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February Queer Conceptions 2011

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whistling.gifWaiting to O


* Go_Vegan

* SwtRainbowBrite

* Mami2mami 

* 2ezforyou 



fingersx.gifWaiting to Know... Braving the 2WW


* qmama42

* Graceie

* AmandaMom  BFPChart2.gif

* Seraf BFPChart2.gif



baby.gifWorking on IVF


af.gif  Waiting for AF  

* Smilingsara BFPChart2.gif

* RainbowValleyMama


om.gifTaking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready 


* Prettyisa  BFPChart2.gif (May 2011)
* DesertSunset (August 2011)

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Happy Februay!  This can just be for the first day or first week if anyone else wants to make a new thread.  Post updates in bold if you don't mind!


With this being a short month, we have fewer days to get BFPs, but throwing V-day in there has to give us some extra luck, right?  Go get 'em, girls!

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Thanks, Seraf! I hope that this thread brings you lots of luck. fingersx.gif

Krista and Starling: I'm still SO excited for you! orngbiggrin.gif

Teamusery: Wow! What a surprising test result! I hope the blood test goes well. The truth is that one blood test probably won't tell you much (since it seems from your home pregnancy tests that it is unlikely to be actually negative). You'll probably have a lot more information once you've done two tests and you can see the doubling (fingersx.gif) times. If you are pregnant, I think you might be the first person who was pregnant and didn't know it at the time they joined Q&C. lol.gif Anyway, I have my fingers crossed for good news for you!

AmandaMom: How was your temp today? I'm stalking your chart! fingersx.gif

Max: How are you feeling today? How many dpo are you now? fingersx.gif

Lisedea? Mami2mami? SharriKitColorado? Any news? fingersx.gif

AFM: CD 8. I'm worried I'm going to ovulate soon, since I had massive EW today. Boo. My theory is that because of the progesterone my body thinks that my cycle starts before I actually get my period. Does that seem at all reasonable? Probably not.


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Seraf~ Thanks for starting the new thread! I can't imagine anyone would feel put out by it, it's good to take initiative. 


TeamU~ WTF?!?!?  I'm as puzzled as you are, but am eager to hear the results. People have bleeding in early pregnancy, maybe you're just pregnant. Three in one cycle! Come on AMOM!!!



Krista~ That's totally a line, and a line is  a line. I'll bet you are freaking out with excitement!  How are you feeling?  


Starling~ How are YOU feeling?  Are you keeping the embryo photo on your fridge? I'd put that on the shower invites or the birth announcement~ hilarious.




I'm sure I've missed someone, for which I apologize. We're blizzarded in here, which is really kind of lovely, despite the cold. I've got no deeds to do no promises to keep for at least 24 hours. I plan on getting some baby room chores and some writing done. Woohoo!!

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krista and starling BIG HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!  i'm so excited for you both!!!  and here is the obligatory veggie parade of happiness!!






wow, what a day! :D



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Thanks seraf! Shiny, new thread - love it! 


I still can't believe what an amazing day is was on this thread yesterday. Oh and I owe Starling a few of these: jumpers.gif broc1.gifsticky.gifcarrot.gifjumpers.gif

BIG, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So, so happy for you!


Tea - Oh my goodness - you're next! What a crazy story! Can't wait to hear what the doc says. fingersx.gif


Isa - It was SO NICE to meet you guys! Could you tell I was totally nervous at first? innocent.gif And yes, we definitely need to get together again soon. I will let you know the next time Nicki's band is playing - they are really good. I know, biased, but they are! Thank you for that link! I just got the shipping conformation for the long profile we ordered - so excited! 


Krista - AHHH! Look at that beautiful pink line! I can't even express how happy I am for you. So awesome.


Max, Lisedea, AMom, Kit, mami - any news? How are you all feeling?


Hello to everyone else! wave.gif


AFM - Well we are gearing up for what the news stations are calling SNOWMAGGEDON! DP just went to the store to grab provisions - frozen pizza, double bottle of Cabernet and oranges (to prevent scurvy). We finally heard about the job - it's a no-go. BUT the staff attorney called her personally to say things like "we really, really liked you" and "you have a bright future" and "if we are hiring for an attorney position you are first on the list". They ended up hiring a paralegal instead of an attorney. Apparently the reason the decision took so long to make was because half the people were fighting for Nicki (an attorney) and the other half were fighting for the paralegal. I'm sure it all has to do with $$. We are totally okay with the news too, believe it or not. When doors close windows open, right? Just so happens a friend knows a friend doing hiring at another place and recommended Nicki - resume has been sent it - just waiting again. Other folks are coming out of the woodwork to offer up assistance and spread the word/her resume. Something will come along and it will be perfect. 

In ttc news we are no longer bummed about the closing of Midwest because we have moved on to Northwest and found the. perfect. guy. I know I shouldn't get too attached because it could be awhile but for now he is the one. And I am happy. 


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MrsP~ I'm very sorry about the job, but it does sound like it was lost in the best possible way, and that she's in a good spot should they be able to hire in the future. And losing to a bad budget is much better than losing to another person.  We're having SNOWMAGEDDON right now, and have plenty of clementines, but sadly no Cab Sav :(   


Escher~ I had the same reaction to progesterone.  If I had a regular cycle, my luteal phase was about 12-14 days. If I had an insem cycle with the femara, my LP would be 14 days, and then I'd start the progesterone. The times it was negative, the following cycle would have an LP of about 10 days.  My success cycle was like that, I o'd on day 10 I think, and if I hadn't been obsessive with my opks I'd have missed it.  I'm sorry if it means you'll miss this one, but maybe if you're aware of it, you can be prepared next time? 



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Hi guys: I couldn't sleep last night. How am I going to have a child if I'm worried all the time? More tests in the middle of the night and this morning produced same faint lines. I am waiting for blood test results today but I just have this huge fear of a chemical so I'm having a hard time believing. I appreciate all of you that are believing for me! It really helps.


Escher: I had that exact situation the first time I took Progesterone. I ended up ovulating on CD11 or something short like that (whereas I normally O on CD16). But once I did the calculations, I realized that although I had been taking Progesterone, since I didn't get pregnant, my body started the cycle anyone and so my first day of my cycle ended up getting miscalculated. I'd say Prometrium is one of the most difficult parts of the process and is a double edged sword. It's great to support a pregnancy but screws with your symptoms, thoughts of pregnancy, and overall cycle. Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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Krista~ Sorry, but I had to laugh about you worrying so much, how can you have a kid!?  I feel the same way. Every time I freak out about whether or not she's kicking enough, I just imagine what it's going to be like when she's in high school and wants to go out on her own. But I think that's just part of the roller coaster.  I'm looking forward to your blood results, though not as much as you, I'll bet!

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 Hang in there Krista, I so feel you on the anxiety front!  There were at least two nights in early pregnancy that I was so anxious (and thus up all night) that I convinced myself that the anxiety alone was going to cause me to miscarry.  It didn't.  Hang in there and I'm keeping all fingers crossed for you blood test results. 

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It's me again. Beta is a 28 which means I'm definitely pregnant. I think I was 14DPO when I took the test, but Fertility Friend thinks I was more like DPO9. I'm really not sure. Regardless, what they want to see is the numbers doubling so we'll have to wait for the next installment of the soap opera which will come on Friday morning after my test on Thursday!

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hey everyone,


i'm new around here :)


I have a daughter, Z, who is almost 2. My amazin partner carried her. Now for the big switcheroo and I'm up. We aren't starting to insem yet - waiting until April after we move. I've done all our clinic's tests (in Canada and have to insem in a clinic with there timing). Anyways all seemed normal so far.  


I'm been lurking here to get myself pumped for the roller coaster. I'm so excited - but I remember the waiting and ups and downs. Nice to know that this time I'll be waiting with others




me 'mommy' (27) and DW 'mama' (34) parents to 'Sprout' (21 months) and waiting to concieve stork-suprise.gif

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Krista~ WOOHOOOO!!!!!!   Keep worrying!  What's your EDD?  



OneMommy~ Welcome! This is a great board, very fun and friendly. Happy to be included on your journey. 


Still. So. Cold. 

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Krista: Yay for the positive first beta!  Can't wait to hear more good news on Friday.  Stick, baby, stick!  sticky.gif  And how incredible does it feel to say "I'm definitely pregnant"?  I hope you can relax enough to enjoy this moment.  Just take your prenatal vitamins, drink lots of water, and take it easy. 


I just canceled my 2pm class because of the weather, so now I just have to drive the 45 minutes home in an ostensibly "life threatening blizzard."  Good times!  Snow day tomorrow! Yay!

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Teamusery—Whoa, how odd. I hope it’s good news or no news, and not bad.

Mrs. PP—sorry to hear about the job. But it is nice to know that they chose to hire a whole other class of professional, and not that there was someone better than her on the list. I hope that other one comes through!!

Escher—that sucks! Any chance you’d be able to get an insem in if it is the next couple days?

Krista—yay for a good beta! And don’t worry too much, if you can help it. Otherwise you’ll use it all up and not have any left over for driver’s ed.

Hi OneMommy! Welcome! Where are you moving from/to?

AFM—Sadly my library is a warming center so it NEVER CLOSES and if there’s any way for me to possibly get here tomorrow I have to show up. DP’s already getting sent home from work early and might get to spend tomorrow on the couch with the hounds while I brave the blizzard alone. Unfortunately we watched the PBS documentary on one of the Arctic expeditions last night. About the time they started shooting each other for stealing food and talking about limbs falling off from frostbite (it’s ok, they reassured us, he didn’t even notice!) I wanted to turn it off, but it was ‘history’ so we had to watch the whole thing. Anyway, it makes me uneasy with snowpocalypse on the way…
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Isa~ YIKES!!!  Our public library system closed completely, but I don't know if they're warming centers or not.  I'm sorry you have to brave the terror!  Some of the school districts have already closed for tomorrow, but not mine, at least not yet.  Still, the snow's still blowing outside, and it's 50 mph wind, I can't imagine we'll be making kids stand on bus stops in this.  But you never know!    The Polar exhibitions that went bad are pretty harrowing. I can never stand it when they start to eat the dogs.   Stay warm!

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Just had to share what has been floating around my facebook today - Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, Snowtorious B.I.G, Snowstradamus, SnOprah, SnOMG! 

It's starting to really come down now - The Weather Channel said 24+ inches for Chicago which would be a "historic storm of epic proportions". The wind is intense. The kids are napping and I am wondering if their parents will come home early....I think I may have to tell them I'm not coming tomorrow. The university I attend cancelled classes today and tomorrow - first time it has closed since the 1970's! 


Isa - I will be thinking of you! Please let us know when you get home safe.


OneMommy - Hello and WELCOME! wave.gif


Krista - Hooray for your beta!

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Hello all! Happy February!

Krista—Congrats on the beta numbers! Excellent!

Starling—Any updates??

MrsPP—Sorry about the job…it is great that you see the positive side of things…but I am sure it was still hard to find out. Wonderful to know that she made it so far in both jobs she applied for AND that it came down between her and someone else with a different title! She is bound to find the perfect job soon! Glad to hear you found the perfect donor…we haven’t found one yet. I am sure this has been a QOTD before (how could it not be!?!)…but I would like to know from all…What do you look for in a donor?

Welcome OneMommy!!! Glad to have you here!

8-11dpo. Tested yesterday because Danielle wanted me to (since it was our initial day to test..) and it was negative….I was not surprised about that. Besides the fact that it is early, I actually really don’t feel pregnant…I know I shouldn’t “give up hope” but I have definitely been mentally planning for our next step. I actually think we are going to take a month off and regroup (figure out donor, get wisdom teeth out, drink lots of wine) and begin again in April. We’ll see…things could change!

To answer my own QOTD…we mostly look at family history of cancers and completely avoid all donors with any. We also look at height and weight (because neither of us is very big…Danielle is TINY!) Those are the big things… We also try to look for someone interested in the arts and sports and has physical characteristics that are similar to both of us since we both plan on carrying using the same donor (although our donor from Midwest was part African American…so it doesn’t always work out like that…and we are totally fine with it)


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Good luck to all you girls up in the snow!   It's raining here, and my roof is leaking.


oneMommy, welcome!  April?  Do you have a chart you want me to put up?


Lise, Congrats on the sourdough, how is she doing?


CD 1 for me!  I love when I start on the first of the month, it's so much easier to keep track.  Swim team is due to arrive on the 10th, The eggy will be here between the 14th and the 16th and life is good.


QOTD, because I'm nosy, where did your handle come from?  Is it part of your name?  Something you're passionate about? How do you pronounce it?


My answer, it was my nickname, still is in certain circles.  Rhymes with giraffe.

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A huge thank you to all the supportive folks here ... it is so wonderful to have a safe place to hang out and be real about the ups and downs of all of this crazy baby-making business.  I'll go back and read up for personals later, we had such a busy birthday weekend that I've lost track!  At her fundraising birthday party, my little philanthropist raised $150 dollars and three big baskets of baby food and diapers for Sheway, which is an organization that helps young First Nations moms living in the Downtown Eastside, with is our poorest neighbourhood.  My apologies for not being up to date.  Love to everyone! 



Oh!  And of course I peed on another stick ... to the tune of $10 up here in Canada.  I had sworn that I wouldn't buy any, but ah well.  The preggo line came up right away and even darker than the control line.  Whoo hoo!  Blood test tomorrow, and back to work.  Now I have to decide how to take better care of myself at work this time.  Last time I worked at a low call volume station, in a small town where everyone helped everyone else, and even bystanders would give us a hand.  Now I work at a station with a huge call volume, and in a city that ain't as friendly and helpful.  We use fire a lot, but often send them away without getting them to do anything.  I'm going to making them stick around and do all the lifting!  But the fact is, I'll be doing a LOT of lifting.  Argh.

Oh, and I got called by the Paramedic Occupational Safety Supervisor to tell me that I've been exposed to Invasive Strep A, which killed a patient that I picked up a couple of weeks ago.  Scratched by his cat on Friday, feverish and delirious on Sunday, dead on Tuesday.  Yoiks! 


(ps.  xposted in the old thread 'cuz I'm a little slow)

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