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Oh Gumshoe!  Oh, dear!  Mastistis sucks!  Nursing on all fours worked for me, along with positioning babes chin over the trouble spot while nursing (descibed better on kellymom.com).  And hot compresses and massage.  My thoughts are with you and you boobies!  I hope you can sort out any placental retention that might've happened. 


Escher ... We decline the Nuchal Screen.  Too many worrisome false positives, and both DP and I are on the exact same page in that terminating a pregnancy is not an option for us.  So, like a couple of the other folks mentioned above, we do the 20 week anatomy scan, so that we can be prepared to intervene at birth or learn more about any presenting issue that we might need to deal with.  The scary one for me is Trisomy 18, but even with that, we're prepared to love up that baby for as long as he or she is with us. 



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Good morning~ A gorgeous day outside! It's finally springtime I believe (at least for a few minutes, this is Oklahoma after all. It could snow next week, or destroy all our houses with a giant tornado. Who knows!  I just hope it stays nice this weekend. I'm serious about that Indian Taco!



Starling~ I like your idea too!  Channa masala in some fry bread would rock the house!   I love the idea of a First Nations Bannock, though. I'll suggest the change of sign ;)  I'm sorry about your food troubles, it sounds like utter misery.  At least in the library I can strictly curtail the amount of food (and dog shit) that comes through the doors.  Beef jerky is really good, though.  


Seraf~ I forgot to comment about the library card thing!! WTF?!!??!!??!?!??!?!?  That's total crap library practice, I'll have you know. I'm glad your kiddo's a good eater, I do worry about that. My nephew won't eat anything but Eggo waffles and instant mac n cheese (though my sister is lazy enough to enable this).  I just want her to try stuff.  I'll get her the Eating the Alphabet book and we'll make it a game. Smart thinking! You should mention it to your library!


Painefaria~ Nice to see you! Thanks for checking in, and I'm so glad everything is going well. You're closer than you think!!   



Amy~  Chat away! You're always interesting.  I agree with you about the Biz of being Born, and it did make me reconsider, but in the end I'm happy with what we've chosen. Well, I guess we'll see if we still like it after it's all over.   I'm glad your baby's kicking up a storm. It's the very best feeling!



Miz Yellow~ I will give you the yummy blow by blow as soon as I get back this afternoon!!



Gumshoe~ YIKES!!!!!!!  I was reading your green pus description and apparently made the most horrifying face because DP shouted 'OMG what's wrong!'  I'm very sorry you're going through that, but at least you know what it is now and can work on getting it taken care of.   Hopefully this will be the end of your ignunce and then you'll be able to settle into your routine.   And yes, I'm resting as much as possible. I just have to be careful not to eat and eat as I lie about the house watching Mystery Science Theater on netflix. I'm getting housework done, though, so that's good.


AFM~ No early labor signs yet, even though DP is driving me up a wall asking me if I'm having mucous breakup or back pain every five minutes ; )   Mostly just focusing on that taco...


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Hi, everyone!  Come on over to April, May, and June!

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Crystal--sending you lots of healing energy. I hope you both have plenty of rest and support to heal. See you back here down the road! heartbeat.gif

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