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Gumshoe: So, so sorry about Gus.  That kind of loss is wrenching enough, but to have it happen so suddenly--terrible.  Big hugs. grouphug.gif

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Gumshoe hug.gif
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Gumshoe, I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. hug.gif

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Gumshoe~ That's so awful, I'm so sorry. Biggest of hugs xoxoxoxo

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awww... gumshoe, that's terrible news. candle.gif
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts and virtual hugs.  Gus was more than a fur-baby.  He was *totally* my kid.  DW and I had been a couple for a year, and we got Gus two weeks before we moved in together.  It would have been 7 years this month.  He has been an integral part of our relationship and couple story.  I miss him horribly.  Today is better than yesterday and I'm crying a lot less (I'm sure that the pregnancy hormones are not assisting me at all in this area).  Tonight will be hard because DW had to go out of town for work and Gus is who I snuggled with in her absence.  DW put one of his stuffed animals in our bed for me.  I'm not working today, but just getting stuff done around the house, mostly in the nursery.

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Gumshoe~ I'm glad you have chores to distract you, but it'll be a long night for sure. I'm so sorry xoxoxo

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Gumshoe- I can't imagine, I feel the same way about our dog- she is like our child. ::hugs:: 


AFM- heading to the hospital in a few hours! I am a mix of excitement for meeting the baby and a little bit of nervousness at the process but trying to just focus on the excitement that we will be holding our baby sometime in the very near future. Thank you all for the support of this community over the past year, you all rock and it is so exciting to be sharing the big day with other queer mamas & TTCers! stillheart.gif Yup, I am mushy today! 

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Burg:  GOOD LUCK!  It is incredibly exciting that you'll have your little girl either today or tomorrow.  I hope the induction goes well--can't wait to hear your story!  Lots of ELVs coming your way! goodvibes.gif

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Burg~ GOOD LUCK!!!!!  Sending you all the best and eager to hear your story. You'll have your baby soon!!!

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burg, can't wait to hear the news!!! love.gif ELV!!! goodvibes.gif
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Whoohoo Burg !

Tonight, you'll fall in love... amazing huh ?




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Thinking of you, Burg!  What a magical time!

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So glad it's baby time for you, Burg! (FYI though, our babies were both born at 43+ weeks, and were very healthy, so you need not fear the post-term baby. thumb.gif)

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Coco~ That pic of the twins is just adorable!!! Such cuties!! 


I'm going to revisit a previous QOTD about the ickiest, most embarrassing things about being pregnant and say that it's the fact that I've sprouted a dozen moles and weird dark skin tags.  There's even one on my areola!  Yuck!! Is anyone else having this problem?  

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Dude, in response to your QOTD, my boobs are so gross.  I never thought I'd say that.  I love my boobs.  Always have.  And now my nips/areoli (as?  i?) are covered in moles.  So so so so so gross.  I can't imagine that I'm ever going to feel sexy again. 

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Cejae~ I'm so glad to hear you say that!  I'd be freaking out about cancer if I didn't know it was typical with pregnancy. Still, it's pretty nasty. I can't see them going away, either, which bothers me the most. 

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QOTD: pick me, pick me! tiny skin tags all over my neck, at least one on my left areola and a huge one inside my belly button (which is soon to be on the outside!) i also have dark spots under my eyes and on my areoli (?)... and i think i'm forming a that dark line on my belly... i forget what it's called.

i saw this QOTD over in QTTC and am going to ask you all here: where/how did you come up with your username/handle? mine is part of my name.

coco, i just saw the video you posted on FB of the twins!!! my DP and i are gushing over here!! i love love love how they are just all up in each others business... it's really something special that they have each other and have been so close to each other for so long already! friends for life! love.gif
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Man! Now I want to be Coco's facebook friend so I can see the twins!! Such cuties!!!


Wehrli~ I don't have the dark line, but I'm crazy with the skin tags. I like the one in the navel, though. That's pretty unique.    My navel is practically flat. I'm hoping it pops out soon. 

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Happy birthing day, Burg!!!  You're going to get to meet your daughter soon!  I hope everything goes as you have imagined.


QOTD: On moles and skin tags.  Hrrrmmm...I didn't know those were pregnancy symptoms.  I guess something is going my way as I'm missing out on those orngbiggrin.gif.  Well, I don't have any skin tags to report.  I did have lots of moles/freckles prior to pregnancy on my chest and arms primarily, so if there are any new marks to report, I wouldn't be able to tell you.  My belly button is still an innie, and I'm not sure it's going to pop.  I don't have that line on my belly.  So far, no new stretch marks either. 


I am, however, one of those people who has eczema that gets exacerbated by pregnancy.  A little patch on my finger has now exploded to cover three fingers.  It's really annoying because it's itchy and does crack.  It's like having really dry skin and I now hate to wash my hands or get them wet.  Not so helpful when you now pee as much we do.


But the grossest thing, in my opinion, is pregnancy discharge. Enough said on that one.

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