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Stacey, I'm sorry about the pre-e news!  I hope you can keep the babe in just a couple more weeks!  

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not even sure if i've written in here this month, but i am feeling a little down right now. I am terribly stressed about leaving ds while i am in the hospital. I mean to the point of crying last night before i slept. He has never stayed the night away from us before, he is older (4 1/2) so he can understand better than a toddler, but I just am at a loss as to who we should leave him with. I don't feel terribly close to anyone, although i do trust many people in my family, I am just worried I guess. He doesn't like dogs much and pretty much the only people in my family that can watch him have dogs...My grandma was going to stay with him, but she has been very sick all winter, so i am reluctant to ask her because of her poor health. My dh said a couple of his friends could watch him and they really are our back-up because they are the nearest people to us, but I just am depressed that we don't have any grandparents to leave him with since my parents are passed away and dh's are overseas.



Which brings me to my other rant, gosh pity party over here...I am having my shower next week and it is a joint shower with my cousin and she has invited everyone and their sister, cousin, mother-in law, and of my small guest list besides my family, 2 are definitely not coming, one is probably not coming, and the other I am unsure, probably 50/50 will go. I know it shouldn't matter, but I guess it goes back around that I am sad i don't have that extra family/friend support, and it will be obvious at the shower...


As far as feeling physically, all is well here, progressing well, weight gain has slowed after that big leap this passed month. Will be 33 weeks on tuesday, almost got all the essentials on my list, dh is being a lot nicer these days, ds is being a bit more aggressive, I think he can tell the due date is getting closer. But other than that bit of self pity from above, I am doing fine.

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Had fun date night with DH last night. And now we are having friends and their 3 kids over tonight for supper. They have 1 girl and 2 boys. My 3 1/2 yr old is not very excited about having to play with a boy. I told her that he is just like one of her boy cousins, but that didn't make her any happier. I think it was just late when she found out. I'm sure she'll be fine today. I'm hoping to get to Target over my noon hour, but I've been trying to do that for the past 2 weeks. We'll see if it happens today.

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Thanks for the kind words. We're doing okay. I feel horrible but that's to be expected between the contractions and BP. I see my dr tomorrow so I guess we'll develop a plan to watch the pre-e over the next few weeks. I way already going twice a week with one non-stress test per week so I don't know what else they'll do. I'm trying to get all the baby stuff done soon since they'll deliver me at any time if my bp goes back up, I flunk a non-stress test or something else happens. It's hard to get things done on bedrest though. Oh and we're not actually moving-I just meant we need to get moving on baby stuff to get it done. Sorry about that! :)

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Stacey- sorry you're feeling crappy!  Hope everything stays okay for another few weeks so that baby gets more time to cook!


BabyBird- I'm sorry that you are feeling so down.  I don't have family nearby either but fortunately have DH's family and they are great.  I know its stressful worrying about childcare during labor.  Hopefully it will work itself out for you before the birth!


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I am so done with being pg. Done done done. I am 34 weeks today, but feel like 39+. And the STUPIDNESS in me is letting the nasty thought of induction into my brain. I'm so mad at myself for even allowing it in. I'm SOO against it, but I just want to be done and have a baby and not be physically exhausted. I didnt know how tired I'd be on the third one. This has been a really good pg, nothing to complain about...nothing bad has happened. I'm just done all the sudden. My feet are still skinny with just my ankles swelling a bit. I've gained 40 lbs, with 30 lbs still attached from last pg...so I guess having 70 extra lbs is making this harder.


We went to get groceries yesterday and I had like 10+ BH to the point where I couldnt walk. And he is pushing something into my cervix(has been for awhile now) and its getting to the point of pure pain. I'm wondering if I have a scar from my son, bc its wowza hurting when he does it. My clothes are starting to not fit...yay. And I REFUSE to go buy more! URGH! I cant wear DH's stuff bc he's way smaller than me right now.


Sorry for the whining, crab apple vent but I feel like I'm driving my incredble DH crazy with all my "I'm done" talk. I seriously tell him that multiple times per day. Poor guy.

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