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Northstar78: I wouldn't worry too much about when your period would have started while you were on BCP - once you're off them, it won't impact your cycle at all. The first few months off birth control tend to be about figuring out how your cycle would have worked without the BCP to control them smile.gif I would start chrting if you don't already, just so you can see how things are going. Hopefully you won't need to chart for long before you get your BFP though!
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OH hi Nmouse, ShannonO and Northstar, could I chime in on the career or family thing?  I too have been faced with these decisions.  In fact, we had planned to start trying right after our wedding in 2008 but then DH lost his job due to the LA unified school district layoffs.  Being "practical" we avoided because we wanted to be more secure.  Now, 2.5 years later and a 1.5 years of trying we have found out that our best route will be IVF.  Faced with this, I started thinking of the timing of due dates.  IF we get started right away, in this next cycle, my due dates will be dangerously close to my busy season in my career in tax accounting.  I was worried that by being out for maternity during my busy season could put me behind in my career track.  DH and I talked a lot about waiting until the due dates were better, but then concluded.. what are we thinking.  Career over Family??  What's more important.. a family could take months to achieve, even years.. waiting before just has put us behind what we could have been doing years ago.  Being grown up is going to be in my future for a long time, a lot longer than the window of opportunity to have children.  I plan on being supermod.gif (love this icon).  I sort of thought I would be a SAHM, but then I realized how much I like what I do.. I can do both and I applaud my sister in what she does everyday as the SAHM, it's not easier than going to work everyday.  I guess, where I am going with this, is seize the day!  Northstar.. I like what you wrote, if you reach for the stars and fall short, you'll still end up on the moon.  Awesome.. I'm going to try and remember that all day.  



Ceccy.. this is very exciting, traveling to Africa.  Please please check in and let us know about your experience.


Hykue, I'm not sure about the positive pregnancy tests.. I think I concur with, we just want to know they exist. blowkiss.gif Thank you for looking up IVF for me.. I'm going to wear blinders.  DH and I decided not to do too much investigation and instead just follow what our doctors tell us to do and ride their protocol.  They are going to get PAID to worry for me.  And when I say paid, I mean, yeah, I at least looked up the cost, the doctor posts his "special packages" on his website.  biglaugh.gifI love your DH's reaction to the news.  SO sweet how men are..   I am preparing the tax return for the lady who makes the crowns I wanted for the threadkeeper of the 30 Somethings.  I'm sorry it won't be ready to crown you for your awesome job at being the Queen of the Thread this month, but I think getting a BFP is a much better reward joy.gif.  I will however, be sending your future child a crown that he or she can wear during summer camp at your house with my future child.  Then you can send your future child to me and I'll take them to Disneyland.  


Bootsie, 3 day weekend lady!  You feeling better?  


Valh - our chart whisperer.. Dr. Valh.. I'm temping and charting.   I'm going to use preseed and mucinex and OPK's.  This morning, I woke up super early and totally forgot to take my temp but I have this one last chance before the IVF starts and I am hoping that you'll watch my chart with me.  smile.gif  I keep thinking of you and the blocked tube and getting pregnant and telling myself - miracles do happen.  They really really do.. OH and SUPER COOL you get to spread the news!  joy.gif


Meander - ultrasound picture!  I love it! stillheart.gif


To everyone again - EVERYONE!  Thank you for all your wonderful support.  I don't know what I'd do without you.. seriously... I know you feel it too, but I am seriously so thankful that I have you!

I had mentioned that I wanted to be Thread Queen again, but with my work schedule, I don't think I can do a very good job.  The new threadqueen will get a crown to wear bag.gif (it will be much prettier than this) that I was hoping we could pass around from Queen to Queen.. dust.gif


AFM:  Today is Remicade infusion week 2.  The first one was considered week 0 and my next one is week 6.  Then it's just every 8 weeks.  TTFN.. xoxox

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Birdie.lee - I DO NOT think that weird.  I am really thankful that we have the resources to do this... It's daunting and I worry about going into debt because of it, but I'm trying to remember that I have a lifetime to earn more money.  My insurance doesn't cover anything "reproductive" either.  It's crazy that they'll cover a pregnancy termination, but they will not help someone get pregnant, but alas, I am not going to concern myself with their messed up rules.  There are options out there, medical loans (which have a lower interest rate than say a credit card), credit cards.. hell, we will probably be able to fly somewhere with points we rack up if we use them, the doctor has some sort of finance plan.. and we'll just put the money we spend on useless things to our future child.  THEN WE ARE SENDING THEM TO PUBLIC SCHOOL AND STATE COLLEGE biglaugh.gif

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Hi ladies, sorry for my absence this week.  I have been reading along and thinking about all of you, but I haven't had a chance to reply until now!


First, thank you all for the birthday wishes!  grouphug.gif My birthday was low-key but nice.  Val, we did get to go to brunch.  smile.gif  No worries, Hykue - I probably would've forgotten my own birthday if I'd gotten a BFP that day.  When you get a chance, would you change my age to 30?  Congrats again and big hugs to both you and Tank!


Taxlady, don't you wish someone had warned you that it actually might take a long freaking time to get pregnant?  DH and I would have started trying as soon as we got married if we'd known it was going to take this long.  All of the time we spent avoiding due to various life events just feels like a wasted opportunity now. shrug.gif I hope your new docs get you good and knocked up ASAP!


Bel, I've also been chartstalking you.  I know you're not supposed to test until 17 or 18 DPO, so I'm trying to be patient... orngtongue.gif


Ramzubo, how's my 2WW buddy?  Who else is in the 2WW?


wave.gif to all of our new members!


I'm 8 DPO today, so I'll be testing in a couple of days.  I was feeling optimistic at the beginning of the 2WW, but for the last few days I've been feeling gloomy and discouraged.  Turning 30 was hard - not because I care that I'm a year older, but because I really thought I'd be pregnant by now.  We'll hit the "TTC for one year" mark next month.  I'm starting to wonder if it will ever happen.






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Cally, I'm in the TWW, along with Cathelini, Northstar, Ramzubo, and Bel I think. 

dust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gif to us all!

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Originally Posted by ShannonO View Post

Cally, I'm in the TWW, along with Cathelini, Northstar, Ramzubo, and Bel I think. 

dust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gifdust.gif to us all!


Oh wow, I have lots of company!  fingersx.gif for all of us!

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dust.gifdust.gifdust.gifA triple dose going out to my fellow 2wwers! 


heartbeat.gif to taxi, public school's not so bad!  twins.gif


Greeting nmouse, a lot of us have our kitties and dogs (and horses, goats, etc.) posted on here, too!


wave.gif to everyone else and happy weekend!

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ShannonO: I think I'll cheer you on from the sidelines for being a supermom. That describes my own mom too, but I turned out to need serious downtime, so I'm probably not supermom material. I'm hoping my plan, grad school and at least a part-time career as a librarian, can still be compatible with me being a mom though. 


Taxlady: I hear you about the choice to get started despite the time not feeling utterly perfect. I've been with my partner since we were teenagers, but over all the years we never considered ourselves settled enough for a family. Looking back now, other than college and spending some time in alternative living communities, I don't feel like I did too much with my twenties that I would do over again if I had the chance, so why couldn't I have just had my kids then?! I really rely on my own siblings for support during hard times, and I just hope there's going to be time to have more than one child so my kids can have the same. Anyway, I'm with you on seizing the day and will cross my fingers for your first IVF cycle. 


About the TWW: I guess that's where I am too. I keep checking for my period, which generally would show two days ago, and I've taken a half dozen pregnancy tests. Maybe it's too soon to be testing yet but the wait is driving me crazy! This morning, at 11dpo, I tested faintly positive on a Clearblue Easy +/- and also on a blue Target Early Result test, but then I was negative on a pink FRER. I've read that those blue dye tests can give a lot of false positives so I don't know what to think, except to wait till tomorrow and try again. FRER insert says, if the test is negative but you think you are positive, wait three days before retesting, and I was like, that's never gonna happen! Anybody here ever have false positive on blue dye tests? 


oh and Cathelini: I love seeing everyone's pet pictures! I like to think that green bra really brings out my kitty's eyes. Hate to think what he and his sister will do if I ever do produce a baby tho... pets can get super jealous. 

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nmouse - Will you go for an MLS? I did my masters at a library school. smile.gif I hope that those blue lines are right, fingercrossed for you!!!
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Good morning everyone.  I knew when I temped this morning that I was out for this month.  My temp dropped, but I took a test anyway.  (Not quite sure why.)  BFN as expected.  Thank you so much for the support!  I appreciate it and it is wonderful to have a great group of ladies to be on this journey with who understand how difficult TTC can be.  I am going to take a break for awhile, but will check in periodically.  I already knew how hard this was going to be...I know the chances every month are small, but "I did everything right."  Mucinex, Pre-Seed, OPKs we had great BD timing, etc.  First time everything aligned well.  Oh well.  I was happy the OB/GYN gave me the Clomid to make sure I was ovulating, but now I wish I could just figure out if there is something wrong.  Let me stop  gloomy.gif  (I know I'm allowed  winky.gif)   


goodvibes.gif, fingersx.gif, & dust.gif to all!   Keep those BFPs coming!

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BEL718 hug2.gif  In our lives.. when we do what we're supposed to, it works out right?  I mean, that's what we have been taught all of lives.. so it is such a bummer.  We all understand.. and we are here for you in good times and bad.  Today I give you this, hug2.gifbut I know that soon I'll be giving you this joy.gif.  Take care of yourself today.  XOXO, Taxlady 

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Oh Bel, I'm sorry honey!  I was just saying the same thing to DH last night.  We've been doing everything right...so why isn't it happening?


I totally understand the need to take a break, and I'm sure everyone else does too.  We'll be thinking of you whether you're posting or not. 


Hope to see you back here when you feel ready!



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nmouse: I hope the blue dye test is right for you, however Ive seen way to many false positives on a blue dye test on here to put any faith in them. I personally think blue dye tests should be banned from all stores!! I would trust an FRER over a blue dye test any day. But at 11 DPO that does NOT mean you're out. You said AF would typically arrive two days ago - do you usually have a 9 day luteal phase? Are you taking anything to try to increase that?

Bel718: hug.gif sorry for the temp drop. Did you take Clomid this cycle or will you be starting it next cycle?

Taxlady: I'm in awe of your positive attitude, it's awesome. To add to it, I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but my brother and SIL's first doctor assisted cycle (sperm washing and IUI) was what finally got them their son after 5ish years of trying. So I really believe that sometimes we just need that bit of help to nudge things the right way! :fx that you get your BFP with your first cycle of IVF - or before!!
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I'm sorry Bel.  I know how fustrating it can be to wish and hope all month long and to do everything right but still not succeed.  You'll get it.  hug2.gif

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:hugs: to Bel. :( I hope the time off will be refreshing. 


Calycanth - Are you testing tomorrow? :fingerscrossed: for you. 


At the risk of obsessing, I need advice. I'm btw 7 and 9 days "late" based on avg and max cycle lengths in the last six months, and a bunch of BFNs with FMU. I assume I'm not pregnant, but I need to make a decision: race next weekend, or don't race? I have already paid for a sprint triathlon, and I *really* want to do it. It's a high-intensity race and there's no possibility of doing it and just "taking it easy." I will be very out of breath and my heart rate will get very high if I do it. I would not do it if I was pregnant. In light of this, I will try to get a blood test this week. The question is, if I can't get a blood test, and nothing changes (BFNs and no AF), do I race, or not? 



As a side note: I had free shipping while buying schoolbooks, so I tossed a pack of 50 cent OPKs and hit "confirm."

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ShannonO - I actually broke down and tested this morning, LOL.  duh.gif  BFN, but that really doesn't mean anything at 9 DPO.  If my past behavior is any indication, I'll be testing everyday from now until AF arrives - thank you, internet cheapies!  If it were me, I would go ahead and race unless a blood test shows you're pregnant.  I don't see any point in missing out if all signs indicate you're not preggers.

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Ha! Well, I can't fault you for testing everyday, I do too. Although it's getting a bit ridiculous as I've gone through ten I think. Thanks for the feedback as well!
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First off, big congrats to Tank. joy.gif I bet our dear friend Hykue is so happy to have you join her in the DDCs. I hope we keep getting our BFPs in twin sicks, that would be awesome :)

Taxi, you are the bravest lady ever. I know that must've been really, really hard news to hear. You are full of grace under pressure. That is crazy about insurance covering termination and not fertility help. Of course, insurance companies are not great humanitarians in general. Hope you're taking extra special care of yourself so you can stay healthy during this busy time for you and be ready for the next part of this journey. Of COURSE you'll be sending your little bugger to public school, dang it! :) I would hope DH would have nothing else. I am a huge public school advocate and I live in a state with a horrible reputation for education, but I've been "behind the scenes" and I truly believe it's the best thing! Uhm yeah and it's okay that you don't want to post in the IVF thread yet. Those b*tches don't deserve you! I am j/k. I have no idea if they are witches, I am just the jealous type and you're too precious to us to share! Okay, if you want. But I will pout ;)


Cristinimartini, thanks for asking, but yeah, I'm almost 100 percent sure AF is coming. Had a crazy month health-wise and only tried once, also got very discouraged by a bunch of neg. OPKs and need to readjust my attitude and approach for next month. Ready to start over!


Val, come clean, you want to knit baby stuff! Excellent! Baby things are the best knitting EVER! My book recommendation is Stitch N Bitch (The original, there are sequels) It has the best illustrations and instructions, I think, as well as cute, easy projects. What kind of stuff do you want to make? I'd be happy to help recommend patterns and yarn. All the other advice you've gotten is great, too. I would also suggest getting an interchangeable needle set (Denise, or Knit Picks or hiya hiya) if you are going to be continuing in the hobby. That can save tons of money on needles. And youtube videos are great for troubleshooting, I agree! Who's nesting? :)


ShannonO, Taxi, and everyone else in the family and career conversation-- I used to think I'd want to be a WAHM but I am with you, Shannon, I love my job so much and I know that what I do has changed me as a person, I know it will be good for my kids to see me doing something I love that is so beneficial to others. The community where I teach is wonderful, needy, and full of brave, fantastic people. I have learned so much from serving there and just want to continue to give back and watch my students grow. I also work with a true supermom who is about 10 years older than me. She has three teenage girls and one three year old boy. She works full time, goes to tons of basketball games/practice, and still gives a ton to our kids at school. She's been my teaching mentor and I hope she'll be my mommy mentor, too! She always jokes that before I get pregnant I should have to do a "ride-a-long" with her like the rookie cops have to do ;)
Also, I totally feel you on the "wish we would've started earlier" thing, but my career situation has finally stablized after years of feeling that "when will I be a real adult and make money" thing, so I guess that's why we waited.


Happy Birthday, fellow Aquarian Calycanth! Hope it was a great day xoxo Did miss you! :) One year is a long time, I know. But my friend got preggo after 2+ years, one cycle before they were going to start Clomid. I know these stories don't always help, but there is hope.


Bel, we'll miss you but we all understand your need to step away. Hopefully you can find some balance and peace and then come back to us. I just had this thought, since I think of everything in terms of school....TTC isn't like a math problem where you put all the right ingredients together and come up with the right answer. It's more like a great novel, where you have to add all the right ingredients, luck, timing, and je ne sais quoi.  I am not a science-brained person, so this kind of thinking helps me sometimes.



Omg, meander, look at your little bean! So so wonderful, thanks for hanging around :) 


blowkiss.gifHi new people! :) Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay here at Casa Bajingo! :)


AFM,  fever.gif *%$#! I have another damn cold that I think is progressing to bronchitis. I will go to the doc tomorrow if i am not feeling better. I slept basically all of yesterday. I am so sick of this. I got kind of off schedule taking my vitamins and that could be why this happened, as well as being worn down from the traveling. I really want to be healthy and have a good shot at TTC again. If you lived in AZ you'd shoot me for saying this, but I'm ready for the scortching heat if it means an end to cold and allergy season. My students can't seem to stay healthy, either. This cold season has sucked. 

Nobody get too depressed about not getting their BFPs yet because there better still be some people around to get BFPs with in the coming months! Let's do this! 

I am at CD 34 or so , which is a bit long but my longest is 36 so I'm not worried yet. I've had some cramping and still more discharge that looks like EWBJ.

On Soy Iso's my cycle was more like 28 days. I am thinking of going back on them this month. Also, it was a lot clearer when I O'd. Part of my problem this past month was just feeling discouraged by unclear O signs and - OPKs.

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I also want to agree with boots that the stich n bitch book is great!  I actually learned from this book and still use some of the patterns from it and refer to it when I need to.

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