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Please do. I am so scared. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I already have. 


I have to think there is a reason for all of this. I mean I tested for some unknown reason AFTER I had my period. If I wouldn't have taken that test on Monday night then I would have never realized that I was pregnant. 


I guess I have to think positive. God has this baby in His hands not me and not the doctors. What happens from here is His choice. 



I still hope it sticks though. I have already grown attached. 


Thanks for all your support girls, and to everyone who got positives congrats. To everyone trying or waiting..............................I feel your pain, but even if you get your period..................don't stop testing. YOU NEVER KNOW! :)


Night girls!

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And did I mention that I am going ahead with the progesterone? 


Does anyone think that this is a bad idea or will hurt anything? I just want to know that I did everything humanly possible to prevent "the inevitable" as my doctor said. 

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They didn't tell me the number this time. The nurse just said it was on the low end of the scale this time (as every other time). My gf talked to her. I was in the library when they called. We had waited all day long so I figured that they weren't going to call that late (after 5:30), and the minute I go into the library they call. Go figure. :)


I hope I am one of the women who just have random bleeding but a normal pregnancy too. I never knew you could have a full period and get five positive pregnancy tests so I am now a believer that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 


This just goes to show you......................................no matter how late in your cycle. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! 

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Tea- I have definitely read a lot about women who bleed during their first trimester. It seems it is not uncommon at all. Also, about the progesterone. I have a friend who did IVF and she was doing injectables. At 10 weeks the RE told her to switch to suppository progesterone instead. She miscarried. Of course she doesn't know what happened but she blames the changes in technique for the progesterone. On that note, I say stick to what you are doing.
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Tea, I have a healthy boy here, but had period-like bleeding for 2 months (every 28 days) and I always test after my period on cycles I try because of him.  I'm guessing that the doc is worried that you're carrying a non-viable embryo, and that the progesterone is allowing you to continue the pregnancy despite that.  Lots of women bleed and therefore don't know they're pregnant. 


If you want to read the less sunny part of my pregnancy with him you can see it below, but if you're feeling like you would like to skip it, by all means skip it. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I did have actual blood at 13 weeks, they thought I was losing him, but the heartbeat was strong. In hindsight we think I lost his twin at that point. I had no idea there may have been twins in there, but there were some cord anomalies and I passed some tissue after he was born that looked like another placenta and led my midwives to believe that was what happened.
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Good Morning, Everyone!

AmandaMom: Did you test today? I have everything crossed for you! fingersx.gif

Teamusery: What a roller coaster! hug.gif I hope that the babe is safe inside and that you get confirmation of that soon! fingersx.gif

Gelly: I would probably have another ultrasound and another round of bloodwork, but I don't think I would bother doing another hsg unless you think you could have been exposed to an std in the last couple of years. Good luck figuring out what tests to redo!

2ez: I hope that the injectables class goes well. I'm sorry that it is going to cost so much more!

Isa: I had forgotten that going for a November baby meant the possibility of 11/11/11. I had been having trouble getting excited about November, but that would definitely be an exciting possibility!

Graceie: It sounds like you have a good plan for next cycle.

Max: I'm keeping everything crossed for you! fingersx.gif

AFM: CD9. My RE took a ultrasound look inside, and said that my lining is normal (11mm) and that she thinks based on my follicle size today (17mm) that tomorrow is the best day to insem. I don't know if she is right about the timing, but I've decided to trust her and see how that turns out. I'm very glad to hear that my lining looks ok, since I had been worred that ovulating early (CD10 or so) might mean that it hadn't had time to build up. She also feels like we can do the blood pregnancy test earlier than 14dpo so that I can stop taking the progesterone and hopefully mess up my cycles less, so I may try that this cycle. So it looks like I'll be insemming tomorrow morning, and possibly also Friday morning. fingersx.gif


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qotd - donor choice.  we picked our donor mainly based on he and his family's health.  dp has alcoholism and mental illness on her side and both families have forms of arthritis and high blood pressure.  after that we looked for someone who was well-rounded and didn't have lame question answers! (i see a theme here, lol).  we ended up with a blue-eyed tall sporty quantum physicist who can play guitar.  ds1 has blue eyes (but then i have that on my side), ds2 has hazel/green eyes.


qotd2 - screen name.  it has been my screen name forever!  back when there were just bulletin boards.  indigo = indigo girls, scot = i'm scottish.


qotd3 - not sure since we haven't seen our RE yet but i'm willing to bet dp will have all the standard cd3 testing done again.  we have our first appt on feb 25th, so not too much longer!


fingers crossed that all these new bfps are super sticky!!  :)


welcome to the new faces!  hi!  :)


afu, nothing much to report ttc-wise.  dp is on the poas phase with the monitor for the cycle.  in other news, ds2's passport is being processed and dp is getting her uk visa processed for our civil partnership!  i had to lol at the visa requirements online form - "how many friends and family do you have in the uk"?  choices were: 0 1 2 3 4 5.  5 is the max?  wth?  our trip to scotland is fast approaching!!  oh and my sister's goodie parcel finally arrived (snowmaggedon there and snowpocalypse here slowed it down) full of scottish tetley tea bags and uk sweeties!  dp is in love with the mini crunchie bars!! 



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Good morning from the heart of snowmageddon! I got a call at 7am telling me that they actually closed the libraries (I'm in total shock--I don't think that EVER happens!). Of course DP called her boss and was told that she has to come in. angry.gif So I sent her off with the camera and a good hat and hopefully she'll make it to the trains ok. Digging out the sidewalk for the dogs was pretty funny this morning:

Tea--I'm definitely thinking of you--I hope that you get more answers about this soon. I would never have thought to test after getting my period, but all of these stories are really amazing.

Stay warm everyone!
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Thanks for all the welcomes!


Seraf: I am not charting anymore. My toddler was a crazy sleeper and I found the temps were all over the place because of night wakings and so much inconsistancy. We've night weaned her and now things are more regular, so it might be good to get back into it. Our clinic does blood tests and ultrasounds each day up to O, we tended to rely on that info instead. But it would probably be good to do in the long run.


Our clinic does one insem (IUI) per cycle. Is this other's experience? In Ontario you can't insem at home, and have to do it at a clinic unless you have a wicked Dr. who orders sperm for you and lets you take it home (rare). What are other's experiences?


We haven't gotten as much snow here in Guelph, Ontario - but apparently the storm will continue on this afternoon. We do have a snow day though!


QOTD - donor. We looked for an open ID donor, then at health and family history, then someone with close ethnic background as me and similar features (eyes, hair, etc). That narrowed it down to 2 donors we liked. We then had a debate over 'cool guy' or 'smart guy' - but we ended up chosing based on their essays. Cool guy explained alot more about his reason for donating, and also gave us 'advice' that was not bossy but really warm and thoughtful. So we picked cool guy :) We were thinking of changing donors but still have vials left and after having Z want them to have the same donor if possible.


QOTD1 - I'm mommy, my wife is mama. thats why the name :)


Tea - Thinking about you and wishing all amazing things tomorrow :)

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also - is there some way I can learn about all the acronyms? What do they all mean!?!? lol...

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Originally Posted by Teamusery View Post

And did I mention that I am going ahead with the progesterone? 


Does anyone think that this is a bad idea or will hurt anything? I just want to know that I did everything humanly possible to prevent "the inevitable" as my doctor said. 

Good for you for following you instincts, Tea.  For the record, I, too, took, progesterone suppositories (once/day) for 10 weeks and just had a 12 week u/s that showed a perfectly healthy fetus.  Progesterone is WIDELY used by fertility docs everywhere, for IUIs as well as IVF.  I've never heard of a study linking it to birth defects.  In fact, I'll probably start weekly progesterone shots in two weeks to help prevent a repeat preterm membrane rupture.  Sending you STICKY STICKY vibes and hoping for great news tomorrow.  Hang in there.

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Happy Groundhog Day!

onemommy--I don't know if there is one around here...but I noticed the NW Cyro had a list: http://www.nwcryobank.com/86,forum
Otherwise, if you want to know something in particular, just ask! smile.gif

Isa--that looks like FUN!!! smile.gif Very jealous. We didn't get any snow. None.

Tea--Thinking about you! Hope all is well today!

Max--Did you test early or waiting until tomorrow?? wink1.gif

Everyone else testing in the next few days....how are you feeling??? I think we are bound to get at least one more BFP with this cycle... Kit--it is your 10dpo, right? Did you test today or are you waiting??

9dpo...definitely testing tomorrow morning. I feel AF cramps coming on (or maybe--if i try to stay positive--pregnancy cramps?)... AF should arrive on Friday if my cycle stays normal...we'll see.
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post

AFM: CD9. My RE took a ultrasound look inside, and said that my lining is normal (11mm) and that she thinks based on my follicle size today (17mm) that tomorrow is the best day to insem. I don't know if she is right about the timing, but I've decided to trust her and see how that turns out. I'm very glad to hear that my lining looks ok, since I had been worred that ovulating early (CD10 or so) might mean that it hadn't had time to build up. She also feels like we can do the blood pregnancy test earlier than 14dpo so that I can stop taking the progesterone and hopefully mess up my cycles less, so I may try that this cycle. So it looks like I'll be insemming tomorrow morning, and possibly also Friday morning. fingersx.gif


A bit of unsolicited advice--do BOTH IUIs!  I'm sure your RE knows better than I do, but an IUI 24 hours after a 17mm follie seems a touch early.  It might be perfect if you do another one the following day, though.  Both times I got pg, it was with two IUIs on consecutive mornings. GOOD LUCK!

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Escher- Yay! Good luck tomorrow and the rest of the week! dust.gif May the sperm catch that egg!

OneMommy- I think the rules about at home insems depends on the doctor. I had to give my sperm bank a note from my doctor (I just used my nurse practioner who does my paps every year) saying it was ok for sperm to be delivered to my house. Another sperm bank I worked with locally never asked me to sign anything of the sort and gave me sperm every month. My RE will do multiple insems a cycle and I have been doing two most cycles.

AFM- I did a test last night and it was negative. greensad.gif I plan to test again tomorrow morning which will be 11DPO.
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Escher~ Glad I can instill some hope.  The progesterone is pretty powerful stuff, but it gets us where we need to go sometimes.  I agree that you should do both IUIs~ the more the merrier.  Everything crossed xo


Isa~ SO glad you're home safe! I hope your dogs are dealing well with the snowiness. DP's dog is fairly high-energy and not being able to have him outside for part of the day is starting to do my head in!!  We do put him out for a few minutes at a time for a pee and a romp, but he's still fairly energetic!


MrsP~ I love the adolescence of your login name, but I'm a middle school boy too.  winky.gif


2ez~ YIKES!!!!!!!!!  That's a lot of money.  I also hope it doesn't take but one cycle.  Guh~ the medical biz is such a racket. 



TeamU~ WOW!!!!!  What a story!!!  I'm going to second the notion that I don't know what your doc's talking about progesterone harming the baby. I was PRESCRIBED progesterone for practically the whole first tri, and the IVF gals take even stronger doses.  And I don't know what 'prolonging the inevitable' means, except maybe you should get a different doc. He doesn't sound like a very encouraging person.   I'm happy for you broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif and look forward to more of the story.



Lise~ 9dpo can easily be implantation cramps. I had them, so they do exist!!! At any rate, it's WAY too early to get bummed out  by a BFN.


Max~ You too!  You're still in the game for sure. Don't get down about it. 



AFM~ Still snuggled in the house, don't plan on going anywhere. It's way too cold and slick out there for me. Hooray for laziness!!!


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Escher, good luck tomorrow!  I don't know a lot about it, but I tend to agree with AmandaHope on this one.  I don't know about how quickly the eggs grow, but I remember you saying you got pregnant the one time you insemed before ovulation.  So both days sounds best to me, but you know, I'm a fan of flooding with sperm.


Lise, good luck tomorrow!


1mommy, If you search for a list, you'll probably find a whole wiki about it.  There are oodles.  I don't use a clininc, but I'm in the states.  Just a note from the doc that it's ok to deliver it to my home.  Both my kids were conceieved and born at home (ok, Ari was at a friend's house).  But I've also always done ICI until this month.


Max, good luck tomorrow!  Are you feeling any less irritable?


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Just checking in real quick to let you know we are safe and warm and about to go for a walk on lake shore drive. Yes, I said ON. The city is almost totally shut down, people are walking in the middle of the streets - crazy! I have a snow day today and one tomorrow! After our walk we're headed over to one of the only bars open to meet our best gal pals and chat the afternoon away. Ladies night in the middle of the day - woohooo!


Hope all of you are warm and cozy! 

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Tea: another yes on the Progesterone. Technically, how far along would you be at this point?


Max: hang in there. I had a BFN on 11DPO and I didn't get a faint until 14DPO.

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Afternoon Everyone!


Tea~ When your RE was talking about 'avoiding the inevitable' he was referring to your taking femara for those few days before you knew that you were pregnant...right? He wasn't referring to progesterone, is that correct? My prayers are with you...I agree with you, there is a plan. Hugs... hug2.gif.


MrsPP~ I like your screen name as well...but I'm not a 10 year old boy at heart.wild.gif  I hypenate as well...my initials are LMN-P. How was your stroll down Lake Shore Drive? That was my favorite street to travel North to South when I lived in Chicago. I do miss it at some times, but I do like living out of the big city...and not having to fight for a parking spot, especially during the winter.


Max~ Your not out of it yet...it's still early.


Library~ I'm back in the house and snuggled in now. I was outside for about 2 hours digging a path from the back door, across the deck and into the backyard...so that the beagle could go do her buisness...and NOT on my deck. (I gotta figure out how to post pics here in my message.) We had friends come over with a snow blower to clear our driveway and dig out DW's truck. We have some driffs that are up to my chestt...and I'm 5'4. It looks like things are moving here...I think I'll have to go back to work tomorrow...greensad.gif


AFM~ DW is sick so she didn't sleep well last night...which means that I didn't sleep so well either. I woke up at around 5:30am...and AF had arrived. She came kicking and screaming...my back is killing me. I have not been able to get ahold of the RE's office to find out what they want me to do. If I am unable to get ahold of them tommorrow or Friday...I may have to wait out yet ANTOHER month! ARGH...irked.gif. Always one step forward and two steps back.












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Indigo: That's hilarious that they don't give you the choice of knowing more than 5 people in the UK. I wonder what they were thinking. How fun that you got a care package in the mail! Yum.

Isa: That's a lot of snow! I'm actually fairly envious (it looks like fun!), but I know it can be a pain to deal with. I hope you're staying safe and warm!

OMOM: At my clinic, some of the REs insist on doing only one IUI per cycle. My RE is more flexible, but she isn't sure that there is an advantage of doing two over doing one. I think there is a list of acronyms in the Questions and Suggestions forum.

Lisedea: I hope you get exciting news when you test tomorrow! fingersx.gif

AmandaHope: I've heard that follicles can be mature at 18mm and that they grow 1-2mm a day, which made 24 hours after 17mm seem about right. Have you heard something different? I wish that all REs agreed on this kind of information, but I know that they don't. Anyway, I agree that two IUIs is usually better than one, but I would have leaned more towards one today and one tomorrow if that had been possible. I did get a positive opk today and my cervix is definitely softer, so all my signs seem to be saying go. I don't know.

Max: A negative test at 9dpo means absolutely nothing. I have my fingers and toes crossed that you'll get more exciting news when you test tomorrow! fingersx.gif

Library: Thanks for your advice. I think I'll have to see what my temp does tomorrow morning and Friday morning before deciding about a second IUI. But if my temp is still down, it would definitely be exciting to be able to fit a second one in!

AmandaMom: I'm sorry about your bfn today. Boo! I hope that you get more exciting new soon! fingersx.gif

Seraf: The time I managed to get pregnant I insemmed before I even had a positive opk. It's unfortunately already too late for that this cycle (I got a positive opk at 10:30am), but I'll work harder for that timing next cycle. Or maybe I'll somehow be insanely lucky and it will just work this time even though my timing isn't perfect. We'll see!

Gelly: I hope your RE gets back to you quickly!



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