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Escher,  just to chime in on the progesterone.  I also tended to the low side, prepregnancy.   Remember that progesterone is hard to measure because it varies drastically throughout the day (and varies according to your activity level as well, working out, sleeping, etc).  In pregnancy it just varies at higher levels.  I think mine never got any higher than 27 or 28 *with twins.* And the second out of three readings was the lowest I got.  So I really wouldn't worry.

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Great numbers, Escher! I have no idea about prog. - mine was crazy high with DD and freaked me out (86 at 14dpo) but it did drop to 70 the third and last time I had it checked (31dpo) and I was told that it is normal for it to drop and then stabilize early on then go up again. Sounds like you are watching and managing it so I bet it will be fine.

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Escher - Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried the smiley-face OPK's, and they are so much easier to use, but they're just so wasteful. I can't justify throwing away all that plastic every month, so I only use them if my internet cheapie is being particularly ambiguous. Oh, and yippee for doubling beta numbers!!! jumpers.gif I just know this one is going to stick!

Isa - That looks like an implantation dip to me! fingersx.gif You asked about a documentary covering implantation and pregnancy; have you seen Life's Greatest Miracle? It's basically an updated version of the movie we all saw in health class. I really enjoyed it.

Brite - Sending many hugs your way. hug2.gif You and DP hang in there. Thinking of you.

Wehrli - Krista - Escher - Isa - AmandaHope - Thanks for weighing in on my dilemma; I truly appreciate it. I don't know what I'd do without you! hearts.gif I followed your advice and used OPK's today just to make sure I didn't surge before triggering tomorrow night, though I wanted to avoid them altogether. I'm glad I did! Like I said before, my OPK's get darker and darker as opposed to a clear surge, and this evening it is almost positive. Part of the test line is actually as dark as the control, so it could possibly even be considered positive. My CM is more fertile, and I have partial ferning on the microscope. I've seen this before, and it means I'll get a clear positive in the morning, which means I will ovulate Sunday. I'm glad I didn't avoid the OPK's and just trigger tomorrow night and insem Monday morning. That would have been too late! I'm going to trigger tonight and go in for my IUI Sunday morning. If my calculations are correct, my most dominant follicle should be at 20mm about now. I'm hoping the other follie grew some and the trigger helps it to grow a bit more. I want twins, dammit! orngbiggrin.gif
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That sounds like a great plan, AMom.  Nice job with the OPKs!  My RE says that the trigger shot forces follies above 14mm to mature, so I bet you'll get two.  That said, I had FIVE mature follies during my success cycle and conceived only one (thank God, since we were only up for one more).  I do wonder sometimes what exactly  happened to the other four eggs. 


AFM: DD has the flu.  I feel terrible for not getting her the flu shot.  I tried two different times but couldn't get in, or they ran out, or whatever, so I gave up.  And now she is really sick--she had a temp of 104.8 this morning!  The doc prescribed Tamiflu, and she is a real trooper, but I feel so bad for her.  I nearly skipped the shot myself and am SO GLAD I did it, given that the complications for those with asthma and who are pregnant are really bad. 

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Escher- I am so glad you have great numbers! Keeping all my veggie fingers crossed for you. fingersx.gif

dust.gif Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
AmandaMom- dust.gif

Good luck to everyone else trying to conceive this cycle. dust.gif

AFM- Please move me to taking a break.
I have to schedule the polyp removal and that may mean finding another doctor within my insurance to do it. My medical group wanted to wait till April to schedule a consult just to talk about the removal. My RE can do it but it would cost $2,000 because they are not in my network. Meanwhile, I'm drinking margaritas and looking for a place that can remove my polyp asap. RE said I could be ready for IVF the very next cycle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can have it removed after my next AF arrives. DP and I started seeing a therapist this week to talk about all the sadness and disappointment we feel about this whole process.greensad.gif
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Oh Max~ Biggest hugs. I'm sorry it's being put off AGAIN! I hope you can find someone quickly so that you can finally get this show on the road. This isn't what you wanted at all and that's got to be awful xoooxo



AHope~ Flu! Yikes! She does sound sick, poor little one! I'm glad you're taking care of yourself as well, pregnant women die from the flu! Hope everyone in your house feels better soon xox


AMom~ GO TWINS!!! We're sending you every bit of AMANDA POWER there is!!!! This is it, girlie!!!



AFM~ I'm just so happy it's Friday and I'm home with my feet up.  It was such a pretty afternoon DP and I walked the few blocks over to Campus and had some frozen yogurt but now I'm just collapsed on the couch and plan on staying there!!!  Tomorrow I'm thrift shopping for a few more maternity outfits. SO sick of what I've got!

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MAX hugs grouphug.gif


brite damn that's bad timing have you heard of the greenwood midwifes they do pregnancy testing therefor next time


library feet up and new clothes sounds good to me : ) !!


everyone else wave.gif


AFM shipping notice for the stork came today !  its should be here Monday !! I nervous I guess I start peeing on OPKs  Sunday . I'm in this really intense class right now and my brain feels fried I'm hoping the stress doesn't throw things off . but I have decided if this cycle doesn't work I'M going to wait awhile still DS is older and work has picked up a little so hears hopeing it works

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Escher, love the broccoli counter.  No more morning sickness. I did see a rabbit the day of my second insem, so I take that as a good fertility sign.  I'm still so happy you got pregnant!


Max, I hope you can get your polyp removed in a timely manner.  The insurance thing is beyond frustrating.  I could go on a pretty big rant about health insurance, but I know it's a good thing.


Graceie, hopefully this cycle works out and you don't have to plan for another break.  And no matter the spacing you get, you will find it is perfect for your family.  I can personally say that 2 1/2 years is a beautiful spacing.  A walking, talking, potty trained individual is nice to have around during those early weeks.  And a big strong brother is a phenomenal thing for an aspiring dictator, um, I mean toddler.  And once you get to school age, a 2 year gap ain't nothin.  (tho, can I say, it's so freaking sweet when they sit in the big chair and take turns reading each other books).


 I'm thinking I'll do 3 ICIs next month if this one is no go.  Sara just didn't feel well while doing the IUIs.  Now I'm a little worried because my temp went down again (I was freezing cold) the day after I insemed, then up again the next day.  So I don't know if my temp rise was a fluke thing or the temp drop.  C'est la vie.  I may temp one more day and then I'm hiding my thermometer.


I'm thinking of something like this for my sig. 



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seraf figures crossed for you and your sara


libray post a pic in some of your shiny new(new to you )  cloths


afm tanks is HERE !!!!!!!biggrinbounce.gif Im glad becuse CM is starting up a little earler then expected and Ive been worred I will need a monday am insem we shall see I peed on the OPK and its not there but Im sure Im close . Im emailing the midwife next time I get the chance . DS is napping and Im off to clean um something

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Brite—I’m sorry about AF—what a letdown. I’m sorry it came after so much hope/stress, too. I hope you’re out having an adult beverage as I type!

AMom—Thanks! I’ll go check it out—maybe on Monday when DP is at work. Everything crossed for your TWINS tomorrow! I’m confident that they’re in there, and on notice that their presence is requested, ASAP.

AHope—poor DD! I haven’t gotten one but probably should—I’ve got asthma, too. Hmm…next time I’m at the dr…

Max—more hugs to you! hug2.gif I’m glad that you and your DP are going to have someone to talk to—all of the starts and stops must be awful. I know that as soon as you get this taken care of that IVF is going to work for you! There just seem to be a lot of hurdles you have to cross for some reason first.

Library—any luck with the thrift shops? I find that whenever I find a shirt while thrifting that looks good on me I look at the tag and realize that it’s a maternity brand. What can I say? I’m built like a pregnant lady.

Gracie—Yay for the tank being there right when you need it! Good luck catching the egg!

AFM—well now. Here I am again with the signs. But I will say that these seem more like real ones than any I’ve had before. Last night as I was falling asleep my lower back started hurting a little and I was just a bit crampy. Today the backache is worse and the crampiness has been coming and going—it’s not too intense, but definitely not usual. And I’ve been feeling a little nauseated—dinner had to be a sad little boca burger with nothing on it but ketchup while DP had feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and olive tapenade on hers. Trying not to get too excited, but I definitely feel weird, and it is a full week before my period is supposed to get here—the small amount of PMS I get usually comes the day before AF arrives, not a week early. fingersx.gif
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PrettyIsa- fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif
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Hi Everyone,

Max: hug.gif I'm so sorry. What a challenging process this is. hug2.gif After all this work, you're sure to have the cutest, smartest, funniest, most wonderful baby. I hope you're able to find another doctor who takes you insurance and who can remove your polyp very soon. Is there anything I can do to help?

Isa: Those sound like very hopeful signs! When are you going to test? fingersx.gif

Graceie: How exciting that you're so close now! I hope this cycle works perfectly for you! fingersx.gif

Seraf: I love your proposed ticker. I definitely think you should put it in your signature. I think a rabbit sounds like a great sign! fingersx.gif

Library: How did shopping for maternity clothes go?

AmandaHope: I'm sorry your DD is sick. I hope that she feels better soon!

AmandaMom: Good luck with your IUI tomorrow!!!! fingersx.gif

Carmen and Cejae: Thanks for sharing your progesterone experience. It's good to know that I'm not the only one with numbers that seem to vary!

AFM: My hcg this morning (16dpo) was 760 (so a doubling time of 33 hours), and my progesterone was up to 25.6. I have my first ultrasound scheduled for Thursday, which will be exactly five weeks. fingersx.gif
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Hey ladies~


Isa~ That sounds really promising. When I started cramping during my success cycle, I wouldn't admit it to myself, but that's the first and only time I thought 'Maybe this is really happening'.  Everything is crossed for you xoxoxoxo



Escher~ Those are great numbers, for real.  I'm excited to hear the results of your ultrasound, but I think you should be feeling good now. 


Graceie~ Yay for the swim team! Everything crossed!


AFM~ Pretty successful thrift store visit. Nothing in the specifically maternity section was any good, but I found a few decent shirts in the 'Women's Sizes' which should hold me for a little while.  DP got some new jeans, which she needed, and we found a really gorgeous Japanese yukata with a peacock pattern for $1.99, so score!!  The sleep was good too 

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Max: Glad you are getting some much-deserved support.  You *will* get there--I know it.  But this time must be so hard.


Isa:  Ooh--promising signs for sure!  So hopeful for you and your VERY STICKY BEAN.


Graceie: Good luck!


Brite: What a disappointment.  I hope that a bit of hope and excitement creep into your fresh cycle soon.

Escher:  joy.gif for more great doubling numbers!  


AFM: Thanks for the sympathy for DD.  Amazingly, after a dose of Tamiflu and 13 hours of sleep, she woke up this morning fever-free and nearly back to her normal self.  I couldn't believe it.  She looked so horrible yesterday, even the doctor expressed surprised concern.  Kids are incredible.  Their bodies just know how to heal...quickly! I took her to the stupidly-expensive baby boutique nearby today to pick out a small gift for the babe.  She chose a tiny, super soft blankie with ribbon loops in fun colors coming off the sides.  She kept expressing concern about touching it (because of her flu), but I assured her that we'd wash it before the baby comes (in August--plenty of time!).  And my mom sent back some of DD's newborn clothes that she had been storing for us.  I can't believe she was ever that small!  Ok, back to lurkdom--can't wait for more good news from you all.

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Escher, your numbers are lovely (and, randomly we were having an eschar/M.C. Escher conversation at work last night, right before she pointed out that I shouldn't touch femara because pregnant women aren't supposed to).  How about a bump picture?


Library got a new one?

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Someone was asking about opks ? I like the clear blue digital it comes with one reader and 20 sticks it's a smiley face one but also when you eject the stick you can see both lines it's says it's a one month supply but it's lasted longer then that sense I chart other ways too

So no smile today
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amanda Im glad you DD is feeling better sick kids are no fun


now that the sperm is here I want to pee on the OPK like every hour Im wondering how I will do with the TWW lol dizzy.gif 

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smiley face smiley face smiley face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! calling the midwife insem tonight and tomorrow morning

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6 o clock insem and again tomorrow

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After having had ewcm around the same time as I usually do in my cycle (give or take a day), I then had 3 days without any and now today I had tons again! There seems to be a range of reasons on dr. google....2nd rise in estrogen, delayed O, or no O. Does anyone have any experience with this? It's not crucial right now as I'm still just tracking for a few cycles but I don't remember this happening before. I guess when/if AF shows up things might be more clear...

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