did pretty much the same thing.  I used to have a boss who said (in his cynical-zen way) that you would only get something once you gave up.  I hadn't really given up, but I had given up hoping.  On the other hand, I think there's a whole thread full of ladies who have given up (the BSL), and they don't seem to have the highest success rates, so I don't think it really works like that.  Just try to maintain your sanity, regardless of what that takes, and you'll be able to relax a little once you get your BFP!  I actually made a really awful omelette - when I tried to add the salt I accidentally dumped in about 2 tbsp.  yikes2.gif  It's pretty good when you cut it up really tiny and mix it with a ton of plain potatoes, though.  We're still eating it, and getting our daily intake of salt just from that!  But I did get some rest.  I don't imagine you're discouraging anyone, and I'm with you on wishing there was some kind of clear-cut sign of pregnancy.  Someone in another thread suggested last year that it would be nice to get a readout on your belly - in my opinion it should cover everything a person wants to know about; ovulation, implantation, probable stickiness, the whole shebang.  I'm glad the weather is so nice there, it got cold here again.  And you don't suck!  You're great, and the fact that you feel bad about missing someone's birthday means you're a sympathetic person.  A friend of mine used to say "snip-snip" when I would make commments like that, to tell me to cut that kind of thought about myself out of my life.  Annoying, but she had a good point.  Sorry your luteal phase is so long, that makes the 2ww into more of a 2.5ww.  Harder, which is the last thing anyone TTC needs!


Boots:  I'm hoping that I can continue to give all that attention to everyone here.  You're really a wonderful group of people.  I'm honored to be a part of this group, really.  I hope you make it to the weekend no problem, and then you can breathe a sigh of relief, for a few days!


Cristinimartini:  Yeah, I told him, I couldn't possibly keep something like that from him.  I wouldn't have even been able to keep it in for a few minutes, but he was sleeping.  I'm the world's worst liar and dissembler.  I think it might help teach us patience, but surely there are other ways . . . like, for example, having a toddler - I hear that tries your patience!  I'm all for learning patience via toddlers rather than via TTC, for all of us!


Catheleni:  I'm sorry you missed a good BD night, but it doesn't have to be right on the right night.  In fact, this month I just did it when I wanted to, and tried to want to a little more than usual.  We only did every other day, so if you got one in a day earlier, I wouldn't worry about it too much.


Arc:  Thank you.  I'm glad you and Taxlady are good friends, and I hope that you'll keep up the good work for all the other ladies on here.


AFM:  Thanks again for all the congratulations, and thanks to Tank for being my EDD buddy.  So I tried to come up with a clever way to tell my husband, but I couldn't.  So I hugged him while he was asleep and said, "Good morning, guess what I found?" and he asked what, and I said, "Two lines on a pregnancy test!".  He was still a little sleepy, but he was happy and hugged me tight.  He told me later that he was glad.  He's not exactly excitable (read: he never gets excited at all about anything), so that's a pretty good response.  I told my sister, too, because she just was on this same journey a couple of years ago, and she was happy for me, too.  She tried to caution me not to get too excited yet, but she also realized that there was really no point.  My sister and I were born 3 years and 3 days apart, and if I go 13 days late, our kids will also be born 3 years and 3 days apart!  But I don't imagine I'll want to be that late, so I'll go for my dad's birthday (Oct 29) or Halloween instead.  I'm due Oct 30, so one day either side would be just fine with me!  I'm really having a hard time not getting super-excited this time . . . hopefully that's because it's sticky and I somehow know that.  I'll post a picture of the preg test from the other computer later.  I don't mean to be weird, but I actually don't really understand the desire to see other people's BFPs.  I mean, I've always been happy when one of us gets one, but I've never really felt the need to actually look at it.  Can anyone explain this to me?

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Hykue - I like to see how different brands look, how their lines look, and how faint they can be while still being there. I've never seen a BFP in real life, so there's something nice kind of knowing what to expect. I was really surprised to discover that a super faint line still has a ton of meaning. Had I not come here first and found this out, I would probably be confused and discouraged if I saw one on my own. 


So, it's just nice to see a lot, and it's also nice to have a bit of extra celebration. I don't know you, but nonetheless I'm really excited for you (good atmosphere in here, for both BFP and BFN), and seeing the stick just makes it more exciting!

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I used the store brand of first responce.  The same brand I used last time.  I took a picture but it came out really crappy and you can't see the line too well but it is definatly there.  My period was due this coming sunday but I am not exactly sure what DPO I was at because I didn't temp this month, just checked my CM.  I woke up super early this morning having to pee.  I got up and decided to take the test.  I peed in a jar because I always mess up when I pee directly on the stick so I peed in the jar and dipped it and finished peeing.  Then I sat there and put it down and tried not to look at it.  I looked out of the corner of my eye and thought to myself "it almost looks like theres a line there but I am not going to look for a few minutes"  then I looked and there was a line!  I woke up dp right away and told him and kissed him and hugged him and thanked (lol) him for knocking me up.  He was happy but sleepy.  I then called my mom (we are really close) and she didn't pick up the phone so I left her a message saying I needed to tell her something really funny that Lucy(my dog) did.  Then when she called I told her and she asked me if Lucy really did do something and I told her no, I just wanted you to call me back and I didn't want to tell you why on the voicemail.  I am probably only going to tell my best friend besides my mom and my DP because of the miscarriage last time.  I will wait till the 2nd trimester for everyone else, esp my dad because last time I told him not to tell anyone and he told tons of people in a mass email!  I only know this because he stupidly included me in the email list.  I am glad he was excited but I warned him that if I lost it it would be tough telling a bunch of people that.


I went to my midwife office today to make my 1st appointment.  It's on the 14th of March.  I am so excited.  So far my main symptom has been the tiredness.  I fell asleep in the truck waiting for my DP to get out of work.  I didn't even wake up when he opened the door to get in.  I have also been really thirsty but I am always thirsty so who knows if that's a real symptom or not.  I actually think Lucy knows I am pregnant.  She has been REALLY needy this past week and won't let me out of her sight while we are at work. 


anyway thats the dirt.  Thanks for all the congrats!  I hope there's more bfp to come this month!

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Congratulations Tank...this is wonderful! Reading your post makes me smile - great news!


I might have to try your jar vs stick method - I can't make those work either...thumb.gif


I hope you (all) don't mind me introducing myself.


Northstar78...32...2/13/11 and I'm 8 dpo.

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Yay, tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be so excited!

Wow, two BFPs in rapid succession--how awesome is that? and who is next? =)

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Okay, I realized that I already had a photo of my hpt uploaded.  It's pretty faint, but not bad for 11dpo, and definitely visible (at least in real life, I can never see lines on pictures - maybe that's why I don't like them so much?)




I have two more, so I'm going to wait until probably Monday for the next one and then maybe another week for the last.

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Yipeeeeeyipeeee! joy.gifjoy.gifThis is a great news. I am so happy 4 Tank & Hykue. This calls for great celebration! Dnt worry ,wld pop a champagne with DH on ur behalf. Now i feel like hold you guys and say a hearty congratulations.


As per my the test result on friday. FSH is pretty high, 67 eyesroll.gifinstead of 20 or less. I am not too bothered cos I have faith like that of mustard seed, I'd heard and seen miracles (Only fools doubt proofs). DH and I have concluded that i travel to Africa for aproper Herbal treatment. I will be leaving on the 28th of Feb.2011(This month end). Wish me well girls. Wl try my best and keep in touch (but u knw Africa network providers are pretty bad ,but trust me i wl hook up to the best provider) Gonna miss this forum. Though i joined nt quite 1 month but i feel like we av know for long, feel like we are sisters. I love u all!!! I promise to keep u posted and if u do your findings and see smting dat cld be of help 4 me, pls drop a line for me. LURV UUUUUUheartbeat.gif AND HUGGGZZZZZ hug2.gifhug2.gif

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Hi, I am new to this forum and want to join up in the thread. Here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2ced3c


I am 31. I am actively TTC since 1/11, but this is after years of random unprotected sex with my partner, what we call "not-not-trying." I recently lost one of my ovaries but am told my fertility is intact, so I feel like really going for it while I still have an ovary to work with!


I am worried about difficulties conceiving, but equally worried that I will manage it and then be faced with the fact that I have not picked a midwife or doula, and I don't even have home birth friendly doctor, plus other little details like being about to go to grad school and wondering when, if ever, I will begin earning real money like a grown up. I thought it would be really, really nice to already be enmeshed in a community while I go through the process of whatever is going to happen next. 


I'm glad to be here, looking forward to reading about all of you too! 

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Hi nmouse. While we never had unprotected sex, we started 1/11 TTC, I haven't picked a midwife, and I left my grown up job for grad school. Currently I'm in the two week wait, cramping a lot this morning on CD41. I'm guessing AF is finally showing up, about a week late. I haven't yet clicked on your chart, but I hope you're stay here is brief! Welcome. smile.gif
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nmouse and ShannonO-I started TTC on 1/29 and I too am at square 1. I've been grappling with the idea of starting our family or moving upwards in my career for months. I finally went in on 1/10 for my preconception visit and realized I made my decision. It is so good to know that I'm not alone here.
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Originally Posted by Northstar78 View Post

nmouse and ShannonO-I started TTC on 1/29 and I too am at square 1. I've been grappling with the idea of starting our family or moving upwards in my career for months. I finally went in on 1/10 for my preconception visit and realized I made my decision. It is so good to know that I'm not alone here.

Do both! supermod.gif (I'm guessing that's a supermom smiley?) While I'd like to stay at home with my (future) kids, I also think that my career will have a huge positive impact on THEIR lives, and thus I think it's a decent decision to work hard to be awesome at both. :D If that's delusional I'm happy to be deluded. I've been told many things that I "can't do," like garden, do school full time and work full time and keep a happy marriage all at once. We did it together and we are happy! 


It helps that I have an incredible do-everything mom to look up to.

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ShannonO-you are so sweet! I couldn't agree more with you about being a Supermom I think it would be very beneficial to all of us if I kept my career and I hope to keep working as long as I can regardless if I move up (or not). But sometimes it doesn't work out that way, and it's okay too. I read somewhere if you reach for the stars but fall short, you'll still end up on the moon-joy.gif

I'm 9dpo and I'm hoping for something good though hpt today was negative. I don't know when my period is supposed to start since on bcp I wouldn't start the spacers until Tuesday BUT today is CD22. I have veins all over my breasts I didn't see before and only my nips are sore-PMS for me meant sore everything so now I'm just waiting too...
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ShannonO - I have always meant to order the ICs.  I know if I had them I would be testing the same way!  Rambuzo is right, mother nature does like to mess with our head.


Cristinimartini - fingersx.gif this is your month, too!  Team PreSeed anyone?  I am not so great at 'internal things' either.  I try though!  I think I am going to try Diva cups as well.


Cathleni - hoping your 2ww give you a BFP, but we will have to compare if it doesn't work out this month for us.  (Here's to hoping it has!)  praying.gif


Thanks ValH!  Its great to hear how you are doing.  Its so exciting to tell family, they will be elated!   smile.gif


TaxLady - Love reading that!  You will get your miracle!


Thanks Hykue!  I am still so overjoyed for you!  I started to feel a bit better yesterday.  There's always next month if it doesn't happen this month.  Gotta roll with the punches.  Again, back to that I have too much to be thankful for right now, so when I get my BFP that will just make it better.  (Of course the desire and sadness still camps out in the back of my mind.)  Thank you for the encouragement.  You and Val and all the ladies here rock!  So funny about the salt - I did that in a meatloaf recipe.  Accidentally added 2 Tb instead of 2 tsp...I was cooking for my sister and her kids.  I could only tell after taking my first bite.  Good thing we had steamed rice.  winky.gif  Your DH sounds sweet.  (And sounds like mine...I would jump up and down in excitement about something and I can see him shrug his shoulders...ah men.)  How exciting about your DD!  It will stick!  Never thought about the reason we like to see.  Maybe we just need to see that they do exist.  smile.gif


Tank - so glad to hear about whats going on and how you told DP.  (I am a pee in a cup girl, too.)  Sounds like you are doing the right thing.  I am sure it will stick.  So excited for you!  smile.gif


Welcome Northstar!  May you get a BFP soon!


Good luck Ceccy!  Hope everything goes well! 


Welcome nmouse!  There is a great group of ladies here that have helped me learn more about TTC, so hopefully you can learn more about it to.  So glad to hear that fertility is still intact.  I recently looked into grad school as well - everything will fall into place.


ShannonO - you hit the nail on the head!  We can do both!

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