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I'll do personals later, but I wanted to stop by and say my IUI this morning went well. I watched a few episodes of Friends for "laugh therapy" as I like to call it, and I had my first pineapple banana smoothie for the TWW. Can I be moved to waiting to know?

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AMom: Happy conception day!  So exciting!  Fingers crossed that this is your last tww.  goodvibes.giffingersx.gifdust.gif


AFM: My baby niece was born today!  Birth story was a bit tricky--she was at 5cm even before labor started but then got stuck at 7cm with back labor, so she got an epidural and pitocin, slept through transition (!!), woke up at 10cm, and the epidural wore off enough for her to feel most of the pushing and birth.  The babe (Cora) was 9lb 5oz!  (And my sister in law is a size 6).  It was her second birth, and everyone is doing great now.  Cora is already nursing and pooping like champ. 

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First  IUI done everything went smoothly Ill be picking up the pineapple tomorrow and doing another IUI at 3   swim team go catch that egg ! nicely implant and stick !!

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Amanda congrats on the new niece 


AFM OK we did the insem at 6 I likely O sometime tonight or early tomorrow( another insem tomorrow )  and I'M already thinking about when I can test ! man I am going to b a cranky TWWer

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AmandaMom: Hooray for a good IUI! I have my fingers and toes crossed that your timing was perfect and that a beautiful luscious egg popped out right after you insemmed. Go team! I look forward to hearing your good news in a couple of weeks! fingersx.gif

AmandaHope: Congratulations on your new niece! I'm glad she is doing well. orngbiggrin.gif When will you get to meet her? I'm glad also that your DD is feeling better--what an impressively quick recovery!

Graceie: I'm glad that the first IUI went well. I have my fingers crossed that your egg is popping out at a perfect time, and that you'll get great news in a few weeks! Good luck distracting yourself through the TWW!

Carmen: What I've read from Toni Weschler and Brill would make me guess that the most likely explanation for a second round of EW is maybe delayed O. Do you have regular enough luteal phases that you'll be able to figure out when you O'd from when AF arrives? You're not doing opks or temping yet, right? Good luck figuring it out!

Seraf: No bump picture yet, but I'll share one if I ever get a real bump! How is the TWW treating you so far?

Isa: Have you started testing yet? Your temps look good!

Vegan: You must have news by now. I hope it is good news!
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Hi all!


Brite – Sending hugs to you and DP.  I’m so sorry that you had such a terrible experience and that this wasn’t your month.  I am thinking of you and wishing you good things very very soon! hug.gif


Krista – How are you feeling?  Any update?  You are such a wealth of information – I love reading your posts!


Max – Sending hugs to you all as well.  You sound like you are so ready for IVF and I think it’s wonderful that you are investing in time and space to reflect on how the whole process.  Hoping that all of this time to clear your body and your head will be just the right preparation for a successful attempt.  Wishing you tasty adult beverages, ease in dealing with obnoxious insurance companies and calming time off. hug.gif


Mami -  sorry to hear the timing didn’t work out this month, but fingers crossed for next one!                  


MrsPP – Very funny story about cervix hunting.  Good for you!  I’m sure it will be second-nature after some practice.  Sorry to hear that you had to put things on hold for a bit.  What kind of job is DP looking for?


QMama – Love your enthusiasm and perseverance!!  Fingers crossed for you that this IS your cycle!! shamrocksmile.gif


Escher – Great numbers!!!  So happy for you!  Is a 5 week ultrasound common practice?  I thought the US didn’t come until later  -  how exciting!!


Library – Congrats on what sounds like a very successful thrift store visit! 


Carmen – sorry I can’t help you with your question – I don’t have any experience with this.  Even though we didn’t try an insemination until Feb, Ally used Clearblue OPKs which seemed to coincide with EWCM in Dec and Jan to get a sense of when she ovulated.  Turns out she’s usually a little later than most at around CD18.  This helped us schedule monitoring appointments with our RE a little later so that she didn’t have to keep coming back in. 


Seraf /Sara – Your insemination story cracked me up.  How are you all doing in the TWW?  When do you think you’ll start testing?


Graceie – Good luck in your TWW.  So looking forward to hearing your update!! Peace.gif


Vegan – looking forward to your update!!


AmandaHope – Congratulations on your niece!  Glad to hear your DD is feeling better!


Isa –How are you feeling, TWW buddy???  I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear your update and hoping for good news!


AmandaMom – Congrats on good IUIs!  Hoping this is it for you and sending lots of lucky TWIN vibes to you!!!  I love both the show Friends and the idea of “laugh therapy.”  We watched DVDs of How I Met Your Mother on Saturday because Ally was totally wiped out.   shy.gif


Hi to everyone else!!! wave.gif


AFU - Ally (DP) has been having all kinds of pregnancy symptoms including complete exhaustion, very full, tender breasts, etc.   Her temp has stayed up, but started dipping Thursday and Fri before going back up on Saturday.   We knew it was probably way too early to test this weekend (her period isn’t due until tomorrow, but we tested Saturday and got the faintest of faint lines on FRER within a 5 minute window.  Since neither one of us has any experience with HPTs, we weren’t sure if it was an evaporation line or what it was.  We tested again yesterday and this morning and got 2 BFPs – today’s quite a bit darker than yesterdays!!!!  We’re both VERY excited but still pretty nervous and honestly feeling slightly guilty about the beginner’s luck.  Both of us were prepared for what we assumed was going to be a much longer process.  1stblood test is Thursday and we’ll go from there.    Ally is worried about early miscarriage, but feeling cautiously optimistic.  I think I’m just in shock.    We drove out to Long Island for a birthday celebration for her mom and her twin brother yesterday and we just kept exchanging shocked looks over the glass of wine she was pretending to drink.     We're just keeping fingers crossed for now.

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DAWN thumb.gifbroc1.gif

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Dawn: Well, *someone* ought to have beginner's luck!  Good for you!  biggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifenergy.gifjumpers.gifbroc1.gif

Come on over to Q&P whenever you are ready.  Congrats!

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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post

Carmen: What I've read from Toni Weschler and Brill would make me guess that the most likely explanation for a second round of EW is maybe delayed O. Do you have regular enough luteal phases that you'll be able to figure out when you O'd from when AF arrives? You're not doing opks or temping yet, right? Good luck figuring it out!

That's what I'm thinking too. Especially because the cm was way more ew-y the 2nd time. If so, that could mean I O'd on  cd23 or 24. Later than pre-pregnancy. DD still nurses so much that I'm thinking this whole cycle tracking thing is going to be tricky! I did have a regular luteal phase - around 12-13 days usually. Will have to see when AF comes. I will start with opks next cycle. I don't think temping would work but I'm going to try just to see if I can see any sort of pattern.


Hooray, Dawn!! Congratulations!!!


Good luck in the tww, Graceieom.gif

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Dawn~ HOORAY!!!broc1.gif  That's wonderful! I know what you mean by 'cautiously optimistic' but  include the optimistic in there for sure!! Well done!!!!   Keep us posted and then join us in Q&P!! 


Escher~ How are you feeling?! All still going well? Do you have any more blood tests or anything? Are they going to do an u/s?  Can I ask some more questions?


Seraf~  I have a new bump pic but can't find where DP put the photo-upload doohickey, so I'll post it as soon as I can. I wore some maternity overalls on Saturday and apparently the guy who lives across the street told his wife I was the cutest pregnant lady he's ever seen, which was sweet. She told me she's been trying to talk him into agreeing to try, so maybe I can send him some bewitching vibes.


AMom~ AMANDA POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is it for you~ I'm tired of you being the only non knocked-up Amanda, so I'm firmly commanding those swimmers to do their job!!!  Everything crossed for you!  Eat more pineapple!!!



AFM~ Lazy weekend, getting a few jobs done here and there. The handyman's coming Friday to patch the nursery ceiling and then we can get started with the paint. I'm working on the curtains too, and am cleaning out another bookshelf today so that we have room for stuff like a crib and other necessities.  Now I'm back at work, kinda sleepy. Need another snow day I think!!

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Dawn - I'm so happy for you! Congrats!

AmandaHope - I'm glad to hear DD got better so quickly. She must have a great immune system. Congrats on your niece being born! I agree Cora is a great name. I hope you get to meet her soon.

Max - I hope you get your insurance straightened out in no time so you can get rid of that polyp and get back to TTC. In the meantime, take care of yourself and DP. hug2.gif

Library - I can't wait to see your new bump pictures! Thanks for sending out all the good vibes. Keep 'em coming!

Graceie - Hi there, 2WW buddy! wave.gif When are you going to test?

Seraf - I adore the cycle ticker you invented. You should totally use that as your siggy... That is until you put the pregnancy ticker up. thumb.gif

Isa - Your chart is looking very nice! And those symptoms sure are promising! When are you testing? I can't wait to hear your good news!! fingersx.gif

Escher - Your beta numbers are fantastic. joy.gif This is it! You're going to have an amazing, healthy pregnancy. What will you be able to learn from the u/s on Thursday?

Carmen - I'm hoping the timing of AF gives you a clear indication of when you ovulated. thumb.gif I love the new pic of DD!

AFM, 1dpo and very hopeful. fingersx.gif My boobs are a tiny bit sore from the trigger shot, and I just love seeing two lines on the HPT, even if it doesn't really mean I'm pregnant. redface.gif Of course I looked up my due date, and it's November 13. I'm debating calling it November 11, because 11.11.11 would be pretty cool, or November 20, because that's my birthday. What a great birthday present I'm getting this year!!
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Dawn: Yippee kay yay! This is the year of the Rabbit and THE year for this board. I can just feel it.


Quick info: evap line means you get a line AFTER 10 minutes. If you got something within 5 minutes -- that's a great sign. Don't forget, a line is a line!!


AFM: just hanging in. Don't have much to report. Going off to Hawaii to work a conference for 6 days at the end of the week. I know it sounds glorious but it's 16 hour days on my feet which right now, is so unappealing due to my superior hunger and extremely low energy levels. First ultrasound probably next week sometime where we hope to get a final answer on a viable pregnancy (heartbeat or no heartbeat?)



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Thread Starter 

Dawn!  Good for you! These are my cautiously optomistic veggies!




Escher, no news from me.  Life has been very busy, and I think my timing was bunk.  Next time, next time.


Graceie, I don't plan to test at all this month.  Ask me in a week or so, and I'll probably give you a different answer, tho.  Sara is 4 or 5 days behind me, so when her period starts, I'll test if I haven't started yet. (but I say this every try and usually test around day 12 or 14).


I've been working a ton.  Going to have a lovely paycheck.  6 days of 12 and 14 hour shifts, I'm glad I'm off tonight.  So the funny thing about my new job is that I'm not out.  I'm never out to my patients.  But I can't help laughing when I get questioned about my husband.  They are super religious, so hopefully it never leaks.  I don't enjoy the closet, tho.

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Krista~ That really does sound like a best/worst scenario.  Hawaii!! Woohoo!!  16 hour workdays!! Ugh!!  Newly pregnant so completely exhausted! Double ugh!!  But at least it will be distracting as you wait for your u/s.  I can't imagine how nerve wracking it must be xoxoxxo


Isa~ I'd forgotten you were waiting!  Symptoms yet?


Whom else have I forgotten?  Luck and love to all xoxo

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DAWN!! Congrats, TWW buddy! Don’t feel bad about beginner’s luck—take all the luck you can get! And then send some to me! winky.gif Also, I have no truck with caution today:

Gracie and AMom—FX!!! Also, go with 11/11/11—it’s lucky.

AHope—congrats on your new niece! Cora is a lovely name.

Library—are you having a themed nursery? Nothing like home decorating to make you feel ready for new family members, if you ask me!

Krista—where in Hawaii? We’ll be there next week, too! On Oahu, being touristy from the sounds of it.

AFM—Signs come and go, come and go, talking of Michaelangel….Oh. Sorry, wrong topic. Yesterday def. more sore boobs and crampy/nausea. Today, not so much. My temp is also down. I’m trying to not think about it much, since there’s nothing I can do. I still think we’re going to hold off on testing until Sat (so I can go to Hawaii if it’s a no), but I have no resolve. Last night at the drug store I walked over to the test section and found another girl there also buying a test. So I gave her an extra coupon I had, which we both agreed was kind of weird, but 5 bucks is 5 bucks, right? She was hoping to NOT be preggo, so I wished her luck, and managed to suppress the desire to tell her about Library’s “Oh, no” and “Whew!” tests.
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Dawn--OMG!   I'm sooo excited for you!  Beginner's luck is the best! 


AmandaMom--Sending twin vibes to you! My b-day is in November too.  It would be a fantastic present...


Seraf--Can you move me to Waiting to Know?  Hope this wait flies by for us!


Gracieie--I hope your timing is spot on with a beautiful egg waiting!


AHope--Congrats on your niece!


Isa--Sending you lots of resolve to wait and hoping your symptoms mean a BFP.


Krista--It sounds like you have a pretty exhausting trip coming up.  Here to you finding a little peace, rest and paradise in between working very long days.


Escher--Can't wait to hear about your u/s on Thursday.  Your numbers are great!


I'm am going to TRY to hold off on testing until March 1 (12dpo). Unfortunately, I have a brand-new box of FRER in my bathroom. I'm hoping I can't keep my hands off of it til this weekend.  Hurry up and wait...

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Seraf yess closet blows but yeay for some cash and fingers crossed

Isea a sign !! Hope you get that brp sat

Krista fingers crossed for that heart beat so you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Library I'm lookingnforward to more pics you are a very cute pre go lady

Afm ful of sperm again going. To get a massage sorry for typos hate typing on ipad
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Dawn: Congratulations! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
Don't feel guilty about it working right away for you. That's exciting! We all know this process isn't fair and that we all have different challenges in life, and I'm thrilled that one of your challenges doesn't seem to be an extended conception period. Hooray!
A five week ultrasound is common practice with many reproductive endocrinologists, including mine, but I don't think most people who aren't working with an RE do one.

Carmen: I like your new picture. What a cutie!

Library: Thanks for your enthusiasm. orngbiggrin.gif I'm feeling good in a pregnant way (tired, sore breasts, strange little twingy feelings in my lower abdomon, sensitive to smells). No more hcg tests unless something goes wrong. First ultrasound Thursday, second ultrasound a week or two later. fingersx.gif

AmandaMom: 11.11.11 would be a very cool due date! I won't be able to learn much from Thursday's ultrasound--hopefully just that there is a gestational sac and that it is in the right place. fingersx.gif

Krista: I have everything crossed for good news for you when you do your ultrasound! fingersx.gif Waiting for it has to be hard. hug.gif

Seraf: I'm sorry your timing doesn't seem good! I hope the babe surprises you. fingersx.gif And I LOVE your signature. So fabulous. orngbiggrin.gif

Isa: I have my fingers crossed for good news for you whenever you test! What's the reason for trying to wait until Saturday?
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yay dawn!!!!!  no need to feel guilty about first-timer's luck - secretly we all wish we could have it.



yay to everyone who has been sperminated!!  i have fx for some good news in two week's time.


afu, dp's af arrived late yesterday afternoon.  that's a 31 day cycle and 14 day lp.  yippee!  AND we have our re appt this friday.  THIS friday!!  not that i'm excited or anything, lol!  dp thinks i'm nuts.  both boys were off the chain yesterday (we had president's day off work) AND she was pms-y. 



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