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Originally Posted by Taxlady View Post

Tickletoes - SUCH AN AWESOME PERFORMANCE!  I'm so glad you shared.. loved it!! tiphat.gif

Thanks, glad you liked it!



Welcome Ceccy & nmouse!


Yay! I am so excited for you Hykue & Tank! Congratulations!



Originally Posted by tank View Post

I also want to agree with boots that the stich n bitch book is great!  I actually learned from this book and still use some of the patterns from it and refer to it when I need to.

Ditto that on the Stitch N Bitch book. I'm teaching myself to knit from that.



Please accept my excuses of illness and too much homework for being so brief and absent. I missed so many posts in a week that it is too hard to catch up properly and respond to everyone personally. Know that I'm always sending good vibes this way! (Oh, and I love the furry photos!)


As for me, last week was really tough. Between AF coming and hearing more pregnancy announcements from people I know (5 in two weeks), I allowed myself a short cry and a mope. It is the first time I've been upset by such good new for others and I'm genuinely happy for them... just really sad for myself at the same time. I think what got to me was the second pregnancy announcement at work. I heard the news on the very same morning that my BBT dropped. This puts me at month seven of trying... and given our ages (35 & 44), its time to look into a doctor visit. I haven't yet made an appointment, but just the thought of it makes me sad. If I had heard the news a day later, I would have been fine. On the bright side, I am surrounded by pregnancy, so I must be next... right?


My husband is out of town and I'm entering my fertile period... so he is under strict orders to hurry home on Tuesday! Fortunately, the guy he is traveling with completely understands because his wife just got her BFP and they have been trying so hard for so long.



Adding to the fur baby files:


Meet Gypsy... my baby and the most spoiled of our cats. I left out my feather fans and my boa... she decided that they looked good on her too!





Simon is my sweet and fierce one... so moody, but has been getting sweeter with age!




And Tokyo is simply funny... and she's got extra toes on all of her feet!



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ShannonO:  I can totally see your point about not knowing just how meaningful a faint line might be until you came here and saw some.  And I'm glad that the photo can make it more exciting for people!  If it were me, I don't know that I would be able to bring myself to race not knowing for sure that I wasn't pregnant.  But I'm a worry-wart that way.  I think my tendency to obsess like that makes me much more stressed than I would otherwise be, so probably it's better if you go ahead and do it, but I don't think I could.  Hopefully you can get in and get a blood test, and it will be a moot point, because they'll find out you're pregnant!


Tank:  I love that you thanked your hubby! 

Ceccy:  I hope that your trip to Africa does the trick (northern Africa or southern?).  I hope they've got just what you need.


Meander:  Indeed, I also like your first baby picture.  I think, when I get to that point, I'll start to feel a lot more confident.

nmouse:  You've been added!  Although I seem to have missed adding your chart, I'll have to go back and do it afterwards.  We're happy to have you in our little online community.  Do you know, are you still likely to ovulate every month with just one ovary, just from the same side every time, or does your body take some months off?  I wouldn't worry too much about not having a health care provider that meets your needs - you've got lots of time to arrange for all of that once you get pregnant - that's why we gestate for so long, right?  You'll find a good fit. I think your idea of "a lot of downtime" and my idea of "a lot of downtime" might be very different.  I don't see going to grad school, having a part-time job, and being a parent as having much downtime.  I clearly need more downtime than you!  You sound like a supermom-to-be to me!  I know I've heard a lot about false positives on blue dye tests, but I also know that FRER isn't all that likely to give you a positive at 11DPO, especially if you had a late implantation.  It certainly can, but it isn't a sure thing.  If you can, wait until 13 dpo (tomorrow, right?) and take another FRER - I think that's when they start being super-accurate.  I'm hopeful for you, since you're already two days late!  As far as worrying about jealousy with the pets, I have a friend with three dogs and two cats who had a baby last summer, and the pets are fine with it.  The humans still make a point of keeping the pets routines similar, and they haven't had a problem yet.  I'm a little worried, because our house is very cold and my cat seeks out the warmest areas.  Last summer I was feeling a little sick and took a painkiller before I went to lay down . . . it was naproxen sodium, which is pretty strong stuff for me.  I woke up because I felt like someone was choking me and I couldn't breathe at all, and sat bolt upright, which caused my cat to fall off of my neck.  So I'm planning for a cat-proof crib cover, or something . . . I haven't worked out what to do yet, because I would really like to cosleep, but that will displace my cat from her favorite place - my armpit.  We'll figure something out.

Bel:  Thanks for the sticky reassurances in your earlier post.  I need all of that that I can get.  And my hubby is sweet.  Very calm, and sweet.  I think we make a good match because of our opposite natures.  I remind him to get excited about things, and he reminds me to stay steady in the face of life's ups and downs.  When we went on our bike trip, on our way through California, we saw a sign for an elephant seal beach.  I LOVE sea mammals, and I got so excited that I was literally jumping up and down on the bike seat!  It was a tandem bike (bicycle built for two), so when I bounced it bounced him too . . . and I was yelling, "Sea mammals!" in great excitement.  He was also pleased to see them, which he showed by smiling.  He did play a bit, though, when we went over and looked at them, because they make funny sounds.  So we started making elephant seal noises at each other.  Good times, good times.  I actually handle his calm way better when I'm up than when I'm down.  It's really hard for me to not think he's being callous when something happens that makes me really sad or angry and he stays in that same calm state.  He tries to comfort me, but it affects him so little . . . it's just hard for me to understand.  I'm so sorry that you're out again this month.  Have a restorative break, for sure.  Do some relaxing things, take bubble baths, drink wine, eat brie.  You will still get pregnant.  hug2.gif  I wish I had some way to wave my magic wand and make it happen sooner for all of you, you all deserve it so much.

birdie.lee:  I'm with you on the not having the money for treatments . . . I'm glad we seem to be able to get preggers (AND we're going to stay preggers, this time).  I don't think fertility treatments are covered by health care here, although fertility testing is?  Which seems strange to me, but I guess they figured they needed to draw the line somewhere.  You will get pregnant too!  Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Val:  I'm so pleased that you're at news-announcing time already!


Taxlady:  I think you have a great attitude about the timing thing.  And I like that you can see the benefits of both SAHMing and working on a career that you love.  Sometimes people seem to get so wrapped up in their decision of what's right for them that they forget that it might not be right for everyone, but you do an admirable job of seeing what's right for you and still seeing that what's right for someone else might be different!  Just one of the reasons I value you so much!  Sorry you have to pay someone so much to worry for you (I'm still hoping you won't have to, because you'll get the good luck you deserve this month), but you sure do have a good attitude about it.  I agree, even though the crown sounds mighty cool, that I would take the BFP over it . . . hopefully our next threadkeeper can have both the crown AND a BFP.  I like your plan for the future children to have summer camp crowns.  I'm sure they won't think that that is in any way uncool.  Or whatever that's called now (probably uncool is uncool).  We can just tell them that's the price of their wonderful experiences - keeping their moms happy by wearing silly crowns, at least once, together.  For a picture. whistling.gif   Well, okay, twice, once here and once at Disneyland.  And I love your use of the paper-bag smiley as the closest approximation of the threadqueen crown!  All those smileys, and not a single one representing the Threadkeeper's crown, imagine that!  I hope the remicade does everything you need it to, and no side effects more!  So far so good, it seems like.  And you have a wonderful attitude about money regarding this whole journey.  I envy your good attitude and support from your DH in this matter.  It will work out, and with any luck you won't even need to spend more than anyone else on having a kid. 


Calycanth:  I'm glad you got your birthday brunch with your hubby!  Birthdays with DHs is really something to be thankful for . . . when my birthday comes, my husband is pretty much always out at work.  He is very sweet, and last year he went out of his way (WAY out of his way) to call me - they didn't have cell service where he was working (pretty usual) so he had to drive most of the way to town after work.  Anyway, it makes me happy that you got to spend your 30th with yours.  And now that you mention it, I've been known to forget it was my birthday before, for things less important than BFP's.  In fact, I routinely forget everyone's birthday, including my own.  So I guess it isn't too surprising that I forgot yours, but I was trying SO hard to remember!  I felt gloomy and discouraged around 6-8 dpo last cycle, and we know how that turned out, so don't put too much weight on your mood (as far as your chances go, anyway . . . it doesn't make it any easier to feel that way).  And as far as not being pregnant yet, you know you can conceive.  You will conceive again.  The chances of miscarrying again are very low.  I know you're about to hit the one year mark, but you said that not all of those months have been good tries - because your DH was away for work, right?  So don't be too discouraged.  You are fertile, you know you're fertile.  It's just a matter of time.  Not that I don't understand, I fully expected to be pregnant by the summer of 2009, but life got in the way, and I let it slide more than I should have.  I almost cried in January of last year when they couldn't take out my IUD before I left the country for three months!  I know it's a little different, because I wasn't "trying" all that time, just wishing, but I remember you saying that you weren't trying all those months either.  Take heart, it's going to happen for you, I'm certain of it.  Hopefully in the next few days!  You sure do have a better constitution than me, all that early testing would put me in the nuthouse!


Boots:  I am, indeed, very lucky to have both Tank and Val in my DDC.  Val is the fearless leader of the three of us, forging ahead to show us the way, and Tank and I are the rearguard, keeping a close formation!  Not that I'm really posting there yet.  I liked your comment about insurance companies not being great humanitarians.  eyesroll.gif  You can say that again!  I also really liked your comparing TTC to a writing a novel instead of to a math problem.  That's a very fitting analogy, and it's what makes our BJC so interesting, that everyone is writing a different novel.  You have an amazingly good attitude right now, it seems to me, so good job! 


Tickletoes:  I hope your hubby gets home on time!  Again, I know seven months is an eternity in some ways, but you know you can get pregnant.  You will get pregnant again!  Gypsy looks like she's enjoying being a jungle-kitty.  My cat loves anything that resembles "the wild" - plants are the best, but any kind of unusual textures make her go into jungle-kitty mode.  Simon has huge ears!  Is he still pretty young?  Or just cute?  And Tokyo is very pretty.  Thanks for the furbaby pictures!


AFM:  I'm happy to provide pictures of my BFP(s) for people to see, and now I think I understand why people want to see them.  I guess I would too, except that we got pregnant the second time we really had a shot at it, so I got to see the BFP, and it didn't result in a baby, so I'm not super-excited by the two lines, and I don't have as much confidence as I used to that they lead inevitably to a baby.  But this time it will!  I want to be confident again.  I'm not posting much in the DDC yet.  And I'm still really hopeful that a bunch of you ladies will be joining Tank and I in the November DDC - I think we both can hang out there, since we're due the last two days of October and first pregnancies usually go late!  Here's hoping!

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Hi all! Still waiting it out here DPO 7 and I will be holding out on the testing for a week..or so that's the plan. I've already instructed DH that I will be feeling very tired and probably craving ice cream this week in preparation for a bfp.

goodvibes.gifBaby dust to Calycanth (I ignore all early bfns), Cathelini, Northstar, ShannonO and Nmouse and any other 2wwers.

ShannonO: I agree with Hykue that I personally would feel too nervous to run and then if AF showed up the next day I guilt myself into thinking maybe I'd done something wrong. You know your body best though so I would go with your gut. Hopefully you find out (preferably with a BFP) before.

Bel: Sorry for your bfn hug2.gif

Boots & Twinkletoes: Hope you both get to feeling better soon so yall we have plenty of energy for the upcoming TTC.


I understand those feeling like they should be preg. already. I was in Babies R Us today, shopping for my cousin who's about to pop, and the store was packed. It was crazy to see how many people we're pushing strollers around you'd think it was the only one in the state. Most of them looked so young I almost felt like a granny. But I've been encouraged by our recent BFPs. Its nice to see people having success.

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2ww Haiku...joy.gif

Woke up thrice to pee
Home pregnancy tests are me
Baby dust please!
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Originally Posted by Northstar78 View Post

2ww Haiku...joy.gif

Woke up thrice to pee
Home pregnancy tests are me
Baby dust please!


This! Made my day love.gif

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Originally Posted by Hykue View Post

Tickletoes:  I hope your hubby gets home on time!  Again, I know seven months is an eternity in some ways, but you know you can get pregnant.  You will get pregnant again!  Gypsy looks like she's enjoying being a jungle-kitty.  My cat loves anything that resembles "the wild" - plants are the best, but any kind of unusual textures make her go into jungle-kitty mode.  Simon has huge ears!  Is he still pretty young?  Or just cute?  And Tokyo is very pretty.  Thanks for the furbaby pictures!


AFM:  I'm happy to provide pictures of my BFP(s) for people to see, and now I think I understand why people want to see them.  I guess I would too, except that we got pregnant the second time we really had a shot at it, so I got to see the BFP, and it didn't result in a baby, so I'm not super-excited by the two lines, and I don't have as much confidence as I used to that they lead inevitably to a baby.  But this time it will!  I want to be confident again.  I'm not posting much in the DDC yet.  And I'm still really hopeful that a bunch of you ladies will be joining Tank and I in the November DDC - I think we both can hang out there, since we're due the last two days of October and first pregnancies usually go late!  Here's hoping!


Thanks for the positivity namaste.gif. Deep down, I know seven months isn't long and I need to be reminded of that when I start to stress about my age. Thirty five is not old at all, but suddenly feels old when put in terms of fertility.


Both Simon and Gypsy are nearly 13. That picture of Simon was taken about four years ago... I think he just has big ears!


Sending some hugs, hope, and stickiness your wayom.gif!




Oh, and I forgot earlier... I have belated birthday wishes for Calcycanth and Boots! jumpers.gif

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Generally, Aunt Flo and I have a pretty decent relationship. She comes to visit every month, but always calls ahead to let me know she's coming and only stays a couple days. Her visits are mildy annoying, but she doesn't really interfere with my life. Last month, however, I tried to take her spot and put a baby in it. Apparently, I pissed her off. I tried to explain that it would only be for a little less then a year, and then I would welcome her back whenever she wanted to come. She barged into my life in a rage last night, at 1:30AM (usually she arrives promptly at 8AM), determined to not let me sleep. After drugging her with Advil, she finally let me rest for a couple hours before my alarm went off at 5. 


Now I know why AF was such a burden on some of my classmates in high school, when they got BC literally to deal with symptoms. I have never experienced hip pain like that in my life. It's usually a twinge to let me know she's coming the day before. Damn last night sucked.


However, I'm relieved I don't have to spend money on a blood test, I can do my race next Saturday, and I'm no longer in three week wait limbo!


Now, back to studying. If I visit here again today, yell at me, I have way too much to do today. 


TickleToes - For some reason, all the six-toed kitties I know are the sweetest most lovey cats I've been around. Must be something special in those extra digits!



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Bel – Lots and lots of hugs to you!!  hug2.gif  We all completely understanding your need to take a break – we’ve all been there.  Just know we’ll be thinking about you and praying for you.  And more hugs for you. grouphug.gif


Taxi – I would be honored to chart-stalk you while you are charting!  I like chart-stalking.  J  And I must say you have the most positive attitude ever, and I think that is so cool.  It don’t think I ever made it to the positive attitude place that you are in… I had a hard time just finding “peace.”  But you are so right, miracles do happen, and I think the ladies in this thread are proof.  And one day very soon you’ll be proof too!  I can’t wait for you to get your BFP, I think I’ll be just as happy for you as I was for my own BFP. 


Boots – Okay, you got me… I want to knit a baby blanket. shy.gif   I started this weekend, got a good bit into it, totally screwed up, and had to start over.  I cried… stupid hormones.  I did some YouTube research, so I think I’m on the right path now.   Thanks for the book suggestion, and offer of other help!  I’m so sorry that you aren’t feeling well, yet again.  I hope you get your scorching heat soon enough – maybe the heat will kill all germs and keep you healthy! 


Hykue – I totally understand the whole not being super confident about the BFP.  Even though I never had a miscarriage, I’ve still been very antsy and nervous about this pregnancy.  I think it’s because it took us so long to get it, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening or that it’ll actually stick.  When I announced the news to my sister and told her why we had waited, “to make sure everything was okay,” her response was “Why wouldn’t everything be okay?”  I thought about it for a while, and I don’t know why it wouldn’t be – good point.  And even if you have had one miscarriage, it doesn’t increase your odds for future miscarriages, so chances are good for both of us that everything WILL be okay.  I know that even if it makes logical sense, it doesn’t make it any easier to believe or accept.  But just know I’m praying hard for sticky beans for all three of us (me, you, and Tank). 


TickleToes – Your cats are so pretty - I love cats!  I have a cat named Gypsy!  It was a cat I got in high school, and she lives with my parents.  Well, actually she decided she didn’t like my parents annoying dogs, so she moved to my parents’ neighbor, but I still go visit her every time I visit my parents.  She’s about 18 years old, but still a tough cat.  Also, hugs for the recent pregnancy announcements – I think we’ve all cried over pregnancy announcements even though we are happy for the person.  hug2.gif And I like your bright side!  I hope you are feeling better soon!!!


Baby dust to all the ladies in the 2ww!  I know there’s still a lot of you… hoping for some more BFPs soon!!   dust.gif


wave.gif    Hi to all the new ladies, and anyone I didn’t respond to personally – I got a bit behind in posts, and it was hard to catch up.  Sorry! 

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Good Morning..


Northstar- Beautiful Haiku.  Keep those coming!  flowersforyou.gif


Tickletoes - we have a cat named Simon, too!!  It's a great cat name.  I also had a cat named Spencer and then both my SIL and my friend named their first borns Spencer.  Sort of funny, my DH had a dog named Eric and my sister named her first born Eric.  We're all on the same page, I guess.  As for people being pregnant all around you - join the club.  And making the doctor call, although I was terrified, it seems to have answered a lot of questions for us.  I did not want to make the appointment. The news was not what we wanted to hear.  Most of the time, according to my regular OB/GYN, it's something really simple.  I don't know if you remember those posts from me, but she made me feel so hopeful that so much could be done to just get us on the right track.  And now, even though the news is not great, we're at least moving forward.  Valh really supported me in getting my appointment, our gal Val says.. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! thumb.gif


Birdie - I'm sorry if I brushed off the fact that finances would keep you trying naturally.  I am pretty sure that if you keep trying naturally, even in our (me and DH) case it will happen.  I am just too impatient to wait and if that means dipping into the future child's college fund.. I'm going to do it.  BUT - we are pulling out all the stops this cycle, coming up this week.  I will do anything to help make this natural conception.  (and don't get me wrong, the main thing I'm thinking about is, how we're going to handle the $$).  Not the shots or anything, but where is this cash going to come from.. some how it always works out.  Haven't been hungry yet.. eat.gif


ShannonO - WTH?  af.gif is one touchy B****.  I mean, you were totally polite and sweet about it.  I hope she settles down.  Good luck on your race, I feel like now that she showed up you're going to do awesome!!  It's perfect timing IMO.  GOO SHANNONO!  I'll be with you in spirit!  


Bootsie - NO MORE SICKIES FOR YOU!  NO MORE! GET BACK SICKIES fencing.gifGET BACK!  I hope you have a relaxing day off.. gotta love those presidents.  My DH joked with me all day yesterdat that because Franklin Pierce is my favorite president (he's not but that's a running joke with my US Government and History buff DH - who doesn't think much of FP) I don't get to celebrate president's day.  It's ironic that the IRS takes away a US Holiday from us serving them.. Now as for the hot weather, I don't like hot, but I truly understand how the cold is messing with you and there is a reason so many people move to AZ.. it's a great place for people with allergies.  Nice and dry and HOT! You've had a tough winter season.. I hope it gets better for you.  And the "Ride Along" - so funny.. and so cool you have someone like that in your life.  


OH and I agree with Cathelini.. PUBLIC SCHOOL ROCKS!  I know lots of awesome teachers in public school winky.gif I am a public school/state college gal.. and not for nothing, I have the least expensive education in comparison with DH, SIL, Sister and BIL... and guess who has the most earning potential.. That's right.. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL KID! orngbiggrin.gif I was just making a joke, it's sort of my way of coping with the impending worries I am having.  For most people, the Medical Deduction on your tax return is a tough one to actually get to take, NOT THIS YEAR!!  HA - IRS TAKE THAT!!  (and give me back my holiday.. ) biglaugh.gifAlthough, I'm thinking, if Hykue is going to homeschool, maybe I could put my future child in her school, the commute to Saskatchewan would be brutal.. I'd probably be late for work.  ROTFLMAO.gif


Nmouse, umm.. I'm right there with you.. DH and I were high school sweethearts and his mother was so freaked out that he would get me pregnant (we weren't even BD'ing at the time) she showed up at my mom's house and told her to put me on BC.  yikes2.gif Now she wants grandkids.. HELLO??!?!  I'm sure at 18 we could have provided more she could have ever wanted.  AH WELL..


Hykue, luxlove.gif the sarcasm of the crowns and our children finding them uncool.  I'll have to ask DH what the going term is out here.. he's always coming home with the new slang and I'm like WHAT????  Or one time he came home and showed me the newest dance craze.. called "The Jerk".  First he showed me, then he showed me some of his students on You Tube, because unbeknownst to him they had been making a video of themselves in his classroom and he's actually in the video.  His version of the dance was FAR FAR different than the talented kids... so funny! P.S. You really had some wise things to say in your last post. I think you're a really kind and caring person.  


Ram - I love your positive thinking!!  Telling DH that you'll be craving ice cream in preparation for your BFP!  


Valh - get to knitting.. you have less than 9 months to go and I am predicting two!  SO you better get your knit on!  And you're getting two neices/nephews too.. so maybe you should set your goal to four blankets.  knit.gifAnd thanks for chart whispering for me.  I've bought all my supplies... we're going full bore. 


Soo.. I know I'm going to leave someone out here.. I totally don't mean to, but between conversing with my mother in Paris over IM and trying to write this.. I've got to go get ready for work.  HOWEVER.. one thing I want to mention.  Both Hykue and Valh were not "feeling" it the months they got their BFP's.  So any of you in the TWW that are feeling discouraged, please.. keep your chin up.  dust.gif

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Ladies, it sounds like it's been a rough weekend...please don't be offended if I don't reply to everyone personally but you all are in my thoughts and prayers!! I am truly glad I found this place - hubby says all I'm talking about is getting pregnant and at least here people understand why I was up before 6:00am (I started waking up at 4:32 today but I was able to toss and turn myself back to sleep) and planning a run to Wal-Mart right after Dunkin Donuts but before I went grocery shopping to get PINK hpts.

ShannonO-good luck with your run!! And I totally understand how you feel about AF. Either she's coming to visit me too OR my skin has reverted back to my teenage years...

Tickle toes-I love your beautiful kitties! Hang in there...joy.gif

ValH-I can hardly sew, so anyone who can knit is waaay ahead of me!

Tax lady-I'm glad you liked my haiku so here's another one.

2nd 2ww Haiku
My back is tender
Boobs went from C to D
No complaint from him

And hubby was impressed I made these up...yes I am that good...innocent.gif
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Just a quick update to say that my blue dye tests weren't wrong. I got a pink FRER positive this morning, 13dpo. I don't know what to think, and I have a deadline today so I CAN'T think, but I am excited!



oh and Hykue: The doc said my remaining ovary would completely compensate, hormonewise. Tho, that doctor who said that seemed to think I was too fat to get pregnant, so maybe she didn't think I was ovulating anyway, but I guess she was wrong :).  also, that is so funny about your cat. Maybe you will have to build something like a shark cage, but for cosleeping & keeping cats out! 

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Holy crap nmouse, you move FAST!  Well, great big congratulations!  joy.gif  Let me know when you'd like to be moved to our BFP list!  Sending you sticky vibes!

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Congratulations nmouse this is wonderful news:joy
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Shannon - sorry that you saw the uglier side of Aunt Flohug2.gif. I keep around a microwavable heat bag for dealing with the pain, that combined with drugging her tends to help. I think extra toed cats ARE special! Tokyo is so funny... she sometimes just wigs out for no apparent reason and plays ninja-kitty on the sofa... or gets so excited when I come near that she throws her head from side to side like a mad bull. She also LOVES being spun around on the floor. She will lay down and try to spin herself sometimes. Best of luck with your race!


Val - If you get into the knitting, you should check out ravelry.com. Its social networking for knitters and crocheters and you can share projects and patterns and stuff. I'm just starting out myself and I like to poke around on that site. I could always use more friends (You too, Boots & Birdie & anyone else!).


Taxlady - I do remember some of your posts after getting the doc appointments started. Thank you for reminding me about them and about how hopeful you felt about getting on the right track. That makes me feel better about it. Thanks!


Birdie - He's coming home tonight.... well, early tomorrow morning! I'm very excited because I've missed him... and we've got some business to do! winky.gif I like your new goal - whatcha doing to stay so positive?

Northstar - I am loving the haikus! Thanks for sharing them thumb.gif!



Nmouse!!! Oh my goodness! Yay! joy.gifI love seeing BFPs on here.


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congrats nmouse!

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Thanks for the good luck ladies. 


nmouse - Congratulations!


Northstar - I'm loving the poetry


birdie - Whenever I need to remind myself to be positive, I take a look at one of these talks. http://www.ted.com/search?q=happiness The ones by Ricard and Rao are really good. 

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nmouse: CONGRATS!!!! So glad those blue dye tests were right for you! joy.gif
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Taxlady – I’m chart-stalking you already!  Looks like your fertile time is coming up in about a week, very exciting!!!  I’ll keep stalking lurk.gif, and praying hard for a good outcome. 


Birdie – Yay for your new positivity goal!  And good luck with the smiley OPKs, hope they smile at you very soon.  J


Northstar – Love the haikus!  Keep ‘em coming. 


Nmouse – CONGRATS!!  joy.gif


Wow, three BFPs in one month, this thread is on FIRE!  Okay, who’s next?  I know there are still several ladies in the 2WW out there.   fingersx.gif  for more BFPs.


TickleToes – I will have to check out that website – I could probably use all the knitting help I can get!  I know you said you are just getting started, how long have you been at it?  What kind of projects are you working on?

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Nmouse: CONGRATS!!!!thumbsup.gif

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