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Yay!  Congratulations primenumber!  I'd love to see pics of your new little one when you have a chance. 


Very exciting to have our first baby here.  And I agree with Mayfly, where's the pineapple? ;)

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Hooray primenumber!!!  How wonderful.  Sounds fast and furious, but you got your baby!  Enjoy your babymoon!  I hope your soreness feels better soon.

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Wow, so exciting! That is crazy how fast it all went, but of course you were halfway there a few days ago! Can't wait to see pictures! And I'm sure we all want details: weight, length, the whole enchilada!

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Congratulations, Prime Number!  I imagine a birth like that will take some processing, but, well--BABY!  Also, the bit about "I will beat you with your wallet!"--I laughed out loud and shared with my mom and DH.


Wish I had a baby now, instead of a foggy sleep-deprived haze.  I labored gently but steadily all night--contractions mild but an average of 5 minutes apart from 10 in the evening 'til they petered out (a bit, not all the way) at 4:30 in the morning.  I got about three hours sleep off and on, but by full light, labor was definitely postponed.  Meanwhile, my mom, my husband, me...all tired, and in my case at least deeply frustrated and more than a little annoyed to now be sleeping on crinkly plastic.  Blaaaaah.  Now if I follow the same pattern as last time, contractions will come back with the evening, and here's the kicker--after most of a week of positively spring-like behavior, tonight we're meant to have 3-6 inches of sleet and snow!!  And my midwife has to drive an hour to begin with.


It was...nice, though.  A very gentle labor.  I wish I could just relax about weather and people's drives and schedules and just enjoy me and baby working together so gently.  I'd love to think that it could go on just like that...maybe.


WOW!  Good news just in...my husband's actually getting a week's leave!  He didn't last time (same company), and they hadn't said anything until just now this time.  So instead of just having one week's vacation, he's got a week vacation and a week of paid leave!  Trying to use that to be more relaxed.

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Congratulations Prime!!!!  Yay!  Our first baby!!!  Although I feel like K, Ali, Squrrl & Lousli aren't far behind!!!


My OB appt went well on Friday (aside from the fact that they were running so late that I fell asleep on the table waiting for the doc...well, that was actually kind of nice).  She did my GBS test & I'm negative again.  She ended up checking me (since my pants were off already.  LOL) and I'm 2-3cm 60% effaced...about the same as my other 2. 


It's interesting because after being checked on Friday and then walking around the zoo for 5 hours on Saturday, I'm actually having FEWER contractions than I'd been having before.  No worries though.  I'm only 36w 2d, so I've got plenty of time.


I cleared out the closet in the baby room on Friday night (and found an entire bag of clothes that I'd put away for DS!).  I also picked up the infant carseat and some more baby clothes from a friend on Saturday.  Jason's been working on decorating the baby room all weekend (it's a surprise, so I'm not allowed to see it until it's done) and then yesterday he cleaned out the garage.  We went through ALL of the kids' toys and pared it down to one storage tote of outside/garage toys and one basket of toys for the basement playroom (which is actually our guest room).  We filled my SUV with stuff to donate.  It's SO nice to get all that stuff out!!!  Now onto the rest of the house....


I'm actually feeling like I may be ready to have this baby!!! 

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Congrats Prime! That sounds like it was crazy fast mama! I think some more babies will be on their way tojoin yours soon.

I'm not sure when this baby will come now. I had menstrual like cramping and loss of some plug for most of last week. Yesterday my body gently cleaned itself out and I felt all contrax like again most of the day. I don't time them so not sure how close or long. Last night I slept terribly with this cough I have. My asthma was all geared up and now my belly muscles are killing me. Also need to get some panty liners because the coughing is not working well with the weak bladder!

Yesterday I would have almost sworn labor would come in a day or two but today I'm feeling very little aside from a few mild contrax and more energy than I've had In a week. Oh well. I'm not really in a hurry but I was kind of hoping I could be done with work.

How is everyone feeling today?
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forest-mama, I'm feeling a lot like you!  I could have sworn things were moving along (losing plug, frequent stools, contractions and cramping) and then today...not a heck of a lot!  I slept well, finally, for the first time in a long while, and I feel pretty good.  I feel like there is a lot I could or should be doing, but just don't have much motivation to do anything that isn't fun/baby related.  So I'm just kind of loafing around this morning and my girls are playing together really nicely. 


I think if I can manage not to go crazy, I'd like to stay pregnant for another week until my OB is back in town.  It is just going to be a long week of trying to keep myself busy but not exhausting myself.  This whole end of pregnancy thing is all new to me!

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YAY!  Congrats Prime!  I'm also looking forward to pictures if you want to post them.  


I've had an interesting morning.  DH lost his keys after he got home on Saturday night, we all searched furiously through the house yesterday (and he cleaned a bunch because of it, hehe).  Still hadn't found them this morning, so he took my car to work.  Of course it died on the way there, and his phone died right after he called me to tell me to call his work and a tow truck.  He ended up walking home (he was 2-3 miles away) and immediately found his keys in my top dresser drawer.  So, I guess it worked out well that I didn't have to deal with the broken down car with my huge self and a 3 year old.  


And I think I talked my midwife into coming over here today, as I had an appointment at 4 and didn't know if I would have a car to drive.  


Haven't had too many contractions since Saturday night, just some crazy cervix pressure last night.  Whoooo-weeeee!


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Lousli- I can see why you'd want to wait for your OB to be back. I'd want to wait too. Today I'm just doing stuff around the house- I actually want to beeping it for some odd reason. My DD is having a good day hanging out in her pjs. I'm so glad I work for the City and have the day off. It's sunny here and I'm enjoying the rays coming in the windows. I don't think I'd be enjoying it nearly as much if I were at work.

I don't care for this teaser labor. I can see why it drives people crazy. I just didn't really have this last time except for after my water broke and I labored 2 days. I'm 38w today and had dd at 39w 5 d.
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I have had a few contractions today, but nothing major at all.  My OB delivered my last dd and he has agreed to be specifically on call for me this time.  I know he is really good about respecting my wishes, and I feel comfortable with him.  There's another doc in the practice I really do not like and i just really don;t want it to be him.  So yeah, if she can wait a week, that would.


But I must confess that this pregnancy feels sooooo long!  My first was 36 and my second was 33.  So at 37 today with no end in sight, I'm just kind of pacing around like a caged animal thinking it could be 4 more weeks!  Yikes!  I think what is driving me a little nuts is that with PROM, you've got no question what is going on.  But the prodromal stuff is messing with my head.

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Milosmomma: We're doing a purge too. It feels so good!


Squrrl: That's fantastic that your DH gets a week leave. Will he take that off when you've had the baby?


We've been making good progress his weekend. We still have a lot to do but we've made a dent. I'm washing the couch covers now-that is my slightly irrational nesting urge for today. I was in the shower and realized it just had to be done, immediately.


It's so warm here today that DD went in her pool. I still have PTSD from the heat last summer (our first here) and it made feel panicky. The weather is actually really nice now but we had to turn on fans and it's only Feb.!

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Congrats Primenumber!!!



I'm 38wks and 1day. Dh is home too!!! Baby can come anytime now!!!! :D

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This is my daughter, Ada, just 20 minutes or so after birth.  She is  7 pounds, 6 ounces and 21 inches long.


Good luck to everyone else!  I wish you fast births, but with less screaming than mine.

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Primenumber, congrats, she's so precious!  I am so excited that we have our first DDC baby!  Welcome sweet Ada!


Now, I hope it's catching for those early March Mamas who like me feel ready....today at my non-prenatal Dr.'s appt for the first time my BP was high and I gained 7 lb since last Wed (huh??)...I haven't felt great for the last two days so I hope this is not pre-e stuff...we'll see how it goes at tomorrow's prenatal...

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The sweetest Prime! Congrats again!
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Mazel tov, Prime! She's beautiful. How exciting to be the FIRST!!!

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congrats Pirme.. She's beautiful....


now that you have broken the no baby barrier hopefully some little ones start showing up.

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Got a pedicure today and my once swollen blue gross feet are now pink and sleek and healthy looking. lol


Emotional!! Cried at church yesterday and had melt down because people kept interrupting my nap today.


I'm having way less ctx this time than usual. Now that I have said that...



Congrats to the newest momma!



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I'm 37 weeks today!  I'm trying really hard to stay positive about at least another 2 more weeks, but...I am so heavy, so uncomfortable.  My belly is so tight I don't see how I could possibly get any bigger.  My midwives keep remarking how they are surprised that I have no new stretch marks this pregnancy.  I'm sure they are on the way if we go much longer.  I still have one more band bus to drive for my dd's band class on Wednesday morning.  After that, technically my calendar is clear.  It's just dh's schedule which is complicated--working full time, plus night classes Mon, Tues, and Wed.  He doesn't have any more classes on Friday, just his final assignments to turn in.  The Wed night class finishes up the 9th, which is what I've been aiming for, but I just don't know.  The normal slowing of baby movements are sort of freaking me out with the twins, cause I'll feel one more than the other, and then have to poke at someone until they move for me. LOL  It's hard for me to remember if I specifically felt both move well throughout the day.  It's so much easier to have them out where I can put my eyes on them!  Then again, two more weeks is really not that long!  It only feels like forever when you're pregnant!


Sorry for the whine!  


Primenumber, your daughter is beautiful.  Enjoy your baby moon!

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She's beautiful primenumber!  Congratulations again!

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