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February Chat!

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It's February now...Time for a new chat thread.  I don't know why I'm always the one to start a new thread.  Just seems once they get past 10 pages I can't keep track of everyone.  And I like starting over again!


I am pretty sure we are all hitting 3rd tri. now, right??  Even the end of April girls should be hitting 27 weeks. 


How is everyone feeling??  Seems like we're all getting pretty chatty again like we were in the beginning. 


I've been working A LOT and not getting nearly enough done around the house.  Tonight we have a carpet person coming to measure for new carpets in the bedrooms and I have a lot to do to get things straightened up before he comes.  But I'm excited to get new carpets.  I"m not going to be working any extra shifts anymore and I am going to try to focus on getting ready.  I sure could use some of that nesting energy to hit me soon!! 


I've been feeling okay just tired and I have a headache but its because I ran out of contacts and the new ones aren't in yet.  I'm going crazy. The only glasses I have are old and give me a headache.  I ordered new contacts yesterday but I'm guessing they won't be in until the end of the week.  Its really very annoying!! 


I am starting to outgrow the maternity clothes I bought early on.  I went to motherhood yesterday and got 4 bras and 2 shirts.  I was stuffing my poor boobs into a way too small bra.  The girls feel much better in the bras I got- and they are nursing bras so hopefully they will last me a while. 


oh and in case you missed my message on the last chat thread.... for you preterm labor peeps....STOP CONTRACTING!! 

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Thanks for starting a new thread.


Starcat-I'm glad you won't have to work as much. I can't imagine that. I know you must be exhausted. Hoping nesting mode hits soon for you too! So much to get done isn't there?? I'm hopeless without my contacts too! You actually reminded me that I need to order some more. I wear my glasses at home but only when I have to!


Nerdymom-I'm glad you didn't have to say the night in l and d! Those are the MOST uncomfortable beds EVER. When I went to my dr's office I was joking that I didn't know how women spent hours in labor on those beds hooked up to monitors and they said it's only by the grace of an epidural. Stay hydrated and get some rest!


I had a rough night. I woke up after about 3 hours with contractions but nothing super regular. I finally had to get up and get something to eat and drink and I buried myself in a mound of pillows on our sectional and was finally able to get back to sleep. Only 6 or so hours of sleep total. Bleh. Today is a nap day for sure if my 3yo will cooperate. She's really outgrowing naps but I'm going to push them for the next few weeks. The kids will go with my IL's for a few hours tomorrow and they're actually taking them to the circus on Friday so that will help. One day at a time.


I'm just SO glad I went crazy with the nesting in January. My house is decluttered so we just have to focus on sweeping, dishes, etc and getting baby things. I'm so glad we sprang for a new sectional right after Christmas too. It's amazing and just in time!


I'm starting to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm probably having a baby next month. Crazy!!!

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Slept horribly. But not nearly as horribly as I would have in L&D that is for sure. Those beds are the modern equivalent of the rack. I had a planned HB last time, I was in labor for about 36 hours before we transferred, I remember little of the hospital amenities. If that is what I have to look forward to, I'm going to UC at home!!! Ouchie, no wonder so many women get epis.


Having some BH this morning, just my usual, no cramping or pain this time, praise be. We've got to go fetch DS from my mom's house this morning. I wonder how he did overnight. He's never spent the night over there before. I also have a hair appointment scheduled and I'll be darned if I miss that. I haven't had a haircut in over a year! I've been outgrowing an ill-chosen pixie and now that it is below my shoulders I feel like it's time to do something new. Plus, I have GREY HAIR. I'll turn 25 on April 21st. I am not amused. That's right. Grey hair before the age of 25. :'( So I figure if I'm going to go gray early, I might as well have a nice haircut.



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Starcat- I have outgrown the first set of maternity clothes I bought too. I found that I tend to outgrow the 2nd set during the last month where I just give up and wear huge over sized t-shirts around the house with pajama pants under my belly.


Stacey- Hopefully you get your nap and those contractions stay away.


Nerdymom- The same goes for your contractions! Hoping they don't return and you can get some rest too.


Everyone in my house (including me) is sick with bad colds. We all know what happens to pregnant ladies if they cough too much. Ick. DH keeps telling me he is going to buy me some diapers. I'm lucky to get more than a couple hours of sleep without waking up to cough/pee/drink water/rearrange pillows. So that's my whine of the day. :(

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Hello! Glad to see a new thread. The other one got too long for me to keep up with redface.gif


Hope you ladies with cntx see them disappear for several more weeks!


nerdymom, I'm 25 and regularly pull 3 or 4 gray hairs from my head :( I can handle those, but no more please!


Nothing much happening with me. Last week at my 30 wk appt the mw measured me at 35 weeks, so she ordered a growth u/s. I'll have that in a few hours. By the evening there's a sharp pain with numbness on my left ribs that radiates to my back that leaves me useless, and the pubic pain is starting to rear it's ugly head, and I'm already starting to feel short of breath while working out, but that's all normal pregnancy stuff for me. I'm really feeling pretty good!


Looking forward to keeping up with you ladies this month!

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oh my goodness, since i actually have a march edd (the 28th or the 31st) it's blowing my mind that next month is march!!! i'm sure the baby will come in april, but still. eek!!!

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Yay new thread! :)


nerdymom- I'm glad the ctx have stopped. Hope they stay that way!


starcat-- bummer about the glasses. I've had to deal with old prescriptions while waiting for a new pair and it stinks bigtime. Hope your eyes adjust soon. Of course, they will just in time to get the new contacts right? :P  I'm also outgrowing my first round of maternity clothes. I need to dig through the bins again and pull out some larger things. Right now I'm mostly wearing DH's big tshirts and a couple of large sweatshirts and flannel shirts. That's me, the height of fashion LOL


I've been making good progress on my to-do list. Getting rooms decluttered one by one. Last week I had to do the kitchen even though it wasn't in my plans. DS1 decided to see what would happen if he sprayed a fire extinguisher. Ugh. Messy. But the kitchen is now about 75% decluttered and reorganized.... so if it had to happen, at least good came of it.


I'm 28 weeks now. Had a MW visit with the GTT last week. Last night I got home to a message from the office about my lab work. I was terrified i had failed, but fortunately it was just my iron. Pheeeeewwwwww. I'm feeling pretty good but tired (hmm, anemia maybe? lol)  and having really bad pubic pain. I need to get int to see the chiro.


We had an ice storm last night, and I'm feeling like baking this afternoon.

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Alright ladies... everyone drink a glass of water while you're checking our new chat thread!  I hope those of you with contractions are able to take it easy and keep those babies in a while longer!


I'm taking care of my sick DSS who stayed home from school today with a fever and cough.  I hope he feels better soon and I really really hope no one else catches what he has.  I'm flying across the country Thursday morning and definitely don't want to be sick for my shower trip.  And I really don't want to leave DP here with 3 sick kids while I'm gone.  I'm going to be chasing everyone around with bottle of vitamins and tinctures when they get home!  We've all done so well this winter, I was sick in Dec, but otherwise everyone has been staying healthy.


I have to pack my stuff up for my trip and I just don't want to do it.  I hate packing.  meh... boo hoo.  I'll only be gone 4 days, but it just seems overwhelming right now to collect up my clothes and bathroom gear and put them in a suitcase.  I'm such a baby sometimes.  I'll be seeing my mother at my shower and I'm supposed to spend the day with her on Sunday.  I love my mother, but she has been really getting on my nerves lately.  We have a sort of tenuous relationship so I'm just a little nervous about being able to bite my tongue and keep our time together pleasant.  I'm sure it will be fine and when I'm there I will just be happy to see her. 


Thanks for starting a new chat thread Starcat!

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i was going to go for my GTT last week but came down with a nasty stomach bug , so my MW canceled it  because even though I felt better my results would be off. I need to reschedule. I passed on the delicious glucola and opted for a food trial instead. Thank God. I would never eat soemthing with those kind of flavors and colors ever so that cant give any kind of idea how my body will really react. 

I'm also dealing with a lot of contractions here as well, I guess I am not alone. However my cervix still seems pretty high up and pretty tight. this baby is also a rolly mover vs a punch kick bouncer. Anyone else have a roller baby. I always have knees and elbows pressing out somewhere. ( i love spinning babies website)

Also anyone dealing with super dizzy spells? WTH is up with that. some days I barely feel pregnant others I feel like a horse. 

I'm having body issues as well. My hips and pelvis are really bad, some days I can barely walk which sucks with 4 other kids. I pee all the time (more laundry GREAT) but mostly I wish I was that woman who felt beautiful pregnant. I don't. not even a little. It bothers me that I cant be more proud and happy about what my body is doing. anyone else bothered with this. 

I'm pretty sure I'm having a monkey BTW... since my heartburn is out.of.control. even the papaya isn't helping.


for all you PTL mommies, I hope your all resting and doing OK.

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Did one of you mama's that went into LD say they gave you a shot to stop the CTX? what do they give you? DH is curious to know.

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Usually if its a shot it will be terbutaline.


Dierdre- I can't believe your shower is this weekend! That is so exciting- I know you've been looking forward to it. I can't wait to hear all about it! Will you be the first to have a shower in the DDC?  Somebody needs to start a baby shower thread so we can hear all about them as they start happening.

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For the record, I have my water glass next to me and it is nearly gone.


I have my  next u/s in a couple of weeks.  I'm looking forward to it. 


I had a few braxton hicks contractions as work was winding down today.  I have another busy day for tomorrow, but it is only a half day and a noon meeting, so only 7 hours of work.  I just keep thinking that in a few months I won't have to think about work for awhile.


One of my co-workers was having contractions today (she was due on Sunday) so by noon she punched out and headed over to the hospital.  It will be fun to hear tomorrow her big news.


I'm still working on baby names.  Nothing seems to have stuck so far.  Must do some more thinking.

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Glad to hear that contractions seemed to have stopped for now!


Allison - how much of a mess was the fire extinguisher?  At least your kitchen is done and DS now knows how to use one.


I agree with Becca - all you ladies who are having showers please let us know how they go.  We only do showers for 1st babies in my family so mine were almost 4 years ago!


Michelle - We don't have baby names chosen either.  We're not really concerned though, as it took us 2 1/2 weeks *after* DS was born to name him, we just called him "Baby" until then. :o)  Drove our family nuts. With DD I knew the name before I was certain she was a girl but we still didn't announce it until she was born.


I went through the kids' room and put some things in garbage bags to donate later.  I also packed up some old clothing and am making room in DD's dresser for baby's clothes.  I was also on my hands and knees scrubbing the dining room floor that I'd been neglecting for a couple of weeks.  It looked great for about an hour and then we had lunch.  DD loves to throw her food over her high chair. *sigh*


We're supposed to be hit by a major storm overnight.  About a foot of snow.  I've a MW appt mid-morning so I really hope that the roads are cleared by then.  I'm so glad we have snow tires!


Am finished my glass of water so I'm going to go bother DH!

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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post

Did one of you mama's that went into LD say they gave you a shot to stop the CTX? what do they give you? DH is curious to know.

I had a shot. I don't remember the name (it was 2am) but they told me it was a smooth muscle relaxer. It was not fun, it made my heart race, my body shake all over, I felt nauseous and anxious all over. It was teh suck. But it stopped the contrax.


Originally Posted by StarCat View Post

Usually if its a shot it will be terbutaline.


Dierdre- I can't believe your shower is this weekend! That is so exciting- I know you've been looking forward to it. I can't wait to hear all about it! Will you be the first to have a shower in the DDC?  Somebody needs to start a baby shower thread so we can hear all about them as they start happening.

That could be it, I don't remember. I just looked up the possible side effects and boyo is that ugly. A little scary what it can do to the baby. OMG I might not go back for a next time!


I'm too tired to respond to each person, but thank you all for your well-wishes. I've been drinking lots and enjoying my normal, painless but annoying BH contractions today!


Oh, and I got my hair done.



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Love love love the hair! Looks fantastic on you!

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 It was a dry dust, rather than a foamy mess, which I think is fortunate. But it still got *everywhere* and I had to wipe down and/or wash everything in the kitchen -- all exposed surfaces and everything on them, all the counters and the floor and so forth. Fortunately the cupboard doors were shut, all but one. UNfortunately, the big pot of soup I'd made for dinner and all the leftovers were out and exposed and in direct line of fire, so I had to trash it all :( But yes, at least it's done now (mostly, I have a few more drawers and cupboards to sort through and organize). And you're right, DS now knows how to use one, which is a good thing!

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Allison - how much of a mess was the fire extinguisher?  At least your kitchen is done and DS now knows how to use one.


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Nerdymama- your hair looks amazing! Great cut- it's easy to see that you like it too- it looks fantastic on you!


I've missed a lot of this chat- seems like lots has happened! I was in Alberta visiting my sister, who was due with her first baby, and I made it in time! I got to be there for the birth, and it was soooooo amazing.  A homebirth, and my other sister was there, and my mom. It was very special.  ;)


My dd will be 4 in April, and she thinks she has a baby in her belly too! I'm wondering how strongly she believes it, and I hope she won't be dissapointed.  I'm thinking of getting her a special doll or something.  My mw took her blood pressure, measured her belly and heard 'the' heartbeat at her request.  Anyone else had a child believe they were having a baby?  It's so cute, I don't want to burst her bubble.


Feeling good- no contractions here, other than the ever-present BH!  Hope you ladies settle down. 

Baby has turned into a very active child- lots and lots of movement.  My mw reasssured me the other day I shouldn't have compared my 'older' 28-week pregnant body to my spry 20 year old sister who was 40 weeks.  She seemed so nimble, and I was so stiff and achey!

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I've just started growing out of my cute and nice maternity clothes and have had to move into my comfortable and definitely not cute clothes! I started out heavier and bigger with DS though, so I have two different sizes of clothes. Hopefully I won't have to go out and get anything new before April fingersx.gif
Originally Posted by StarCat View Post

Will you be the first to have a shower in the DDC?  Somebody needs to start a baby shower thread so we can hear all about them as they start happening.

Originally Posted by windymama View Post

I agree with Becca - all you ladies who are having showers please let us know how they go.  We only do showers for 1st babies in my family so mine were almost 4 years ago!

I had my first shower on Sunday (MIL is supposed to throw one for family in March). My mom hosted it for my friends and 5 of them were able to make it (out of 17 invited). It was at Dream Dinners and I came home with 10 dinners for my freezer. Since it takes only a few minutes to make each meal, we sat and talked and ate for the rest of the time. It was really fun! My mom decided to surprise me with an Asian theme and made rice krispie treats that looked like sushi and made me up a big gift basket with all kinds of yummy food and neat kitchen supplies.

I did some major organizing today in the room where I plan to give birth and then decided to try to collect any birthing supplies we have laying around and that led me to making a couple lists to see what we have and what we need to buy. I'm hoping with the snowstorm this week that I will be able to catch up on a lot of the cleaning I've fallen behind on so I can feel more prepared and not like our house is going to be a disaster area when baby gets here.
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Love the hair!!!  Super cute! 


If it made your heart race, definitely terbutaline. 


Glad the contracting people seem to be settling down!  I've had the past 2 days off and I DO NOT want to go to work today waaaahhhhh.....

I spent all day yesterday cleaning up and getting ready for empire to comje measure for carpets in our house.  We are trying to decide between them and Lowes and they never showed up!!  I called and they were super apologetic and offered $50 off.  (50- really, for 3 rooms of carpet???) I'm bummed because I feel like once the carpet is in then we will be ready.  I guess an extra week is no big deal- but still....they ruined my night.


That baby shower sounds SO cute.  What a great idea.  I am wondering if we have a place like that down here??  I would love to do that with some friends. DO you have pics of your 'sushi'?  Go start a thread and post pics and tell us what you got!! orngbiggrin.gif

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We used to have a Dream Dinners around here and they would offer a deal the month you were due.  Free home delivery or a free meal, something like that.  What a great shower idea!


I'm in the half of the US that isn't having a blizzard today.  We're getting highs of 0F and winds of 35mph.  So far the windchill is -27F and it's suppose to get colder throughout the day.  Oh yea.  All schools have been canceled around here and the girls' ballet studio canceled classes today too.  It's my afternoon off so I can't wait to head home and break out some board games.


Just when I thought we were done at 6, DH mentioned last night when we actually had a moment to ourselves that maybe we should have #7.  Then he said we couldn't discuss it right now because he realized how tired, achey, and miserable I was.  He knew he was on the loosing side of the argument.


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